Why Is Doublelist Popular?

Doublelist is popular with good reason. It is a great platform that offers hookups to members, and the best thing is that it is 100% free. This is convenient for those who want to find hookups but shy away from the exorbitant fees charged by most of these dating sites. On Doublelist, you also have a 60% chance of hooking up with the ideal partner.

Many people are signing up with Doublelist because it works so well and without any complications. Unlike some similar sites which died out because they could not deliver quality dates to their members, Doublelist has been going strong since 2018 since it began. 

Doublelist main page

It is a platform where everyone of different sexual orientations can indulge in their greatest fantasies. You will find gay, bi, straight, lesbian, transgenders, and everyone else on the site looking for casual encounters that are fun. 

This is not only a gay Doublelist as most people think, but it is a dating site that has embraced everyone who is looking for love or hookups regardless of their sexual orientation, background, and so on. Many have experienced great success in their quest for hookups, and this has further led to the rise in popularity of this dating platform. 

Doublelist Overviews 

This platform is lovable at first glance. The fact that it is free is a great platform for those who want to hookup with partners they desire without having to spend an arm or a leg. With free membership on Doublelist, you can upload photos, create posts, join chat groups, comment in chat groups, view webcams, play cold and hot games, and indulge in many more activities. 

Doublelist has a great number of active users who are 18 and above. Majority of the users are in their 30s and 40s, but people of all ages are Doublelist members. 

Pros and Cons Of Doublelist 

Here are some pros and cons worth noting about Doublelist 

  • It is a free site where you can enjoy all the free features it offers without paying anything 
  • A very simple and straightforward registration process
  • An easy site to navigate 
  • A resourceful search tool 
  • A great number of active users improving your chances of snagging a partner
  • An old design that could use an update 
  • Fake profiles exist 
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Users Overview 

Cam Chat Models Average Number On A Day Off Pers. Share Of Total Number Of Models,% 
Girls 869 72.47
Shemales 584.83
Newcomers 826.83
Total 1199100

Doublelist Interface And Design 

Doublelist might have this old look that is so 1990s, but it still serves its purpose well. Navigating through the Doublelist website is not difficult, and you will get to go to every section and access various features without any issues. There are no fancy bells and whistles to confuse you, especially if you love simple designs with everything bare and easy to access. 

The registration process is very simple and straightforward. You will need to verify who you are with a legitimate phone number. This is to avoid any scammers or fake profiles from making their way into the site. Doublelist does not accept email addresses or any fake social media profiles to verify your account. Your real phone number will do, just make sure it is a legitimate number and not a prepaid or unsecured number. 

Doublelist requires members to post only decent and attractive profile pictures. They are intent on keeping the profile pictures clean and wholesome, and this is why nude photos will never be accepted on this site. Remember this fact when creating your profile on the site. 

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Look And Feel Of Doublelist 

Doublelist allows members to create posts on the site, but every member has a limited amount of times that they can post, along with a limited amount of daily photo uploads. As a user, consider using your daily [posting opportunities well to help you snag the perfect match.

There are search and chat features, which will be very instrumental in helping you make the right choice of partner. The search process of the site is very simple. There are about 11 categories to choose from, such as gay, lesbian, straight, and couples.

Unfortunately, the transgender option lacks, but this does not prevent you from getting a transgender partner if that is who you wish to find. It might be a glaring oversight, but the site delivers quality matches of your choice.

Discovering Members On Doublelist

The truth about Doublelist is that finding members on this site is easy. You can also send and receive messages, but this will only occur through classified ads. You only need to reply to one or several, and you might hook up with someone interesting. The platform doesn’t have a mobile app, but there is the Doublelist mobile version which allows you to access the site’s features without any problems through a mobile device.

During signing up phone verification is required, which is why most profiles you will find here are genuine. You can check out all the profiles you see that attract you and send out a message. However, you can still remain vigilant about that one odd profile that is a fake and belongs to a scammer. Even as you interact with likable members, ensure that you don’t share too much personal information even with the most likable members lest you end up risking your privacy.

Remember some people will try to create several accounts with the intention to scam others. But most times Doublelist gets wind of them and blocks them for life. 

With over 40 million users signed up on this platform globally, the odds of finding someone you like are high. There are millions of people looking for love and all forms of relationships, so a couple of weeks on the site is all you need to find a hookup which could be a long-term relationship or not. 

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How We Evaluated Doublelist 

First we signed up with the site to fully understand it. We checked out various key aspects of the site which were important in our evaluation. Here are some key points that we have highlighted below:

Design and Interface 4.9
Functionality 5.0
Profile Quality 5.0
Security and Support 4.8
Overall 4.9 

After signing up with Doublist dating site we actually enjoyed using the site and how smooth our experience was. We managed to snag a couple of good hookups. We also took advantage of the chat features and responded to the hookup ads, which turned out positive. It is definitely a dating site worth signing up with if you want some real hookups and meet people within your location who are interested in you.

