Ashley Madison Review: Reliable Hookup Site in 2024

Online dating is a popular way to meet someone for a long-term relationship or a nice one-night stand. There are many sites and applications where you can find dozens of applicants in minutes. One of these is Ashley Madison. It is a popular platform where people can break their taboos and arrange a real meeting. However, according to different reviews, opinions are divided. Some are sure it is an ideal platform for finding sex and similar frivolous connections. But on the other hand, others argue that more and more people are using the app to find a long-term partner and love.


Online Women at Ashley Madison


In our Ashley Madison review, we decided to give an honest assessment of the platform and find out what it is. Minor spoiler: this platform is worth your attention and has many positive reviews. We will go over every aspect of how the platform works so that you can decide whether you should sign up and try your luck on it.

Total registered users on the site65 million
Free registration availabilityYes
Price of plan registrationVaries (based on credits)
Years of existence19 years
Customer satisfaction rate82%
Availability of mobile applicationYes
Average daily active users500,000
Number of successful matches2.8 million
Average time spent on the site per session30 minutes
Top countries with the most registered usersUnited States, Brazil, Canada
AshleyMadison main page

How Do We Conduct Our Review Process?

Before moving on to platform evaluation, it’s worth discussing our review principles. First, it is worth understanding the importance of such sites and applications to give the most qualitative assessment. It will make it possible to highlight the main quality criteria. Therefore, in addition to personal analyzes and experiences of AshleyMadison users, we rely on the opinions of psychologists and sexologists. Their knowledge helps to understand that hookup is acceptable in society.

  • Rebecca Alvarez, sexologist.
  • Miriam Kirmayer, psychologist.
  • Julia Kotziamani, sex coach.

What Is Ashley Madison Dating Site?

Ashley Madison was founded in 2001. It was something new for people who preferred flings over long-term relationships. Currently, the platform’s main purpose has not changed and is created to find a partner for sexual pleasure and flirting. The site is accessible to people of all orientations and preferences. But it is worth recognizing that there are more people of traditional orientation here. According to statistics, the percentage of couples who started with one-time sex and turned into long-term relationships has increased. However, this should not be taken as a rule since it is not the platform’s main purpose.

Is AshleyMadison legit? Yes, the platform is completely legal since such activities are allowed in the United States, European countries, and Latin America. But the laws set certain rules that such sites must adhere to. First, it is the age of the registrants. Each user must be over 18.

Secondly, it’s security. Is AshleyMadison safe? Yes, the platform uses all necessary security measures. You are not required to disclose your identity to other people, and the platform does not have the right to transfer your data to third parties.

Ashley Madison dating website

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

The main principle of the site is to find a suitable couple with similar interests. But for this, you need to go through a simple registration. It is a free opportunity for every person who has reached the age of majority. This procedure includes the following:

  • First, enter your personal email and create a password.
  • Next, fill in data about a person, their main interests, and expectations.
  • Setting up search filters (location, age, physique, etc.).

You can complete the questionnaire in more detail later, but the basic data must be entered immediately. It will help you quickly find the right couple for a sex date.

Feel free to message each guy or girl you like and add them to your favorites list to avoid losing their profile. Is AshleyMadison good for communication? Yes, the site offers different ways of communication (paid and free). In addition to them, other features contribute to the establishment of quick connections. To find the perfect partner, you should also use the search filter. The operation of the platform is practically no different from other dating sites. But if discussing sexual preferences and fetishes are unacceptable to others, AshleyMadison is made for this.


What Is Ashley Madison: Its Usability Purpose?

The number of active users usually determines the service’s usability and whether they can achieve its goal. Unlike other similar platforms, there is a relatively equal number of users among men and women. With the advent of accessible literature that explains sexual behavior, women have ceased to be ashamed of their desires. As Tolman and McClelland stated:

“Women’s use of hookups as an instrument of getting sexual satisfaction aligns with a positive sexuality perspective that recognizes sexual exploration to be normative and healthy for adults.”

More than 500,000 active users are on the site daily, ready for sexual entertainment. So even if you entered your gender during the registration process, you could still view profiles of different genders.

