AdultFriendFinder Review – What It’s Like

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Nowadays, those looking either for serious relations or one-time meetings are offered a variety of sites to satisfy their needs. AdultFriendFinder is one of those helpful services. So, what is AdultFriendFinder? 

AdultFriendFinder is one of the biggest sites aiming at satisfying the needs of those interested in dating without obligations. AdultFriendFinder originates from the US. Nowadays, it is widely used around the globe and loved by many people. People utilize this platform to find sex partners mostly. With the help of AdultFriendFinder, it’s easy, as its functionality is great. It’s a great opportunity to find a one-night partner or a couple of swingers, or a regular sex partner. AdultFriendFinder is a heaven for people who don’t want anything serious or romantic. People want to satisfy their physical needs and fulfill fantasies – and it is an excellent helper.

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AdultFriendFinder Usability

More than 80 million people use AdultFriendFinder, which is the brightest indicator of its usability. Indeed, it’s very easy to utilize the site. If you want to get a partner to spend a night with, it won’t take you much time. Having registered on a website, you will get access to thousands of singles. Registration is free, by the way. It will take you no more than fifteen minutes. Here are the key features of the AdultFriendFinder:

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  • Different chatrooms. There are group and adult chatrooms for those who want to make the most of it.
  • Live member webcams. The feature makes it easy to see live feeds from other users. 
  • Sex academy. This unique feature helps to enhance the sex knowledge of users. 
  • Erotic stories. The feature lets users enter their erotic photos and videos into the AFF contest.
  • Gifts. If you are interested in a particular person, you can send the person a gift. 

As you can see, AdultFriendFinder is quite convenient. The rapid registration process, a huge number of singles ready to have sex, amazing features make it a good choice.

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Is AdultFriendFinder Worth It?

Any platform has pros and cons. reviews show that it is quite convenient to use, quite safe. It provides excellent opportunities when it comes to finding sex partners. Let’s have a look at other pros of the AdultFriendFinder dating site. Its pros are the following:

  1. There are millions of members around the globe. The dating site may have excellent design and useful features, but it means nothing if the number of people using it is low. The more members are, the easier it is to find a sex partner or a couple to have sex with, etc. 
  2. AdultFriendFinder can be joined freely. While other platforms are paid, this one provides free access to members’ profiles. You can also create your own profile for free. 
  3. Profiles are quite informative. If you are interested in a certain type of sexual activity, it’s easy to find people who are looking for the same. Browse profiles, and you will easily find somebody to spend an evening with. It helps to save time and effort. 
  4. iPhone and Android apps are available.

Understandably, there are also some minor disadvantages of the site. There is nothing terrible, but they are still worth mentioning. 

  1. Some girls that seem super hot in their photos are not the same in the real life. They use Photoshop to make their photos look better, which is difficult to understand sometimes. Such a thing can be found on any site, and AdultFriendFinder is not an exception.
  2. There may be some bots on the platform. 
  3. Some ladies use the camera not very often. Nevertheless, a big number of ladies use it frequently.

As you can see, there are not too many disadvantages. Thousands of people are satisfied with AdultFriendFinder.

How Does Work?

One more thing you need to know about the platform is that there are more men than women using it. There are about 80% of men. So, if you are a lady, your chances of finding an insanely hot boy or mature man are huge. Interested already? If you are, let’s have a look at how does AdultFriendFinder works.

Registration review show that the registration process is quick and easy. It can be done in five minutes. Besides, creating an account is free, no matter what your age, location, or gender is. During the procedure of registration, you will be asked several easy questions. Besides, you will have to go through email verification. It will not take too much time either. 

Another thing you will have to mention when registering is your sexual preference. On the page, there will be several options to choose from. Your sexual orientation and orientation of people you want to find should also be specified. It’s possible to choose several orientations, which is also great. Besides, you’ll have to come up with your username. It can be anything you wish; the name will be your identifier on the AdultFriendFinder. You can also select to display your real name, which is great. Once you are done with the registration, you can start looking for a partner to have satisfying sexual relations with.

