FlirtyMature Review: Is the Game Worth the Candle?

FlirtyMature is one of the dating portals where predominantly over 30- and 40-year-olds romp around to have fun and meet singles. Older ladies and gentlemen can also be found on the platform, which stands out for its simple functions and the quick contact between users, as our FlirtyMature review showed.

Online Women at FlirtyMature

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The large number of users shows that it is still loved by the ladies and gentlemen looking for sexy dates. The audience is well-mixed. Your sexual orientation doesn’t matter here: there is an offer for everyone.

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FlirtyMature at a Glance

Active audience79%
Quality matches61%
Popular age18-37
Reply rate82%
Ease of use8.0

Is FlirtyMature safe? What are the chat features and premium features? Is there a FlirtyMature mobile app? Are FlirtyMature members active enough? Is the number of female users sufficient? Let’s get all the answers and learn how dating online can be done with this web page. The site offers a lot, but we will make everything clear. 

How Does FlirtyMature Work?

In our FlirtyMature review, we look at one of the most successful dating portals for more mature women. FlirtyMature – the website’s name already tells the target group and the platform’s offer. It’s about mature women and men, singles meetings, sexy dates, and immense love. In our FlirtyMature review, we go into all facets of the platform so that you know whether a membership is worthwhile for you.

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The Motto

Experience makes you attractive – that is the motto of the provider. Many younger people dream of an adventure or even a partnership with an older man or woman. The niche portal makes it possible to make these dreams come true.

This unique constellation makes finding a suitable partner in real life incredibly difficult. Neither in the corner pub nor in the circle of friends, most younger and older people do not dare to approach the other person openly due to the significant age difference. This is precisely where the platform promises to remedy the situation and make the love life of its users a lot easier.

Because especially with this kind of relationship, getting to know each other online is the better choice. In addition, it is also possible to chat with, for example, several men and women simultaneously to increase your chances even further. This scenario would be unthinkable for most people in real life.

Older people also have numerous advantages from using the platform. You do not have to leave the house and are no longer dependent on the chance to get to know an attractive person nearby.

Flirty Mature dating site offers free membership and the premium version and offers users a variety of exciting features to get to know singles from the surrounding area without obligation. Through the platform, countless users have already arranged to meet – either for tingling adventures or for a partnership.

Find all the essential details here and get an idea of whether this platform suits you and your intentions. We have summarized all the important points for you in a detailed FlirtyMature review. Understandably, the first thing you have to do is to go through the registration process.

The Registration Process at the Flirty Mature Dating Site: Is It Similar to Other Dating Sites?

The women’s quota is higher on the portal. This is unsurprising, as the website is mainly about more mature women. Despite the lower men’s quota, we came across many men of all ages during our FlirtyMature review, so every pot is guaranteed to find the right lid.

“Guaranteed” can even be taken literally here. The website has issued a contact guarantee for its users. This means that no one has to stay alone here!


How can you register with the FlirtyMature dating site now? The following is a small overview of the registration form in three steps:

  1. First of all, fill out the registration form on the provider’s homepage. Little information, such as the location, your gender as well as the gender of the desired partner, the age, and the email address, are required for this. In addition, a password must be created in the registration form.
  2. Once the form has been completed, it is necessary to follow the instructions in the confirmation email.
  3. The registration process is complete, and you can use your FlirtyMature dating site login information.

The next step is profile creation at FlirtyMature dating Internet site. It is pretty easy to create a FlirtyMature account; the entire procedure of creating a FlirtyMature account can be completed in a few steps:

  1. After the 1st login procedure, users are directly asked to upload the profile picture or take it via webcam (at least one picture is needed). But you can skip this step.
  2. A new feature is videos that you can upload yourself – so you can attract even more matches.
  3. Further, additional information such as eye color, tattoos, drinking habits, smoking, income, children, living conditions, religion, etc., draws a more accurate picture of you and your profile.

In addition, it is possible to change the username several times. It remains important to mention that profiling is entirely optional. Users are free to decide how much they want to reveal about themselves. Most dating sites have the same philosophy. 

FlirtyMature free membership is possible, but it offers many restrictions that more than affect user-friendliness and success rate. For example, if you are online with a free membership, you cannot respond to other people’s chat requests; this makes online dating less enjoyable. This is very annoying if the other person’s profile corresponds exactly to one’s own preferences. Therefore, we recommend a premium membership for the best online dating to rule out these and other problems directly in advance. Speaking about the search functions, basic search works pretty good.

What Does FlirtyMature Dating Site Have to Offer?