The main benefit of the platform is that you can find worthy one-stand-night candidates in one place and even make appointments for each day in advance. The truth about Ashley Madison is that it is open to people of all orientations and preferences. The main thing is to follow the basic rules of the platform, treat other users with respect, and esteem their desire to remain anonymous.

ashleymadison discretion matters

What Is Design and Site’s Usability?

Ashley Madison has created a great website that is easily accessible to all ages (18+) and makes the site easy to navigate. This feature allows you to easily access the site, even if you are not confident. After the menu bar appears, click on it, and you will find all profile data for related pages and features. The site is made in bright pink colors and in a pleasant design. However, users note that the location of the labels is not entirely comfortable. Users who scroll the page can only view more than half of the page, not the entire page.

The site’s usability evokes positive emotions, as all the necessary information is available on the main page. Once you go to the official website, you can choose the interface language and learn more about the platform. You can also download the app from Google Play or the App Store. The mobile application has an identical design, functions, and interface. Therefore, you will be equally comfortable using the Ashley Madison website and app.


How to Find Matches on the Ashley Madison Dating Website?

AshleyMadison allows you to register as married, single, looking for men, women, or whatever. The people at Ashley Madison did not take it lightly. They know what they enjoy and are not frightened to pursue it. This platform is great if you need a connection and want it to be invisible. Site or app users aren’t afraid to inform you what they’re looking for and don’t want to mess around. They are here for a reason. They do not waste time looking for the same people. Therefore, in order to find the best candidate for flirting and sex as soon as possible, use a few tips that always help at Ashley Madison:

  • Be open about your intentions immediately so you don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.
  • Do not go with an unfamiliar interlocutor to other messengers, as the platform is doing everything possible to protect you.
  • Don’t be afraid to write first.
  • Prepare some interesting messages that interest the other user in replying to you.
  • Be open to new acquaintances and experiments.

It depends on how long you will look for a partner for the night. It usually doesn’t take long if you’re serious about your search. But don’t despair if you don’t find a partner right away.

Ashley Madison

How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost?

The platform is not completely free. But it is possible to find a couple for the evening using free features. If you want to speed up this process and increase your chances, it is worth getting an Ashley Madison subscription. Prices are quite reasonable and affordable:

  • $99.99 for one month;
  • $239.97 for three months;
  • $353.94 for six months.

Users also have the option to purchase additional credits. For example, a package of 20 credits costs $1.99, and a package of 200 costs $15.9. Ashley Madison also lets you send virtual gifts to gain the awareness of other users. These gifts are valued in credits. Depending on the gift, it is worth a different number of points but is usually between 20-50 credits. You can check your balance and replenish your account at any time.


How to Message on Ashley Madison Free?

Women who are looking for men can send messages for free. Other site users need to use credits to read, share or start messaging with other members. But it is still possible to chat on the platform for free. If you sign up for a free trial account, you will receive a 30-day free trial. It will allow you to assess the potential of the application and decide for yourself whether it is worth continuing to use the platform.

Pros and Cons Review of Ashley Madison

We are for the objectivity of our review, so we will also talk about the platform’s pros and cons, which we learned personally from statistical data and reviews by other users.


  • The platform has a large and active user base from all over the world.
  • Security protocols are regularly reviewed and improved.
  • Every AshleyMadison member can use the platform’s free features to find hookups.
  • The presence of a large assortment of paid features.
  • The official website and mobile application have the most simple interface and nice design.
  • Ability to customize filters for a more successful search.
  • The platform has many channels for communication.
  • Responsible and competent support service.


  • The platform does not provide the ability to create public chat rooms for communication.
  • The need to pay for sending each message.
  • Sometimes there are fake accounts on the site.
  • In 2015, attackers managed to hack the platform partially.
Ashley Madison married dating app


Features are the main criterion when choosing a hookup site. This platform has both free and paid features. Therefore, the user can evaluate the platform before purchasing a membership plan and credits. For women, the site is more profitable. Since even some paid features are free for them, it attracts as many female audiences as possible to the site. Indeed, as statistics show, women are usually embarrassed to register on such sites. This strategy works since the ratio of men and women is almost equal.

