Crossdresser Hookup: Discover Crossdresser Singles in 2024

Dressing up in outfits and putting on bright makeup, interesting people with unconventional views are looking for safe crossdresser dating websites. Where to find such dating sites and how to choose the best LGBT community?

Understanding of Crossdresser Personals


A crossdresser is a person who likes to wear the clothes of the opposite sex. Many people think they do it for sexual fantasies and a kinky lifestyle. However, this is not entirely true because many crossdressing men and women feel more comfortable making friends in clothes of the opposite sex. Many crossdressing people, including Bobrisky, James Brown, and others, consider “cross-dressing a source of income.”

Crossdressers often feel the need not only to dress but also to act like a member of the opposite sex. It seems to them that they were not born in their own body and are trying with all their might to change their gender identity without resorting to surgery.


Troubles to Find Crossdresser Hookups Offline

Many cross dressers are frustrated that they have to keep a secret and hide their sexual orientations in real life. Sometimes their frustration flares up leading to sudden and unreasonable confessions in the workplace. But many colleagues are not ready to hear that Jerry becomes Geraldine on the weekend.

Admitting to your sexual partner your gender identity is a difficult decision. Therefore, such people are always silent and secretly looking for casual acquaintances on crossdresser sex sites. Or they turn to a support group, like Safe Haven, asking for help and strength to confess to everyone about the actual state of things.

Top Crossdresser Hookup Sites and Apps to Try

Dating cross dressing people can be challenging. In mainstream applications, more people misunderstand the concept of gender than understand it. Therefore, the trans community often educates people about the basics of gender. Luckily, several dating sites and apps work better with the transgender population.


Are you a gay, bisexual, or cross-dresser man looking for a meaningful relationship? Adult Friend Finder is the world’s largest hookup site for LGBT people. This site is the perfect place with all the necessary tools and free membership. Moreover, it offers to try a free subscription to find your perfect match online!

  • 9.9

For those unfamiliar with the AFF app, it’s swipe-based with extra features like seeing who liked you and boosting your profile. There are almost two dozen options for sexual orientation and gender identity. However, you still need to decide if you want to be included in searches for men or women (as some other apps do). They state they are improving this but that has been the case for a few years!

What people like:

  •  Incredibly easy to use and navigate;
  • User near me, geolocation system is available;
  • Starting a match, you can “match” other site members;
  • By switching on Who looked at me? function, find out who visited your profile.

Membership Structure

Daily active users100,000
Male users77%
Female users23%


Free$0Basic access to the application
Gold Membership Best Value$39.95/monthView full profiles
Gold Membership Most Popular$26.95/monthUnlimited Chat
Gold Membership$19.95/ monthGifts
Standard Contacts$16.99/monthMaking Contact


TSDates is one of the best dating sites for the transgender community including transvestites. The site is dominated by a huge number of transgender and transsexuals who are looking for the thrill of casual sex. 

  • 9.9

An active user base allows you to be distracted and relaxed through fast and active chat. Either way, no matter what your sexual orientation is, you can now join this versatile online dating platform. 

As people become more open about their sexual orientation, the rights of the LGBT community become transparent. As a result, many adults have begun to accept this transgender online community as part of ours.

TSDates is also known for its accessible and enjoyable design. The background has a white color that is not conspicuous; the font of the interface is blue, black and red. This color scheme creates excellent contrast when using the platform.

You will find the chat box on the platform at once. What’s more, the user account homepage is filled with various necessary features. The design of the site is similar to social networks like Facebook. Since the site is meant for mature people, you will get exposed to adult photos when you browse the platform. If you don’t want to see explicit content, then set up a filter to indicate what you really prefer.

Membership Structure

Daily active users20,000
Male users75%
Female users25%


Free$0Free access to the dating app
Gold Membership$39.95/month
$80.85/3 months
$239.40/12 months
View other members’ profiles
Extended search
Unlimited chat room


Scruff is one of the earliest apps to add transgender options in 2013 and find femboy near me. Users can choose multiple identities for themselves and those they are interested in. There is also an extensive list of gender identities to choose from.

Scruff’s strength lies in the different sections you can explore. Match allows local crossdressers who want to find a way to communicate, while Venture creates a space where people about to travel can reach out to others at their destination for tips, tricks, and conversations.

