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BeNaughty dating site is one of the best platforms for dating online. But it’s not just a dating site; it is a website where you can have fun without strings attached. In a world where people misunderstand each other’s intentions all the time, BeNaughty can save you from that. You clearly state what you want, and the system matches you with another individual (or individuals) who would fit your preferences. The review of BeNaughty is mostly positive, so read in detail below.

  • 9.6



  • One of the largest databases of users all over the world.
  • Even gender distribution on the site.
  • A fewer number of fake profiles than on other sites.
  • Offers superb options.
  • Quickly finds matches near you.
  • Popular in several countries so could be used on vacation or work trips.


  • It does not allow to create a couple’s account.
  • 9.6
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> 2 500
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> 4 000
visits per day
≈ 2 800
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> 5 000
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≈ 2 100
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visits per day At A Glance

  • Best for: everyone looking for fun and casual encounters, for people of different sexual orientations.
  • The number of members: millions.
  • Recommended age: 18-40+.
  • Favorite features: account promotions, basic/premium safe modes, immediate match suggestions, verifying accounts.
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What Is

BeNaughty is a website where you simply could be naughty. Don’t misunderstand it; it is not a porno website where people post nude pictures and inappropriate videos. The reviews claim that even though it is an 18+ website, there are standards. The reviews of real users also state that you have to pass a check of your profile photo to ensure it is appropriate.

BeNaughty is a website where you can flirt with anyone you like, meet, have sexual experiments, etc. But all this you could do when you meet personally or have a personal chat. So as reviews claim, it is a great platform to find casual dating partners.

How Does BeNaughty Work?

You need to create an account on BeNaughty; it takes some while before you might proceed with finding matches. The truth about BeNaughty is that they care a lot about the security of their members and about the quality of content posted on the site. The reviews of real users reveal that BeNaughty administration is making checks of profile pictures to exclude any fake photos, nude photos, or pornography on the website.

When your account is approved, you will immediately see matches near you who meet your preferences. The site offers different options to find matches quicker, for instance, account promotions. The reviews of users claim your profile will be shown more frequently. To ensure your positive experience, you could use a full or partial safe mode, so your profile will be shown only to verified BeNaughty users.


Open the BeNaughty log in page and fill in the registration form. As was said, your account will require a check of photos. You might add details about your sexual orientation, preferences, age of potential matches, location, what you want to try, etc.

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Search & Profile Quality

The search is convenient, especially considering you won’t even have to use a lot of filters. BeNaughty system automatically shows you only appropriate matches so you won’t waste your time. The quality of most BeNaughty profiles is high, and it is proven by the reviews of the website.


The most important question: “is BeNaughty safe?”. It seems the owners of the platform are doing everything to ensure the positive experience of users; they even have fewer fake profiles than other sites. But you still have to be careful so don’t reveal secret information.

Help & Support

The support team is working all the time, so you might ask the question and receive an almost immediate answer. If you have problems to solve, it might require a bit more time.

Prices & Plans

The prices are lower than the prices of other similar websites. You can buy a half of a year of using BeNaughty at less than 74 dollars.

  • 9.6

Final Verdict

Overall, the first impression of this site is positive. Later, when you examine the site, it is still positive. BeNaughty has a positive review; it is a bit cheaper than other similar websites. It might have not as many great features, but it definitely accomplishes the main task of finding matches and doing it quickly.

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Is BeNaughty Good Or Not?

Yes, BeNaughty has mostly positive reviews, and people prefer this platform when they want to start dating casually. BeNaughty dating site reviews from real users also reveal that it is easy to use the website, the matches are introduced immediately when you fill in the details about you, and it is easy to find candidates for casual dating.

Is Legit Or Not Legal?

Yes, it is legal, as well as using the website. BeNaghty has a good reputation; you can check the reviews of real people on independent websites to make sure it is true. People claim in reviews of BeNaughty they had no problems with using the site and paying for the options.

What Does BeNaughty Offer?

BeNaughty offers a safe platform where you can start dating people, gain new experience, explore the unknown, etc. No one will judge you for your preferences, so you can totally focus on finding the right match. Everyone has desires, so use BeNaughty to make them come true. Te reviews claim it is 100% possible.

How To Use It?

Create a BeNaughty account, post a profile photo of good quality, add details about you. It might take time for your account to be approved since the administration checks it for fraud, fake photos, pornography, etc. Then you can use the website as any other dating app.

Do You Need An Account To See Profiles?

Yes, you need a Benaughtgy profile. Moreover, the reviews prove that some people protect their profiles by allowing them to see their photos only to verified accounts. So you might even need to pass a verification process to prove you are real.

Is There An Anonymous Mode?

No, it doesn’t seem this feature is a thing at BeNaughty. Users claim in their reviews they don’t even need this feature.

Can You Delete A BeNaughty Account?

Yes, as on any other similar dating platform, you can go to settings and delete the account.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The reviews on Benaughty are mostly positive and reveal that the site is a good way to quickly meet partners for dating casually. You can find several partners, or you can meet just one and date casually. Plus, it is a great place for people of different sexual orientations to meet matches.

Updated on Jan 2023

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