Free Features at Ashley Madison Site

Among the free features, you will find:

  • Create an Ashley Madison account. If you are over 18 years old and agree with the policy of the site or application, creating an account is free for both men and women. After filling out your profile, adding a photo is also free.
  • View and like other profiles. After a quick registration, users can view all profiles of other users on the platform. If you don’t want to waste credits, you can like the user’s photo, and if your profile also interests them, take the next step.
  • Create a favorites list. You can chat with dozens of people simultaneously but add the most liked applicants to a special list. It will also allow you to contact them again for an additional meeting if both agree.
  • Advanced search filters. The more precisely you customize your search, the faster you find the perfect person to have fun with in the evening. You can specify eye color, height, weight, nationality, gender, age, etc.
  • Send winks. It is a smiley that will allow you to open a chat with an interlocutor, and if your profile is also interested in a sexual meeting, they will write to you.
  • Discreet photo feature. You can add multiple photos and hide them. This way, you won’t have to re-upload the photo when the other person asks for a few extra photos before the meeting.

Paid Features at AshleyMadison App

By purchasing credits, you can use the following features:

  • Send virtual gifts. You can also use your credits for “virtual gifts,” a great way to attract potential partners. Depending on the quality of the gift, you can pay up to 50 points for these virtual items.
  • Open and collect emails. You can use the Mail feature. It helps the message to appear at the top of the recipient’s inbox. You will have to spend extra points for this, but at least you will receive a confirmation when they read the message.
  • Send personal messages. As mentioned, the messaging feature is only free for women looking for men. To start messaging with anyone, click the chat icon below anyone’s profile photo or go to their profile and click “Send me a message.”
  • Message plus. This paid feature allows you to reply to incoming messages without spending any points. Even if you use up your points, you can continue communicating with the users you previously paid for. Note that Message Plus is free for 30 days with any credit plan.
  • Travel function. reviews highlight the possibility of using the platform while traveling. However, if you want to meet someone outside your home, you can filter your search results based on location andor distance from your current location.
Ashley Madison ios app

AshleyMadison: Safety and Security

After a rather nasty hacking incident, Ashley Madison had a complete security update with the involvement of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The platform has also added another layer of security to the user login process. In addition to the username and password, two-factor authentication has been added. Thanks to this protection, the site can determine whether the user is trying to use the AshleyMadison log in button. Therefore, it is now a completely safe and reliable platform.

Another point that may worry users is the presence of fake accounts. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid this completely, but the site administration is doing everything possible to keep them as few. If you have any doubts about a particular user, you can contact the support team, and they will conduct an additional profile check.


What Do Real Users Think about AshleyMadison?

Most of the reviews are very positive about the platform. Most of them describe it as the best place to find hookups. But there are also reviews where people thank the site for the opportunity to meet the love of their life. To ensure that the Ashley Madison reviews are true, we analyzed their content and checked the sources of publications. Their positive reviews did not cause doubts, as most contain details that can only be known to real users. For example, here are a few of them, which describe both the work of the support service and the impressions of the functions of the hang in general.

Ashley Madison testimonials

This review is short but has a clear message.

Ashley Madison testimonials

We have also contacted several people who have provided feedback on the platform on various forums and have shared their experiences with us. However, they asked to change their names. Therefore, we will quote their testimonials to preserve their anonymity.

“As soon as I registered, I felt embarrassed…and feared that someone would recognize me. Therefore, I decided not to add a photo to the profile but to add a few hidden ones. Perhaps due to the lack of photos, I managed to find a great guy only after 2 days. The evening was amazing … We met several times later. Now I have been using the app for more than 7 months, sometimes just flirting, and sometimes I make an appointment. Now I have become less constrained and more liberated sexually.” – Maggie, 24.

Ashley Madison testimonials

And, of course, the male view of the platform:

“It’s simple… I don’t need a serious relationship now, as I’m focused on my career. And paying girls for sex is also not my option, so I decided to try AshleyMadison. I am quite an active user, and every weekend I manage to find a beautiful stranger for a pleasant evening. I like that everything is anonymous, as unnecessary rumors can negatively affect my career.” – Tom, 32.

Of course, we could not but respond to negative reviews, but almost all of them are related to the inability of the user to interest a potential partner. Therefore, in addition to choosing a reliable platform, it is worth learning more about flirting and practicing.

Take a close look at the top 5 questions that users most often search for on the Internet. The answers may be useful if you consider the platform worthy of your attention.

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