Let’s Begin With BBWCupid Review

In this review of BBWCupid, we present you with this serious dating site that focuses on affinity dating. A personality test will allow you to refine your research and every day, the platform will submit you quality single members, by your expectations. Betting on the top of the range, the BBWCupid site is aimed at the most demanding of you, who want to build a lasting relationship. We explain how it works and its services, the results that can be obtained and we let the users who testify speak for themselves, for a complete opinion!

About BBWCupid

Number of users registered on the site2.5 million
Free registration available?Yes
Price of plan registration$29.99 per month
Duration of the site’s existence15 years
Customer satisfaction rating (out of 5)4.5
Availability of a mobile applicationYes
Gender distribution: Female users60%
Gender distribution: Male users40%
Average number of daily site visits90,000
Number of successful matches made per month12,000

How Does BBWCupid Work?


The online resource allows users to choose matches instantly, using quite attractive free options. You will not be charged for sending letters to your potential lovers. On the platform, matching is built around the questions you are supposed to answer. Therefore, each profile you visit acquires a certain percentage of match compatibility. Respectively, being aware of this percentage, it is possible to draw concrete conclusions.

BBWCupid main page

Guide to BBWCupid Sign Up

To register on BBWCupid, you just have to choose your gender and the gender of the members you are attracted to (I am a man, looking for a woman, for me) and answer a set of questions about your expectations, your tastes, and your personality traits. A small box specifies that your answers are processed directly in our scientific algorithm and will not be revealed under any circumstances, for total anonymity.

These questions are classified into several categories, starting with your attitude when choosing a partner or at the beginning of a relationship (e.g. At the beginning of a relationship: I like to tell my relatives / I don’t tell anyone OR What is your vision of the sharing goals within a soulmate?), before focusing on the person you want to meet.

You will be asked which character and personality traits you are most attracted to (sociable? a good listener? a thinker rather than a doer?) and then you will be asked to choose, via a rating scale that goes from “Not at all” to Completely, the personality traits that are most like you.

We finish with a few general questions about you, then the insertion of your details, for a personality test that will take you no more than 10 minutes. Try it now because it’s free, and it gives you access to the members most compatible with you!

What About Design and Usability?

A signup form may be found on the site’s home. It’s at the center, and you’ll need to click the ‘See Singles’ option to access it. A simple form with a few fields appears. There is info as to how the system functions if you browse below. In a nutshell, it describes how to sign up. It also includes testimonies from individuals who have found love via the site. The records that establish the site’s legitimacy are usually found at the bottom menus. There’s also a rule of behavior and relationship advice there.

Any BBWCupid account notes that everything on the site is visually appealing. Those who developed the user interface of the site have done a good job in making it neat, simple enough, and elegant. It is very easy to access the necessary functionality here. Everything is accessible via the tabs located in the top menu of the site.

BBWCupid uses eye-catching shades of white and blue – it can hardly tire your eyes. Notifications on the website are highlighted with the color pink. All the elements occupy the right place and nothing distracts from the dating process.

BBWCupid how it works

How to Find Matches on BBWCupid?

Is BBWCupid good? The Matchmaking system does its best. Based on the test, the BBWCupid dating website submits profiles that have a compatibility rate as close as possible with yours. Every day, you receive new suggestions.

Right from the start, the proposed profiles turn out to be quite interesting, for the most part. There are a few misses, with members who have nothing in common with us, but it is rare. The vast majority of the profiles that I have submitted have delighted me.

For this reason, you must take the time to complete your profile as accurately as possible. You will be able to control the number of visits you receive and the more complete your profile is, the more visits you will receive! The dating site encourages the active participation of members, thus generating a unique dating space. Your answer to the proposed quiz helps determine the worthy candidates for you. Each matching question has five parts:

  • Your answer
  • Your quiz
  • The same question from your interlocutor
  • The expected answer
  • The indication that this particular question seems crucial to you

The truth about BBWCupid is that you need to try to answer as many questions as you can because if you do, the service will provide you with lovers to match your expectations. When browsing the member’s page, click/tap on the match percentage so that your match reacts to theirs.

BBWCupid member interaction is also available in the form of original essays such as “This is the darkest song ever sung”. These essays normally consist of several paragraphs and help others get to know you better. Also, these essays do not impact your match percentages of yours. Other than that, they can greatly facilitate your research and can help others locate you.

