MegaFuckBook Review – Everything About Hookups Online

MegaFuckBook has not been around a long time, but it has already gained a lot of popularity within the casual dating community and managed to attract an impressive number of horny adults alike! It is a great online destination for everyone who values their time and wants to get laid quickly and simply to have fun. MegaFuckBook is effective and exciting, so buckle up and enjoy the adventure!

Pros And Cons

Pros Of MegaFuckBook Dating Site:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Free registration
  • Wide range of features
  • Great community
  • Lots of active members around the world
  • A search tool is available
  • Secure transactions

Cons Of MegaFuckBook Dating Site:

  • Messaging is a paid feature At A Glance

  • Best for: Horny adults interested in hookups in real life and virtually
  • Where: Internationally, the USA
  • Favorite features: My Connections, XXX videos main page

What Is MegaFuckBook?

It will only be fair to begin this review of defining the service that this review is going to talk about in detail. MegaFuckBook is an only dating platform that is oriented on catering to the needs of horny adults from around the world. Unlike a lot of regular online dating sites, MegaFuckBook is focused on ensuring you find your pleasure among the kinky individuals of MegaFuckBook and have a great sensual experience instead of promising you to find your destiny online.

At the same time, however, the truth about MegaFuckBook is such that if you are interested in finding a serious long-term relationship with someone who would share your kinks and fetishes, you can easily do so on the service! reviews on the internet reveal that the platform attracts all kinds of adults with various intentions – while some want to secure a hookup, others are more fundamental and are seeking a partner to have a dom-sub BDSM relationship. In fact, the main attraction of the website is decoded in the diversity of the aforementioned platform – it welcomes all an everybody (as long as they are of legal age, of course! The website is majorly NSFW).

By ‘all and everybody’, this review means couples, too! Indeed, if you are a sexually adventurous couple, either interested in someone to join you and be the unicorn in your threesome alignment or, alternatively, seeking other likeminded couples to practice swinging, MegaFuckBook will do you justice! Besides, it is very inclusive in terms of the sexuality of its members, too!

Regardless of whether you are straight, gay, bi, or transgender, you can find people for hooking up on it. Even if you are into a bit spicier encounters that require discretion (or instance, if you are married), MegaFuckBook provides you with an opportunity to act on your naughty desires.

This is exactly what numerous MegaFuckBook dating site reviews highlight as one of the service’s strongest virtues – it is extremely popular within the adult dating community and, therefore, has a pretty impressive user base. Despite being a fairly new platform, it has already managed to attract a lot of people and made a solid name in the industry.

Originally created as a platform for American adults to secure hookups on, it has since expanded to be a truly international hookup website. It allows you to search members close to you so that you could meet up and have a steamy night together!

However, if you are more interested in pleasuring yourself virtually, you can find a partner to sext, exchange hot photos or watch live cams – MegaFuckBook is genuinely mega when it comes to the variety of options available to its users!

How Does MegaFuckBook Work?

MegaFuckBook definitely lives up to its name with all the cool features the website offers to its members. It will only be fair for this review to talk in much more detail about what exactly you can expect to happen on the service and how to use all the features to your advantage and get laid! Is MegaFuckBook good? It surely is!

The first thing this review needs to outline is the fact that it is very unlikely that you will need an instruction to work your way around MegaFuckBook. The reason for that is the fact that it is extremely well-designed with a clear outlay and a user-friendly interface. This means you can intuitively tell which buttons do what and find your way to the feature that interests you in no time at all. MegaFuckBook team put a lot of effort into ensuring you have the best experience possible.

For the same reason, they also made it compulsory to register on the platform before you can access any of the features. They understand how important it is for the members to remain safe and somewhat private. The sit does everything possible to ensure that the vibe is sultry and sexy, with no randomers to ruin the atmosphere. MegaFuckBook team finds it essential to give its users the freedom they need to let their sexy naughty inner side out and secure the hookup! If this is what you want, too, the review recommends you sign up to the platform.

As soon as you do and complete your first MegaFuckBook log in, you may start exploring the inner workings of the platform. And there is a lot to explore! For your convenience, at the very front page of the service, you can see profiles of other members sorted into different categories. Some of the most interesting ones include:

  • hottest profiles;
  • newest members;
  • newest photo uploads;
  • newest video uploads.
MegaFuckbook hottest profiles

There are always plenty of high-quality profiles to choose from so you can start your naughty journey from there. However, if you want a 1 to 100 in under a second experience, go straight into the live cams section. Just like this review already mentioned, MegaFuckBook has a little something for everybody. So, if you are a fan of exciting naughty videos, you will definitely love those!