Scruff offers a free membership, but if you want access to more advanced search features, user videos, and message history, you’ll have to pay about $15 monthly for Scruff Pro.

What people like:

  • Extended premium features;
  • Allowance to easily find the perfect match;
  • Pleasant atmosphere for communication and exchange of experience.

Membership Structure

Daily active users400,000
Male users100%
Female users0%


Free$0Full access to the service
Sruff Pro$14.99/month
$39.99/3 months
$119.99/12 months
No ads
Grid sorting
Anonymous browsing
Unlimited search filters


If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, Taimi is an excellent option! This club crossdressing app started a few years ago as a gay dating app. The developers have expanded the site to include all members of the LGBTQ+ community without depending on their sexual orientation so that all people can start searching for friends, crossdresser hookups, and more. To be safer for the community, they’ve added an entire section for people with questions about LGBTQ+ terminology.

Taimi has grown from a simple dating app to a genuinely inclusive social platform with over 8 million users. Like other social networking dating sites, users can get free signup, send private messages, create stories, join groups, and build their private environment the way they like.

Naturally, some features, such as unlimited likes, are only available to Taimi XL premium subscribers. Those who do not have a subscription can still enjoy some of these features by spinning the wheel of fortune daily.

What people like:

  • You can choose from genders, including male, female, trans male, trans female, intersex, and non-binary. There is also an option not to show gender at all;
  • You can add a cache of private photos to which people should request access;
  • You can display other key personality traits in the About Me section;
  • All bonuses are free;
  • Two-factor identification.

Membership Structure

Daily active users10,000
Male users70%
Female users30%


Free$0Basic access to the app, limited features
Premium$14.99/monthAccess to all app features, no ads, extra swipes, unlimited chat history, travel mode
VIP$49.99/monthAccess to all Premium features, priority customer support, verified badge, boost mode
Taimi XL$71.99/3 monthsAccess to all VIP features, plus more swipes, likes and matches
Taimi XXL$107.99/6 monthsAccess to all Taimi XL features, plus premium features in all Taimi Games
Taimi XXXL$179.99/yearAccess to all Taimi XXL features, plus premium features in all Taimi Live Streams

Benefits of Online Femboy Hookup Sites

Crossdresser hookup sites are convenient resources that allow you to be in touch with the crossdressing community around the clock and without restrictions. You will like your time looking for an ideal partner in a private chat. From now on, you can always have a good time doing something interesting with the kinky partner you want.

  • If life lacks communication, romance, love, intimate meetings, and just a friendly shoulder and wise advice, then come to the site online, and you will find the same kinky lifestyle you seek.
  • If you want to diversify your sex life and get sensual impressions, then a crossdresser dating site will come in handy for you! Crossdressers and transsexuals online will help each other gain valuable experience in discovering the possibilities of their bodies.
  • Meeting new people can be tricky sometimes. You can make technologies to help you make friends in a safe space. You can see crossdresser singles through the app, send messages, know their tastes, and if you have something in common to meet, drink coffee and get to know each other better. 

Factors to Consider Before Joining a Crossdresser Hookup Site

The success of online dating largely depends on the crossdresser hookup dating network you choose. Each dating site has its specific site features, so you need to carefully study the platform before signing in and creating your profiles. What are the factors to consider?

Firstly, the number of registered users on a crossdresser hookup site is significant. If only a few thousand men filled out the questionnaire on the dating platform, it makes no sense to register since. Consequently, the choice of candidates with different sexual preferences is too small.

Among the free crossdresser dating sites intended for those actively searching, there are platforms of the opposite quality, from dubious sites where profile information is not verified. The administration is not responsible for the actions of members to the best crossdresser hookup sites which have their moderation service, data verification and many helpful key features.

To be guaranteed to meet sexy singles and find friends, it is better to choose already popular and well-known crossdresser hookup sites and apps. Such platforms are usually in the top rankings of popular search services.

Tips for Creating a Successful Crossdresser Profile

There are many crossdresser hookup sites and online dating site’s webcams today, and not all are the same. Some set a fast search and many free options (like Tinder, where swiping and scrolling decide everything), while others allow sexy singles to choose who they want to communicate with.

What to Consider:

First, look at the chosen crossdresser platform. Read the reviews and listen to friends’ recommendations.

Decide whether you are a man or a woman according to your sexual preference. 