The great thing about the FlirtyMature website is the fact that this is a specialized portal that is aimed at an extraordinary target group and provides users with all the necessary tools needed for successful flirting. Due to the huge user database of the online dating site and diverse online dating services, it is easily possible to find the dream man or woman nearby or in other countries and communicate with other users easily. Moreover, there are almost no fake accounts (most dating sites are full of them). Thus, this particular service is a nice sugar daddy site: all its users get what they want. 

  • Niche portal with a special target group.
  • Women over 35 are available in large numbers.
  • High chances of success due to the huge user database.
  • The customer support is helpful.
  • There are almost no fake profiles.
  • Communication with other members is easy; moreover, there are lots of online users at all times. 
  • There are enough chat features, as well as free features. 
  • The affordable price will satisfy you.
  • There are pretty detailed profiles.

FlirtyMature App/Mobile Website

If you want to sign up to chat quickly and easily with mature singles worldwide, you can do this with all devices. Even without a FlirtyMature app, it is easily possible to log in to the FlirtyMature dating site with a PC, tablet, or mobile browser. The mobile version of the FlirtyMature dating site automatically adapts to the smartphone and needs to be distinguishable from an app in terms of user-friendliness.

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Who’s on FlirtyMature?

Who are the users of Flirtymature? Since age is one of the most important key features of flirting on FlirtyMature, the average age is relatively high, especially among female users, as they make up the main target group. However, this does not mean that there are not also younger women who have signed up to meet more mature men.

Men of all ages are represented on the portal, most of whom are looking for short-term adventures. However, many are also open to a long-term partnership with a suitable candidate.

Since it is a globally operating network, the number of members is very high. It is also possible to contact members worldwide without further ace. This means that everyone here really has a real chance of finding their dream partner, whether young or old, male or female, in the countryside or in the city. The website users can finally make their dreams come true – finding a mature partner has become a realistic goal!

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How Much Does FlirtyMature Cost?

In order to be able to really use all functions to the full extent, users must take out a paid membership. The price is reflected in the duration of the subscription.

Premium membership offers users many advantages, such as sending unlimited messages, entitlement to premium support, as well as sharing pictures and videos directly in the chat. The most important function is, of course, the possibility to send unlimited messages. 

In the following, we have summarized the FlirtyMature costs:

  • 14 days – daily €0.99 – total: €13.86.
  • 3 months – monthly €35.99 – total: €107.97.
  • 6 months – monthly 29.99€ – total: 179.94€.
  • 12 months – monthly 23.99€ – total: 287,88€.

Even if the FlirtyMature prices seem above average for some people at first glance, it must be clear to everyone that this is a niche portal that only appeals to a relatively small group and offers them the chance to get to the dates that they would find difficult to get to in normal life. Therefore, the fee is quite justifiable. 

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What Are the Pros of Using FlirtyMature?

If you want to get in touch with older ladies as a man, you are in good hands on this fabulous website. The FlirtyMature singles exchange is an online portal that specializes in MILF dating and strives for global market leadership in this particular niche.

The operator UniKeyInt Ltd. is behind the dating portal. UniKeyInt Ltd. has already launched a variety of similar portals, all of which specialize in different niche target groups. This gives users a huge selection of members that even extends beyond the borders of their country. So it is quite possible to flirt not only within your country but all over the world.

For this purpose, three different chat and search functions are available to members, which in their entirety, offer a unique chat experience with a high success rate. Whether games according to the hot-or-not principle, news, or a precise search function with which you can filter the dream man or woman according to exact external characteristics and preferences – everyone can find what they are looking for on the platform.

The selection is huge: even if the main reason why users sign up is tingling love adventures between men and older ladies, there are also a large number of users who are looking for the tremendous love and romantic life.

If you want to flirt effectively, you should definitely use the paid service, as it contains all the important features needed for successful flirting. In addition, users can also register completely free of charge and without obligation to get a first impression of the platform’s offer.

  • A great portal to get to know older ladies.
  • Flirting worldwide.
  • Three chat functions to search for a partner.
  • For sparkling adventures and great love.
  • Free registration.
  • The platform requires email verification, which helps to get rid of fake accounts.
  • The site’s features are enough for the best experience.
  • The technical support works good,
  • The communication features are great; you will like FlirtyMature chat features.
  • The active audience is impressive.
  • There are no fake profiles.
  • It is suitable for building serious relationships. 
  • Advanced search filters make it easy to find suitable candidates.
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What Are the Cons of Using FlirtyMature?

As a MILF Internet site, the operator is already one of the international market leaders and offers users quick and easy access to the huge, worldwide user database. Despite the large market presence, the provider has unfortunately not yet been able to bring itself to develop an app for the smartphone. This is annoying at first glance, but the Internet site is mobile-friendly, which means that the content automatically adapts to the screens of mobile devices.

  • No app for mobile searches for singles.
  • No statistics on membership numbers.

