Top 7 Sites Like Sniffies

One of the most well-liked methods of internet dating is through gay dating services. Over the past several years, there has been a significant growth in the number of homosexual singles looking for dates or hookups online. Guys may find dates with other men using gay hookup websites like Sniffies in a secure, private environment. Guys may explore and learn more about other gay men and their sexual preferences and interests on gay Sniffies alternative. Many homosexual guys look for casual meetings, enjoyable hookups, or other fetishes on websites like Sniffies.

In this review, we will discover the top 7 gay hookup websites like Sniffies, their features, demographics, and communities. While the top gay hookup sites like Sniffies listed below are the cream of the crop, we recommend you take a look around the sites like Sniffies you like best to get a sense of how they work and the people you can meet on them.

Best Gay Hookup Sites

  • Ashley Madison - Best For men seeking casual encounters with other men.
  • MilfFinder - Best For gay men seeking connections, friendships, dating, and exploring the LGBTQ+ community.
  • MenNation - Best For married individuals or those in committed relationships seeking discreet affairs or extramarital relationships.
  • BuddyGuys - Best For gay, bisexual, and curious men seeking casual hookups or dating within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • GaysTrust - Best For gay men seeking casual hookups, friendships, or long-term relationships.
  • AdultFriendFinder - Best For adults seeking casual sexual encounters and exploring their sexual interests.
  • GaysGoDating - Best For gay men seeking social networking, dating, and connecting with the LGBTQ+ community.
Sites Like Sniffies

What are some alternative sites that provide a brief overview of Sniffies?

The main objective of gay hookup sites like Sniffies is to unite homosexual individuals. Popular sites like Sniffies are frequently used to link users with others who share their sex. Typically, this is done so Sniffies members may communicate, send emails, or swap movies without having to reveal their identities. Typically, this is done undercover and frequently in return for a reward, or “prize,” which is frequently of the sexual kind. People who are interested in other physical elements of partnerships or just pals are increasingly using sites like Sniffies.

Ashley Madison – One of the Best Sites Similar to Sniffies


Ashley Madison is one of the top sites like Sniffies that cater specifically to individuals seeking affairs. Originally launched back in 2001 by Darren Morgenstern, this site officially went public on January 21, 2002, and has been helping people have discreet extramarital affairs ever since.

One unique feature of Ashley Madison that sets it apart from other adult hookup sites similar to Sniffies is its “blur” function. This allows users to obscure their photos and only reveal them once they feel comfortable with someone they are chatting with online. This level of anonymity can be particularly appealing if discretion is important when using these types of websites.

Of course, as with any site designed for casual hookups or extramarital encounters, there are potential risks involved such as privacy concerns and exposure. However, many men find success using Ashley Madison due to its large user base – tens of millions of members worldwide! So whether you’re hoping for something short-term or long-lasting outside your current partnership status quo – consider giving this popular platform among the top recommended alternative options around today.

Provides a platform for individuals seeking extramarital affairsHas faced legal issues in the past due to data breaches that exposed user information
Offers discretion and anonymity to users through its privacy featuresMay contribute to the breakdown of marriages and relationships by encouraging infidelity
Allows users to explore their sexual desires without judgment or shame
Pay-per-action system ensures that users only pay for what they use
Discreet billing and payment options protect privacy


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal

AdultFriendFinder – like Sniffies for straight people

  • 9.9

Adult Friend Finder is an online hookup platform that is part of the larger network known as FriendFinder Networks and has been connecting gay men since its launch in 1996. Adult Friend Finder offers users a plethora of features including chat rooms, live broadcasts, member blogs, and even sex academy courses. With tens of millions of registered users worldwide, it’s not surprising that this website is one of the top sites like Sniffies on the web today.

One unique aspect about AdultFriendFinder compared to other similar websites such as Grindr or Scruff is that it caters to all sexual preferences – whether you’re into BDSM or swinging couples- there are numerous niche subgroups available within this dating app which makes it very different from most sites like Sniffies out there. 

Not only does AdultFriendFinder offer various ways for gays (and everyone else)to connect sexually via messaging systems and video chats; but it also gives advice through articles written by experts in many fields regarding health-related issues surrounding intimacy among same-sex partners.

