Loveaholics Dating Site Actual Review

Even any seemingly sincere relationship has pitfalls. Alas, you can’t build a fabulous and serious relationship without ever getting a hit. We are all human.

We are all wrong. But for this, intelligent developers came up with a dating platform Loveaholics to help people find their happiness.

Total registered users on the site3.5 million
Free registration availabilityYes
Price of premium plan registration$29.99/month
Years of existence7 years
Customer satisfaction rate92%
Availability of mobile applicationYes
Average daily active users150,000
Number of successful matches1.8 million
Average time spent on the site per session20 minutes
Top countries with the most registered usersUnited States, United Kingdom, Australia
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Pros and Cons

Loveaholics is a modern dating platform that has many advantages for full-fledged dating. Please note that payment for certain services improves the quality of the services you choose. Loveaholics provides a convenient interface and an extended search system. These are two priority characteristics that you should pay attention to.


  • Wide search engine;
  • Well – developed interface;
  • Convenient functionality;
  • Service quality assurance;
  • Priority feedback;
  • Various available profiles;
  • Bonuses for Premium users, considering additional services;
  • Original and quick chat;
  • Portable use (wherever you are);
  • Guaranteed security;
  • Absolute legitimacy.


  • Most services are paid;
  • Verification is not a quick process.

Loveaholics at a Glance

  • Best for: Singles with a short time to find somebody in reality.
  • Number of members: millions
  • Recommended age: 23+
  • Favorite features: Good-quality service & user-friendly interface.

The Truth About Loveaholics

Virtual acquaintance is no worse than real. Although many are drawn to criticize this type of engaging in relationships and communication. Each type of dating has its pros and cons. If you want to meet on the Internet, then Loveaholics will help you speed up the process. An acquaintance on this dating site will give you a lot of positive and, at times, seem like an exciting game. You will find a partner with common interests to build a serious relationship.

Make sure that this method of dating, personally suits you more than anything else. Many partner seekers are disappointed and very often complain that it is impossible to find anyone on dating sites. They are sure that among them are horn dogs and girls of frivolous behavior. As for the concerns: there really is such a category, but the “Ignore” function is provided to avoid unpleasant candidates. You don’t have to prove or explain anything, just press the button, and you will no longer be bothered.

Loveaholics has a ready-to-talk audience. The site gives you a real opportunity to start communication with a large number of users through correspondence in 1 day. From regular communication, one can determine whether a person look for a soul mate or is for entertainment since relations with a real person are not satisfied. No need to be a super psychologist. It is enough to correspond with a person for a couple of days to understand his or her real intentions.

Thanks to Loveaholics, a distance will not become an obstacle to relationships. It rather will turn into an incentive to strengthen them. If your acquaintance began on the global Web, it only opens the door to further relationships. Whether the relationship ends with a wedding ring or a sad ending is up to you!

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How Does Loveaholics work?

One day you will want to try Loveaholics, but you would like to get acquainted with the process of the site’s work. In order not to torment yourself with guesses and superficial information, you can find out how this happens.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the site itself. Think about whether you are configured to dating online. Next, read the terms of use of this site. If you accept all the rules, then you can proceed to registration.

Registration is an integral process in dating sites when you need to prove yourself as a real person. After receiving the activation letter, you can easily and confidently use the services from Loveaholics.

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the profile of girls absolutely free. Thus, you can decide which girl you can chat with.

Next is the process of communication with a virtual partner. You can pay for additional services, including video calls. The use of various flirting tools, such as winks and emoticons are also free.

How to Sign Up on Loveaholics?

The Loveaholics log in process may take some time. It all depends on how long the verification will take. First, enter the site and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. In the window, you will see empty fields with the requested information. Please note that when entering personal information (a name, surname, gender, age, and nationality, you must specify the data correctly. The slightest mistake can complicate the registration process. As a result, it will be impossible to activate the profile. At the end of this process, you need to receive an email with the link to activate the profile. You follow the link and complete the registration.

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Services offered from Loveaholics

Any user is offered access to the available services that make the site work efficiently. We draw your attention to the fact that most of the services are paid on the site. Numerous flirting tools, registration, and browsing profiles of beautiful girls and gentlemen are free.

  • Live chat;
  • Available correspondence via mail;
  • Video call;
  • Feedback form;
  • Professional online customer support;
  • Using emoticons and greetings as additional communication tools
  • Search options;
  • Blacklist for unwanted candidates;
  • Favorite list.

Loveaholics Search Parameters

To find a partner quickly, you no longer have to spend many hours browsing all profiles. Loveaholics offers an option to set the search parameters by which you independently select the criteria of the interlocutor. Suppose you want a tanned Slavic girl or an attractive slim Asian woman. A list of desired candidates comes open to you.

What is Loveaholics Profile Quality?

Many users are concerned about the question of how to find out that the profile is not fake and how to make a personal profile of high quality. First, take note that unauthorized candidates do not become users. They all undergo verification. Nevertheless, pay attention to the completed questionnaire. If it is sparsely filled and does not carry true information, try to avoid a dubious candidate.

How much Loveaholics Confident?

One way or another, it’s not always possible to make sure that the site is completely guaranteed. Users can be calm because they are as separated as possible from scams and fraud. Moderators do not miss suspicious types that provide poor-quality and inaccurate information. If you don’t have any trouble with an account, do not pass the information along to third parties.

Support Team on Loveaholics

A professional team from Loveaholics solves any user’s issue. If you have any difficulties with registration or any other question of a general or technical character, hurry to contact the multilingual support service.

What Should You Know About Loveaholics Pricing?

Keep in mind that not all services from Loveaholics are free. As soon as you become a Premium user of the site, you will have wider opportunities. For free, you can use chat, communication tools, browse the profile, and contact support.

You can choose a package for 1, 3, or 6 months. A monthly transaction is a prerequisite. To unsubscribe from Loveaholics, the members need to select the “My Settings” button. They can check payment history and then click “Unsubscribe.”

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Loveaholics is a quick and easy way of virtual communication. This dating site has a reputation for good quality and the availability of necessary services. The cost of services can be described as average in price. The site has a huge number of profiles of both sexes, among which you can find a suitable candidate.

Free services include chat, the use of various flirting tools, browsing pages, viewing photos in full size, sharing files, registering.

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