FlirtyMature Reviews

Understandably, our Flirty Mature review would only be full without reviews from real users, so let’s take a look at several of them. 

FlirtyMature Reviews From Men

Let’s first take a look at several reviews from random men who use the site.

FlirtyMature is by far my favorite dating site! It’s straightforward to use and has lots of great features, like being able to search by age range or location. The site also has a lot of different types of users; there are people who identify as straight or gay, plus some people who don’t identify at all!

I’m not sure what it is about this site specifically that makes it so appealing – maybe it’s the fact that it doesn’t have any ads that pop up in your face when you’re trying to read something.

I’ve been using FlirtyMature for a few months now, and I’m really happy with it. There are lots of people who are looking for the same things as me, which makes it easier to connect with them. Also, the site is super easy to use – it’s not cluttered with tons of ads or anything like that.

FlirtyMature Reviews From Women 

And here is what ladies think about this portal.

I’ve been on a few dating sites, but I was never delighted with what I found. Then I found FlirtyMature, and I fell in love! The site is clean and easy to use, and there are so many hot people to choose from! I love that they have so many different filters – you can filter based on age, location, body type, etc. It makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

FlirtyMature is a decent site for people who are looking for something casual. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and the community is friendly and fun. I love this site and recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to other options that might be a little too serious for their tastes!

Flirty Mature Reviews From Trustpilot Users

“I love this site. It’s the perfect place for me to find someone who shares my interests and lifestyle. I’ve never been able to find that before, and now I’m so happy to have found it here.”


“This is a great site because it has all the features of other dating sites. I just want to find someone who shares my love of travel and adventure, and this site helps me do just that!”


“This site is so easy to use! My favorite part is that all of the members are mature, so there aren’t any creepy guys messaging me or trying to pressure me into things like sex right away. That’s not what I’m looking for – I just want someone who shares my interests and values.”


FlirtyMature Reviews on Reddit

“I am very picky about the dating sites I join. I have been looking for one that is fun, safe, and full of mature people. After spending time on BeNaughty, I found what I was looking for! It’s a great site with tons of men and women who are in my age range (50+). The site is easy to navigate, and it’s super easy to find someone you’re interested in talking to. It’s also really nice not having to deal with any weirdos or creeps because of their strict rules about keeping things clean.”


“I joined BeNaughty because my friends told me how much fun it was. They were right! The site has many great people looking for love and romance, just like me. Its matchmaking system works really well – I’ve had lots of fun chatting with guys on the app! And best of all? They have a dedicated team that keeps things clean by making sure no one posts inappropriate content or sends messages to users they haven’t matched with yet.”


“I love this dating site! It’s full of interesting people who are looking for something real – not just hookups or one-night stands like other sites out there might offer up.”


Can You Delete FlirtyMature Account?

If you want to delete the FlirtyMature profile or cancel FlirtyMature, you can complete this in the settings within a few minutes. All user data will be permanently and irrevocably deleted.

Is FlirtyMature a Good Site?

We intensively tested FlirtyMature for a few weeks and signed up with both male and female accounts. The results speak for themselves: we quickly got into conversation with other users and established great contacts, some of which continue to this day.

Several points set the portal apart from the crowd: as a niche portal, the exchange has specialized in a particular target group, so the chances of success are greater than regular casual dating portals because here, the registered users know what they want.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. While other portals are limited to a single chat function, the provider has three different chat methods in stock, contributing to the fun factor and increasing the success rate.

On the negative side, it can only be stated that the portal does not yet have its app in stock, and little information about the community is published. However, this is separate from the positive user experience.If you are looking for MILF dating, adventure, or even tremendous love, you are in good hands with the dating portal. Everyone is guaranteed to find the right dream partner here. We can recommend the full membership without reservation.

  • 9

How to Stop Swiping and Find Your Person on Dating Apps | Christina Wallace


So, we have decided to compare FlirtyMature with other similar sites and can say for sure it provides a nice dating experience. Free registration, lots of senior members who have a life style similar to yours, affordable price and nice advanced search are the things you will adore. There are some free features, but if you want to get the fullest experience, you have to opt for premium features. Customer support is helpful, you can create an account in minutes: what else can one wish for?

All in all, FlirtyMature is one of the best dating platforms on the market: like other dating sites, it offers easy communication with other members, little to no fake profiles, and lots of active FlirtyMature members. So, if you’ve been looking for a place to find mature singles, it is one of the best dating sites for this: few dating sites have the same nice functions. FlirtyMature members are open-minded and friendly; the majority of FlirtyMature members are open for communication and ready to have fun. 

Contact Info

  • Telephone number: 6463162648
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: 92, Carlton Terrace, Steward Manor NY, 11530

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