Available in 10 languages, making it accessible to a wider audienceSome users have reported fake profiles on the platform
Has won numerous awards such as the XBIZ Award for “Dating Company of the Year”
Offers a diverse range of features like blogs, forums, erotic stories section, etc
Large user base providing more opportunities to find potential partners or hookups


Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Gold1 Month$39.95$39.95
Gold3 Months$26.95$80.85
Gold1 Year$19.95$239.40


  • 9.9

Similar to Sniffies, MenNation is a well-liked dating app for homosexual and bisexual guys. The Sniffies rival site allows users to easily locate guys nearby. They may start conversations and send images with those they are interested in. Additionally, it is one of the top alternatives to Sniffies for women. This is one of the Sniffies-like websites that records how much time a person spends talking and how frequently he gets contacted. In addition to making “friends” and exchanging photos, some users of this Sniffies substitute can.


Due to its ability to schedule quick sexual meetings through SMS, the software that functions similarly to Sniffies is used often by users for casual hookups. Although some users use it for companionship, most people use it for sex. The software is compatible with Android and iPhone, just like other well-known sites like Sniffies. One of the biggest online dating services, the app has more than 117 million registered users. Due to this, Grindr is more well-liked than sites like Sniffies. The fact that the software is free is another benefit of this Sniffies-like website. Men are drawn to this Sniffies-like website primarily for this reason.

Offers a variety of communication optionsMessaging requires a paid membership
Provides advanced search filtersQuestionable safety measures
Members can upload explicit photos/videos
Geared towards men seeking men

MenNation Features

This is one of the sites line Sniffies that provides extensive contacting facilities in addition to these special features for both free and premium members;

  • Instant Messenger. If you don’t feel like using the traditional email format, this top-notch Sniffies alternative offers this feature. Here, you can send a live video or have a face-to-face chat with another member. On this websites similar to Sniffies, you may speak face-to-face or broadcast live video to another user;
  • Convert points to cash. This is a unique feature of one of the most popular sites like Sniffies that provides the ability for members to earn points that can be converted into cash or used to purchase website upgrades.


MembershipDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/DayTotal
Gold1 Month$39.95 $39.95 
Gold3 Months$26.95 $80.85 
Gold12 Months$19.95 $239.40 

Grindr – One of the Most Popular Hookup Sites Like Sniffies


Grindr is one of the most famous sites like Sniffies in the world. You may connect with local, like-minded guys in your neighborhood who are eager in meeting up using the geolocation dating app Grindr. When you’re using the app, you may check to see if anyone nearby is online, send a photo to someone nearby, meet up for a conversation, share your location, and more. Grindr is a gay social networking app that helps you meet new friends in your city or around the world.

There are over 11 million monthly active users on this website like Sniffies, and it is now one of the most downloaded and used mobile apps in the world. Visitors of this site like Sniffies enjoy the most convenient location-based dating app with a chat system, in-app text messaging, and a quick and private way to communicate in Grindr’s private chat system. Users can filter their Grindr searches to only display the closest available matches to them, based on the location they want to meet new friends. 

People who use this one of the most visited sites like Sniffies also enjoy an anonymous user profile that allows them to create a private profile for themselves, and that is where they can share their personal details, including their photos. They can also chat with other users in a non-anonymous manner using their photos on this Sniffies-similar platform. In addition, you can find tons of tips on this site like Sniffies, for example:

“Don’t let anyone make you feel that your sexuality is abnormal. Don’t let anyone body-shame you or tell you what you like isn’t best for you. And don’t let anyone pressure you into having sex if you do not wish to do so. Likewise, be sure to ask for consent before sex, and be respectful of boundaries. Consent can be withdrawn at any time, and sex is never owed to anyone.”