BBWCupid create account

The BBWCupid Community

BBWCupid users are mostly in their forties, professionally active, and in a good state of mind. It is difficult to find profiles of people in their thirties even if some of them frequent this site.

As a result, discussions are easy and have no taboos because. The members have passed the age of beating around the bush. This allows a great efficiency to BBWCupid log in and quick contacts. For us, the strength of BBWCupid lies in the quality of the profiles it offers, all very detailed and which allow us to quickly know what the person wants; the different sections that compose it are very clear and offer a precise vision of a member.

User Reviews and Testimonials

BBWCupid.com reviews are generally very positive, with users praising the seriousness of the platform, its community, and the good results obtained. According to an anonymous review, the site is one of the best online dating sites. Their opinion is very positive.

Pros and Cons

Before continuing with comparing subscriptions and features, let’s discover the strengths and weaknesses of this high-end hookup site.


  • A clear interface, easy to use
  • Educated and motivated members
  • Functional matchmaking system
  • The Icebreaker function, well thought out
  • Security of personal data


  • Need better subscription plans
  • Somewhat high prices


What is BBWCupid.com? BBWCupid is a very complete site and you might be lost for a few moments under the choice of features. But you’ll soon get used to it and discover a platform that provides practical tools for dating.

Free Features in BBWCupid

There is a BBWCupid free version. In this version, you will be able to create your complete profile and answer the personality test questions. Afterward, you will be able to consult the results of your test and see the profiles with which you match. Some other features will be available such as “you play” but you will not be able to exchange with other members. Keep reading this BBWCupid review to learn more.

Paid Features in BBWCupid

With a Premium account, you will have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited communication with all members
  • Access to users’ private photo albums
  • An anonymous mode to surf without being seen

Getting BBWCupid On the Go

Accessing lovers on the fly is a very appropriate thing. If this opportunity intrigues you, take advantage of the BBWCupid app. With just one hand, you can access all the necessary features, just rush to the bottom of the screen.

According to BBWCupid reviews, the best advantage of the application is that the product is good enough to use the Double Take function. In this respect, it’s more convenient than the desktop version. If you are very interested in the proposed application, you need to swipe your finger to the right. Respectively, swiping to the left, the person rejects the potential lover. In addition, every time you view a member’s page via this feature, you will see a window offering you to send him/her a letter.

BBWCupid success stories

Safety and Security

BBWCupid website does not facilitate the visibility of user members if you are not a member yourself. This allows you certain privacy. Although there is no chance to hide your photos on BBWCupid, everyone can see you. In most cases, you will post several photos on your profile. But all members can see your photos. Some online dating sites offer a stress option that allows people to be instantly redirected to another site. This particular feature is not available on BBWCupid.

All information on BBWCupid.com is distributed via an SSL connection, so it is commercially impossible for an individual to learn about your communications.

Is BBWCupid Expensive or Cheap? 

It depends on what you are looking for. Searching seems to be the most effective way to locate lovers. To start your love journey on the dating project with the desktop version, you need to use the Browse matches section. With the mobile application, use the Match Search section. You will see potential lovers. The results are determined by default search filters, taking into account your gender, location, age, etc. This does not include BBWCupid cost. Modify your search at any time by entering additional options such as interests, for example. By the way, BBWCupid users of A-List can add options such as body type and attractiveness.

BoostA-List A-List Premium
10 boosts for $1.69 each6 months – $3.95 / month6 months – $19.90 / month
5 boosts for $1.89 each3 months – $6.35 / month3 months – $22.90 / month
1 boost for $1.99 each1 month – $7.95 / month1 month – $24.90 / month 


To conclude this BBWCupid.com review it should be remembered that this high-end dating site is not for everyone. Here, the BBW is from high professional classes and their expectations are high. As a result, only educated members can be found, which makes it possible to have elaborate conversations that can lead to beautiful stories. 

What is BBWCupid? It is the platform that relies on a functional interface, which is not burdened with unnecessary services, and its efficiency is based on a Matchmaking system that allows us to receive compatible profiles close to our expectations. Even if you come every day, you will have enough suggestions to contact members regularly and thus multiply your chances of meeting the right person. There are good ideas, especially for breaking the ice and starting discussions quickly, and it is nice to know that security is assured for your data.