At the same time, if you are interested in more personally engaging things to do, you should communicate with other members. Regardless of whether you are looking to secure a real-life arrangement or simply want to sext online, MegaFuckBook made sure you have a lot of ways to do that. Some of the most popular means of communication provided by MegaFuckBook include:

  • Kinky group chats. You can mingle with like-minded individuals sharing the same kinks and fetishes as you and discuss what makes you turned on!
  • Winks and flirts. The free and foolproof way of expressing your interest in someone. These are unlimited and definitely get the message through.
  • Private messages. Although messaging is a paid feature on MegaFuckBook, this review recommends you get it so that your experience was top-notch.
  • Emails. If you want to engage in some role-play or attach media files, you will love the inbuilt email feature!

Sign Up

The next point for this MegaFuckBook review to cover is the signup process. As promised earlier in the review, we will go into detail so that you would know exactly how easy it is! In fact, the registration process on MegaFuckBook is super straightforward. On the landing page of the website, it says sign up will only remain open for free a certain amount of time, but in reality, it is absolutely free at all times!

If you want to join MegaFuckBook, you simply need to go through the few registration steps and provide some basic information about who you are, what turn you on, and who you are seeking:

  • A nickname
  • A password
  • A valid email address
  • Date of birth
  • Your profile headline
  • Tell more about yourself.
  • Marital status (single, swinger, divorced, married)
  • Body type

Some reviews say the signup questionnaire of MegaFuckBook is a bit more elaborate than what its competitors ask for. However, this is exactly what makes MegaFuckBook so great! It gets it all down and gives you the most compatible match. Good sex only!

MegaFuckbook registration

Search & Profile Quality

As said in the review above, MegaFuckBook tries to understand you as a person and learn your kinks and fetishes. By giving you all those spaces to use to your advantage and fill out with relevant information, MegaFuckBook ensures the quality of the profiles on the site is high. Indeed, you can find out so much about whether you would have chemistry in bed with the person on the page in front of you or not simply by looking at their profile info. Besides, a large part of all MegaFuckBook profiles has naughty pictures so you can have a great time viewing those, too!

If you want to filter our matches in accordance with your preferences and see only the members who have the same sex drive as you do, you can do so by turning to the search tool for help. This feature is accessible to all members of MegaFuckBook and enables them to narrow down their search results to the preferred specifics.


The review has already talked about the necessity of MegaFuckBook being safe. Therefore, admins of the site do everything possible to create a safe adult dating environment. The main reason for the website’s popularity is how liberating it is and how much freedom it provides. It was made possible thanks to a team of attentive moderators who make sure everyone on the site is respectful.

On top of that, your billing information is secure on MegaFuckBook, too! The site employs the latest encryption systems to make sure all the transactions are secure.

Help & Support

If you want to solve an issue o simply have a suggestion in regards to the website’s functionality, you can reach out to the support team. It is there to help you out and be your reliable guide throughout your MegaFuckBook journey!


  • Trial period (3 days) – $2.97
  • Basic (30 days) – $29.95
  • Classic (60 days) – $74.85
  • Gold (180 days) – $119.70


MegaFuckBook definitely lives up to its name – it has mega options for getting laid. It is foolproof and has high success rates, so if you are desperately looking to get laid and have some sexy fun with attractive, open-minded individuals, MegaFuckBook is the choice for you. With the wide variety of different features the site offers to its members, this review believes you will get lucky quickly!

MegaFuckbook live cams


Is MegaFuckBook Free To Use?

The review mentioned the fact that MegaFuckBook is generous with free features, but some are paid.

Is MegaFuckBook Legit?

Indeed, MegaFuckBook is a legit website that provides real naughty experiences to its members.

Can I Sign Up To MegaFuckBook?

The review covered the registration process and talked about how simple it is. All you need to do is share some basic information and be over 18!

Is MegaFuckBook Safe?

As mentioned in the review, the site moderators are working hard to make MegaFuckBook a safe dating environment.

Can I Stay Anonymous On MegaFuckBook?

Absolutely. You can come up with a fun nickname and have the anonymity flare to you.

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