Doublelist registration

Doublelist Popularity And Reputation

As you look for the ideal dating platform to meet your needs, first read the reviews of not only sites like Doublelist but especially the Doublelist.com reviews posted on various platforms. The site has been in existence for a while now, and since then users have been benefiting a lot by getting their desired hookups. 

The great number of loyal users have a lot of positive things to say about Doublelist as evident in their Doublelist reviews. There might be alternatives to Doublelist, but this dating platform always wins because it is free and delivers great experiences to its users. 

With a hands-on support team, which has ensured that only genuine profiles make their way into the site, Doublelist continues to rock the online dating world positively. Its smooth functionality and great quality of profiles has become the major attraction for serious members looking for both casual and long-term relationships. With no tedious processes, this site remains a favorite for many who would love serious hookups. 

Doublelist registration

Doublelist – Is It Worth It? Ask Our Users 

“I had honestly given up on getting any kind of relationship because the online platforms were full of scammers. I ended up meeting people who were complete opposites of their profiles. I tried to meet several people from the online dating sites I signed up with, but they all turned out to be scammers. Doublist was a different ball game. For the first time I met genuine people who wanted love. I was happy and still am with my current hookup from Doublelist.”

Klein V. 

“I wasn’t sure at first because I thought, heck this is just another dating site full of scams. How wrong I was. I was skeptical because it was free, but later when I started meeting amazing people, I was convinced this site could actually work for me and it did. I highly recommend it.”

Morris P.

Doublelist Pricing Plan 

Doublist is 100% free and offers users a lot of features to enjoy and meet the partners of their dreams. Being a free site, it has attracted a lot of members who are eager to meet the loves of their life. With no pricing plan, it is an ideal option for those who want to find love without having to incur the exorbitant costs common with most dating sites. Accessing Doublelist free is a great win for many users. 

Doublelist User Interview 

We spoke with one of the users who have had some experience to hear how their hookup experience went down. This is what they had to say about it. 

Dana: How was your experience on the Doublelist dating site? Did you finally find a great hookup? 

Penelope: I have found many interesting people on Doublist, and yes I have a current hookup which is turning into something more and might lead to a long time relationship. 

Dana: Could you please share with us how you found this amazing person on Doublist? 

Penelope: After meeting many interesting people on the site, I finally met the love of my life. I saw his Doublelist ad and felt attracted. I thought it would just be a casual hookup at first, but then after spending some time with him, I think I love what this is turning into. We are talking about marriage and long-term commitment, and we can’t wait to fully commit. It was lust at first glance, then it turned into love.

Doublelist FAQ

Wrapping Up

So is DoubleList good? Doublelist is an amazing dating platform that has come through for many users that have used it. It is evident as highlighted throughout this Doubelist.com review, that it is one platform that will successfully hook you up with the right partner. This is not a platform that began yesterday, but it has been on the market for a while and changed people’s lives for the better. 

Is Doublelist legit? Well, according to one review of Doublelist, this is one of the most legit platforms. It has a simple interface with an appealing design that will appeal even for the people who are not tech savvy. 

It is a great place for people to find whoever they are looking for, and the fact that it is free means anyone can access it. If you are wondering, is Doublelist safe? Well, with the safety of members at the forefront, this is a dating site that can be trusted. It offers the best online dating experience that makes those who are seeking partners happy. 


What is Doublelist?

This is a dating site that has taken the online dating world by storm. It is free and has useful features to help members find the partners of their choice which is why it is so popular as a dating site. It has smooth functionality and millions of profiles and active users globally. Since its creation in 2018 men and women have experienced exceptional dating adventures which comprise of unique and fulfilling experiences.

How does Doublelist work?

Doublelist works the same way as Craigslist. All a user needs to do is post ads about what they want in a potential partner and specify whether they want a long-term relationship or hookup. Any member interested can respond to the ad and connect with the user when attracted to them. All they need to do is send an email to respond to the ad. Members of all sexual orientations can use Doublelist, but it happens to be more popular with those of the LGBTQIA community.

What are the benefits of using Doublelist?

The benefits of this site are many beginning with that it is a simple and free site where you don’t need to spend a single dime to snag a hookup. It is also easy to navigate, and the great number of users highly improves every member’s chance to snag a hookup.

How do I sign up for Doublelist?

Signing up on Doublelist is very easy. All you need to do is click on the sign-up button and insert your email address where a link will be sent which will redirect you to Doublelist.com where you will complete your signup process, which will at some point require the verification of your phone number.

What are some tips for creating a successful Doublelist ad?

Like with most ads, your ad must stand out and appeal to whoever you are targeting. Be simple and straight to the point but at the same time be interesting enough to get the targeted person to click on the ad and connect with you.

How do I respond to an ad on Doublelist?

When you see an ad that interests you, you only need to send a message to the ad, and the ad owner will receive an email with your message. You can highlight as much as you want in the message and state what you expect and what interests you in the ad.

What are some safety tips for using Doublelist?

Though chances of fake profiles and scammers are low on the site, it is still important to remain vigilant and on the lookout. Avoid giving out too much information about yourself to strangers you have just met. That is how people get taken advantage of, and instances of identity theft or stealing of personal information for malicious purposes happens.

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