Famous female songwriter and singer Katy Perry encourage LGBT people not to lose who they are in relationships: 

“Often, people can lose their sense of self and identity by being in relationships, forming their identity and perception of self around their partner. So it’s essential to spend time on yourself and develop your personality.”

Second, your photo is the first information about you in your dating profile. New friends must see your face, the look and the smile. A beautiful amateur photograph is enough to see the eyes, face, and figure, and you don’t need to take professional pictures on purpose.

Find your goal – who you want to find. Be sure to indicate what you want to see on the adult dating site in a separate paragraph.

Third, fill out the About Me section. This section exists on almost every online dating site where people come to get to know each other. The section itself is non-standard. A man must describe himself independently not according to a template: height, weight and bad habits as it description itself takes some mental effort.

Staying Safe While Pursuing Crossdresser Hookups Online

People increasingly prefer to get acquainted with other crossdressers on crossdresser dating sites daily. No wonder as it is simple, fast and convenient. But with the active development of modern technology, the number of scammers in the network has also increased.

Therefore, regardless of whether the acquaintance occurs in real life or the virtual world, you must be careful and follow the safety rules.

Personal safety

When registering on a crossdresser dating site, ensure your data is protected. To do this, you must create a new email address that does not contain your first and last name. When communicating in chat rooms through instant messages with transgender people, do not rush to give your phone number or home address.

To reduce the risk of the software being infected, you need to download cross dressing apps from official sources: from the official websites of developers or official stores – AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Safe communication

Imagine that you want to take the initiative and be the first to write to the person you like. In such a situation, writing to the private chat room is a warm welcome rather than a personal e-mail. So, if communication ceases to be enjoyable, you can easily block a new friend and he or she will lose the opportunity to contact you.

Success Stories: Real-Life Crossdresser Hookup Experiences

I met an ordinary young man on the crossdresser hookup site and invited him on a date. Although girls don’t ask men to date, I am still that person. It took a long time to persuade him, and yet he agreed. We talked about everything, even programming SQL, C, Delphi, DOS, and the theory of multidimensional spaces. I think he did not speak to one girl on such topics. In general, we were satisfied with each other, although, before that, I had no experience dating crossdressers through the dating site.


I’ve been a crossdresser for 17 years, but I have only recently been allowing myself to explore who I am and not feel uncomfortable anymore. I’ve never been intimate with a man but recently became curious about it. Met a guy on a crossdresser dating network. We corresponded for almost a year but lived far from each other. We had met once for a camping trip but didn’t have sex. The next time we got together, it was no holds barred. It was amazing!


Where to Meet Other Crossdressers

Besides online dating, you will meet cross-dressers in themed establishments. Often, transgender people take part in various shows, sing and dance in special karaoke bars.

To meet a trance, it is not necessary to visit the nearest bar or cabaret because they go to shops, visit temples and relax in good restaurants. Ladyboys are not just some minority that is allowed to exist.

This is one of the business cards in the tourism sector of the country such as in Thailand. Transvestites are a kind of living trademark.


Many crossdressers may have reasonable apprehensions before signing up for a dating site. Consider what might come of it, weigh your options, and determine which site offers you the best service and dating scene.

Fortunately, we have already taken steps in this direction and have reviewed the most popular players in the dating market for crossdresser hookups. All of them are presented above in order of rating, determined based on the quality of service, level of privacy, and ability to connect you with other members for a successful selection of compatible options.

Don’t hide your personality! Open yourself to the world and new acquaintances on our dating portal for trans people.


How to Communicate With a Transgender Person on a Crossdresser Dating Site?

There are a couple of points to consider:

  • Always read the ad and profile description;
  • Provide security guarantees during the meeting;
  • Use the names and pronouns the person suggested about himself;
  • Do not ask both questions: about passport data, transgender transition, and physiology;
  • Ask before suggesting or doing something.

What is the Danger of Сrossdressing Websites?

Dating on the Internet is dangerous because visitors of some dating sites can receive links with malicious software or become victims of cheaters. Experts are convinced that it is easier for fraudsters to find their victims on such platforms.

Why Do People Spend Time on Crossdresser Dating Sites?

Crossdresser hookup sites assume that people start getting to know each other immediately. They are ready for it. On the one hand, it simplifies the beginning of communication, gives people more peace of mind, and removes unnecessary anxiety. Some crossdressers are terrified of live dating, and club crossdressing helps to remove this condition.

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