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The website is trying to eliminate scams. It is quite safe, but it’s better to be careful. Speaking about safety during money transfers, they are fully safe, as modern encryption technologies are used. Many people wonder about is legit or not. The answer is yes. It was founded in 1996 and is fully legit. People can use it without being afraid of the law.

The truth about AdultFriendFinder safety is that its members help it to remain quite safe. People utilizing the site are encouraged to verify themselves via the special procedure. There is also a certified ID option people can use when sending messages. So, safety is at a pretty high level. If somebody asks you “Is AdultFriendFinder safe?”, answer positively.

Search & Profile Quality

While some apps and dating sites show only one member, on AdultFriendFinder many people are shown at the same time. Some may consider it annoying, but it is actually very convenient. On the homepage, you will see people near you, which makes it extremely easy to arrange a quick meeting to have sex. Besides, the system will offer you people you might be interested in (based on your preferences). So, it’s easy to look for potential partners on the site.

Speaking about the quality of profiles, they are detailed in terms of information. It is great because you don’t spend hours looking for somebody to suit your needs. By visiting one’s profile, you quickly and easily get to know about sexual fantasies, preferences, hidden desires of people. It’s great, right? 

The information about physical shape, appearance, location, is also present. Each user is free to update the information to add something new. Viewing photos is also free, which is rather generous. 

Prices & Plans

According to the review of Adult Friend Finder, one can sign up without paying money, which is great if you want to try the services of the site. There are also many options you can utilize without paying money. The site is one of the very first in the industry. It experiences various difficulties in the past; those become a priceless experience that now helps to avoid the same problems. Using it will be peaceful and pleasant. 

If you are looking for extended options, you are welcome to choose from three options available. Those are one-month membership, three-month membership, and a full year of membership. The first convenient option will cost you $39.95, the second one $26.95, and the third one $19.95. Mastercard, Visa, and many other types of credit cards are accepted.

Help & Support

Every person who finishes the AdultFriendFinder log in the procedure may face problems while using the site. Those can be easily solved with the help of the support service. The support team works diligently and can be reached at any moment, so be sure ass your issues will be solved quickly. 


So, is AdultFriendFinder good? Indeed, it is an excellent choice for those striving for casual dating and relationships without any obligations. A variety of options, an understandable interface, and free access make this website one of the leaders in the industry. Quite safe, fully legal, and pleasant-looking, it can be reached from anywhere around the globe, which is also a huge plus.

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Is AdultFriendFinder Good Or Not?

Yes, AdultFriendFinder is certainly good, and most reviews of real users prove this fact. The only thing you should bear in mind while having an account on AdultFriendFinder is that it is only for adults seeking anything but serious relationships. Yes, in some reviews, people claim they found their fate, but those cases are just lucky coincidences. Overall, it is for casual dating.

Yes, it is legal. Even though you might find mature content on the website, AdultFriendFinder is still legal. Most reviews claim they never had any problems with AdultFriendFinder.

What Does AdultFriendFinder Offer?

It offers all sorts of relationships except serious dating. Some people claim in reviews they have found love while seeking casual dating partners, but this is definitely not the main goal of most users. People use it for fun, experiments, casual encounters, even for cheating since it is anonymous.

How To Use It?

Just create the account, fill in the required info, and start seeking a partner near you. Be sure you tell the most important things about yourself so you can get the chance to meet the most appropriate casual partners for dating.

Do You Need An Account To See Profiles?

Yes, you need the account. Moreover, a review of AdultFriendFinder state you also need to be a premium user; otherwise, you won’t be able to view the gallery and details. It is a protection of users against unauthorized users.

Is There An Anonymous Mode?

No, since the main idea is to quickly meet partners. People claim in reviews they were glad that they could see everyone visiting their accounts.

Can You Delete A AdultFriendFinder Account?

Yes, go to settings and find the needed category. Reviews claim there are no problems with deleting an account.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The reviews are mostly positive. Individuals are happy they have encountered AdultFriendFinder. They note the good level of data protection and the ability of the app to quickly find matches nearby.

Is AdultFriendFinder Safe Or Not Secure?

Yes, it is safe. But still, there are some scammers and users who would love to blackmail you if you give them some personal info, so always be careful while using any site.

Updated on Jan 2023

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