Convenient and easy to useRisk of encountering fake profiles or catfishing
Allows for quick matchesMay promote shallow interactions based solely on physical appearance
Provides a platform for the LGBTQ+ community

Grindr Features

The main features that set this one of the top-notch sites like Sniffies apart from similar platforms are as follows:

  • Incognito. This limitless functionality lets you use this site like Sniffies at will while keeping your profile hidden from the Grindr grid. To those you tap or message while utilizing this function on this Sniffie gay alternative, you’ll appear offline. You won’t be visible to anybody else or appear on any listings of Sniffies for straight people who have viewed your profile. Users of this Sniffies-similar site that have read receipts enabled will not be able to see your Read Receipts if your status is Incognito;
  • This one of the most reliable website like Sniffies provides a feature that enables our users to communicate with one another by translating messages into several languages. Only Grind Unlimited subscribers of this platform like Sniffies have access to this feature. Long-press on the Sniffies chat you wish to translate to start translating the messages. When you select the “Translate” option on this Sniffies alternative, the message will immediately appear in your language. Only one-on-one chat chats may currently use chat translation. Unlike other sites like Sniffies, Group Chats on Grindr does not support chat translation.


MembershipDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/DayTotal
Xtra1 Month$13.00 $13.00 
Xtra3 Months$9.40 $28.20 
Xtra6 Months$5.20 $62.40 

Adam4Adam – The Best Alternative to Sniffies

Adam4Adam main page

Similar to Sniffies, Adam4Adam is a social networking service for homosexual and bisexual males in the United States. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons of many ethnic and faiths have utilized this as one of the well-known homosexual sites like Sniffies. The company that runs this Sniffies substitute is A4A Network Inc. Adam4Adam is simple to use, much like other sites like Sniffies.

Users of this website like Sniffies for gays, may make a free profile, post a photo, and provide information about their hometown and nation, their interests, and their sexual orientation. A subsequent version of the website that is similar to Sniffies gay site will allow you to text individuals you are interested in. If they are attracted to someone, users of this Sniffies substitute can also send them “boosts.” Therefore, Adam4Adam is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a reliable platform like Sniffies for in-person meet-ups.

Quick and easy sign-up for freeExplicit commercialization
Plenty of complimentary games and contests
Customer support is available 24/7

Adam4Adam Features

This is one of the top-notch sites like Sniffies that boasts plenty of unique features, namely:

  • Live Cams. You can snoop about in other people’s personal space, watch their live streams, or message them to start video chatting by using the Adam4AdamLIVE, Adam4CAMS, and A4ALIVE sections. This website will charge you money each time you join a new Livestream, despite the fact that this function is not free;
  • Gathering Promotion. You can create a gathering or report an event on a specific page of this Sniffies-similar website. Like with other sites like Sniffies It is accessible to everyone and is free. On this page of this one of Sniffies alternatives, you may advertise small private events and parties. Everyone will be able to see your proclamation 30 days prior to the event, and it will vanish two days later.


MembershipDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/DayTotal
VIP Access1 Week$0.57$4.00
VIP Access1 Month$10.00 $10.00
VIP Access3 Months$8.33$25.00 
VIP Access6 Months$7.50 $45.00
VIP Access1 Year$6.66$80.00

Romeo – Top Gay Alternative for Sniffles for the Curious Website


Romeo is among the greatest gay sites like Sniffies for making new gay friends, having encounters, and exchanging stories and dreams. This is one of the sites like Sniffies that offers a broad range of topics, including love and sex, passion, and Sniffles hookups. This is one of the sites like Sniffies that is easy to use and also quite efficient.

This Sniffies rival has been employed in a variety of ways. On this one of the sites like Sniffies, gays have romanced them and utilized them to meet their buddies. They have shared their sexual desires with it. This Sniffies-like website has been utilized by a very large number of individuals worldwide to locate partners for sex. This outlandish Sniffies substitute platform works wonders in any situation. And that’s due to the distinctive elements of this website that resembles Sniffies.

Provides access to user-created groups that cater to specific interests or preferencesMembers whose profiles are incomplete can’t view others’ full account description
Affordable prices with discountsNot available in some countries

Romeo Features

These extra features on this site, which are akin to Sniffies, will help you find possible partners more quickly:

  • Radar. Discover, Distance, Activity, and New are the four distinct search query tabs that are displayed by this feature of one of the best sites like Sniffies. Users of the Romeo who are near the zip code you provided on your profile are displayed in the Distance tab. Members who have recently signed up for this dating site that is comparable to Sniffies hookup site are displayed in the Activity section. Users of this one of the best sites like Sniffies that have recently registered are shown on the New tab. These three search categories are condensed in the Discover tab;
  • Hunqz. This superior Sniffies substitute offers a man escort service. It operates on an hourly basis or nightly. By looking at the symbol on this profile, you may tell who the Romeo members area that provides the service;
  • Travel. This Sniffies-like software provides a search feature that enables users to find other users who have designated specific travel dates to visit a particular region. This is one of the dating apps like Sniffies that assists users in finding travel companions, whether they are locals or tourists.


MembershipDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/DayTotal
Romeo Plus1 Month$10.22$10.22
Romeo Plus3 Months$7.95 $23.84 
Romeo Plus12 Months$5.67$68.07

Hornet – One of the Best Overall Adult Hookup Sites like Sniffies


One of the best hookup sites like Sniffies on the earth is Hornet. They may also share their experiences with others on this website which is comparable to Sniffies. Simply go to the home page of the Sniffies alternative, select your country and you can start your journey of meeting people with whom you want to have sex. You can also use this Sniffies-similar site to meet friends and lovers. So if you are seeking a worthy adult site for Sniffles hook up and other kinks that are akin to Sniffies, then Hornet is a great place to start.

The app offers various features for free, including messaging and browsing profilesSome users have reported issues with fake or spam accounts on the platform
There are options to filter search results by age range, location, interests, and moreCertain premium features require payment through in-app purchases or subscriptions

Hornet Features

To provide you with the finest experience while using this one of the top sites like Sniffies, which offers the features stated below:

  • Profile Checking. You may begin by just looking at the profiles of the men you meet through the Sniffies substitute. A profile could be of interest to you. You will be able to locate your best friend or coworker as well as the individual whose photo you admire. If you like the profile, you may start a chat to find out more. You can decide to keep conversing with someone on the apps like Sniffies if you like them. You can block that Sniffies for woman by clicking the block button if you decide to change your mind;
  • Search Engine. Like with websites like Sniffies this feature helps you find a list of men that are nearby. After you create a profile on the Sniffies similar site, you can choose to look for someone that you know or just someone that is near you. 


MembershipDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/DayTotal
Premium1 Month$14.99$14.99 
Premium3 Months$9.99 $29.97 
Premium12 Months$3.74$44.88 

Safety Rules for Using Online Hookup Sites

To ensure your security while using online dating services, we’ve compiled the following list of safety rules:

  • Use a nickname instead of the real one;
  • Never share personal information such as phone numbers and addresses until you feel comfortable with someone;
  • Always use protection during sexual encounters and get tested regularly for sexually transmitted infections (STIs);
  • Be wary of people who pressure you into meeting up too quickly or outside public areas;
  • Trust your instincts – if something feels off about someone’s behavior or attitude towards you, end communication immediately.

Additionally, here are some other factors to keep in mind when utilizing online hookup sites:

  1. Verify profiles by cross-checking social media accounts before arranging dates;
  2. Avoid sharing sensitive pictures on an unsecured network;
  3. Keep family/friends informed about where/who/how long will be out
  4. Report suspicious activity/conversation to site administrators/moderators ;
  5. Stay sober enough not to make reckless decisions ;
  6. Avoid giving financial details.

By following these simple yet crucial precautions while engaging with others through online hookups websites/apps; one can protect themselves from potential dangers associated with them effectively. Remember always stay alert!


What Are The Benefits Of Using Sniffies?

In the world of gay internet dating, Sniffies is among the most well-known names. In order to find sex partners, millions of non-binary and gay Sniffies users have used the app. Large database, low cost, anonymous, and secure all describe Sniffies. You can try it for yourself it's free and safe.

How Do I Create A Profile On Sniffies?

Once you've logged in to Sniffies, a screen will appear asking you to create a new Sniffies profile. From this point, you can decide to establish a Sniffies profile. You may declare on the website that you're seeking a homosexual or bisexual man by using Sniffies. To add a photo to your Sniffies profile, use the upload a Sniffies photo function. Once you're done, click to proceed.

What Are Some Of The Best SniffiesTips And Tricks?

You must first sign up for the website, according to the makers of Sniffies. This does not, yet, negate the need for some searching on Sniffies. As soon as you join up for Sniffies, the Sniffies gay chat and search will begin, and you'll need to spend some time browsing the profiles of other free Sniffies users. Then, you'll be able to truly identify your ideal Sniffies connection.

Updated on Aug 2023

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