What Is The Secret Of MenChats Popularity?

Nowadays, dating platforms are incredibly widespread, and it is for a reason. Speaking about platforms for gay and bisexual men, such online dating services are popular as well, providing nice opportunities for gay and bisexual men to connect, find hookups, and enjoy dating online while taking care of their mental and physical health: on a reliable gay dating site, all profiles are verified. MenChats.com reviews say it is a reliable web page for Internet dating. 

Number of users registered on the site1.8 million
Free registration available?Yes
Price of plan registrationN/A
Duration of the site’s existence10 years
Customer satisfaction rating (out of 5)4.5
Availability of a mobile applicationNo
Average number of daily active users60,000
Number of chat rooms available400
Languages supportedEnglish, Spanish, German
Daily messages exchanged800,000

It is an excellent chance to make the process of looking for a partner much easier. A chat room is the main instrument of communication on this dating website. Another great thing about this particular service is that it allows exchanging photos! You can send about eighteen photos when chatting in this gay and bisexual community. It is an extremely user-friendly Internet site, so you will definitely enjoy using this gay community.

Menchats main page

You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of members on this dating Internet site as well. 

Here, you can go for line chatting, find quality matches while communicating, and, of course, avoid fake profiles (although this online dating platform is a reliable one, you must be careful). 

The Internet site has pretty high speed and full control over a webcam channel. The number of active users is impressive as well: here, gays are open-minded and not shy at all: they like showing their bodies and sharing erotic fantasies.

Here is a table that will help you better understand who is waiting for you there.

Cam chat modelsAverage number on a day offShare of the total number of models, %
Gay men 18-3067860.1%
Gay men 30-4541220.5%
Gay couples 44019.4%

How does MenChats work? Is MenChats good? Let’s try to find it out together in our review of MenChats. Keep reading and find all you need in our menchats review.

Advantages of Online Dating Sites

MensChat video chats are incredibly attractive, that’s for sure. But having fun together with other gays on the dating Internet site is not the only thing you get by using this dating Internet site. Reviews say using this Internet site has a huge number of other advantages. 

  1. You can start dating anytime and anywhere. It is enough to have a smartphone and Internet access. Due to the fact that you do not have to get acquainted in reality, with the help of popular dating sites, you significantly save your time.
  2. Large selection of candidates. Each user of a dating Internet site can create their own request to choose the right woman or man. As a rule, it is enough to enter parameters, after which the site will offer possible interlocutors. But on MenChats, things are a little bit different: here, the only way to connect is via chats, which is no less interesting and exciting.
  3. You can meet people not only in your city but also in other cities and even countries.
  4. It’s quite simple and easy to get acquainted using this text chat portal. Believe us; it’s easier to write “Hello, how are you” online than to approach a man at the bus stop, which may result in nothing. After you unlock your potential, you can go on a date (if both you and your partner are ready for it). Anyway, you’ll be somewhat prepared for it.
  5. Just stop communicating via text chat if you realize that you won’t meet a person. You won’t have to go through traumatic break-ups, which is also a plus.

Based on these advantages, an increasing number of citizens register on dating sites and successfully look for relationships using them. This portal is also suitable for those looking for a sugar daddy. 

Menchats create account

An Overview of the Platform for Gay and Bisexual Men

Is MenChats legit? Is MenChats safe? Let’s try to figure everything out! MenChats dating site is indeed one of the best options you can try. If you are looking for a reliable chat room, it may be difficult, but MenChats reviews say this Internet site is a real treasure. 

The main benefit of chat rooms on a sugar daddy site is that they are not focused on boring biographies, and there are no fake photos or other misleading things. People come here to get pleasure. If you are looking for complete anonymity, it is possible as well. 

MenChats is a perfect place to enjoy complete anonymity while communicating with hot gays. You will find lots of erotic and explicit content here. So, if you are not ready for it, you’d better not come here. 

We haven’t informed you yet about one of the most attractive features of the Internet site: it is completely free! Here, you can meet handsome men without paying a penny. The only thing you need to start communicating is the username. 

Try to select the username for a sugar daddy site that reflects your personality, preferences, and what you are looking for. Don’t go for “John, 32”: it won’t tell other users a thing about you. You must understand this dating site is not the best option for finding partners for serious relationships. But if you are looking for a casual hookup, it is exactly the place. 

MenChats absolutely free

Design and Usability of the Dating Internet Site

MenChats reviews say that MenChats video chat is one of the best on the market in terms of usability and site active audience. Once you open the page, you will see the starting page with two possibilities: you can enter as a guest or go through the registration. Actually, it does not really matter what you choose, as both options offer about the same. Using the platform is incredibly easy. You can enter chats you like, enable or disable your camera, etc. 

Having joined the Internet site, you will see lots of chats on the left side of the screen. On the right side, gays online are shown. You can choose any of them: click on the photo and take a more detailed look at a particular user’s profile. There, you will find information about the user’s gender, location, name, and age. It is also possible to ask a person for a private chat or even call. If there are reasons to believe the member is a fake, you can easily report any profile. 

When it comes to joining a chat room on an Internet site, you can choose any. It is also possible to create a room for online dating yourself. The room page for online dating includes the following information: room name, number of users, etc. To become a participant in a chat room, you simply need to click on the Join Now button. You can also try to contact members via an e mail but it is much more complicated. 

Discovering the Members

Finding a gay partner in the same local mall (the same one where you meet business partners) is not an easy task. As a rule, sites like MenChats offer diverse search filters that can help find soulmates or simply sex partners. But it is not the case with MenChats.com. MensChats webcam platform makes it possible for users to find each other via chatting exclusively. There are no complicated matchmaking algorithms you can utilize: everything happens via real communication, which is actually a plus, as it reduces the possibility of fakes almost to zero. 

A great way to find other users is to choose topic-oriented chat rooms: there, your chances to find like-minded individuals go sky-high. It is possible to “whisper” to the user you like, make a call, etc. (we have mentioned communication options already). There is also a separate category of chat rooms called Hot Now: they usually focus on more general topics, so every user can find something interesting there. 

MenChats chat


If you are too shy to start communicating via video chats immediately, you can go for a standard text messaging option. Indeed, using chats is much spicier, but text communication also has some advantages. If you want to utilize a video chat, all you have to do is to activate your camera and microphone, and voila: you can start communicating with hot strangers immediately!

But these two options are not the only ones you can utilize: there are several really interesting ones. They include private messaging, adding people to your contacts, and so-called “whispering.” Here is the algorithm of actions on how to start communicating:

  1. Choose a chat room you like and join it. As we have mentioned, all you have to do is to click on the “Join Now” button. Reviews say it is pretty easy to understand how to start.
  2. Start communication. At this point, all your messages are visible to all chat members. Everything is simple: there is a field to type your message in. After this, you simply click “Send,” and that’s it.
  3. If you wish, you can start a private chat with the person you like most. Just select a user, click on the username, and choose to select a private chat with him. A person may agree or disagree. 

It is also possible to send a message to a group chat member that would be visible to this person exclusively. This function is called Whisper. If you use it, only you and your interlocutor will see the message.

How We Evaluated MenChats 

Over the years, we have created an accurate system that helps us analyze any dating website. Our reviews are based on specific criteria we always stick to. We find these factors essential in ensuring a nice user experience. Here is what we think about MenChats. 

Design and interface4.8
Profile quality4.0
Security and support 4.8

Instructions for Choosing the Best Online Dating Services

MenChats dating website reviews say people spend lots of time looking for a suitable service to satisfy their needs and often run into unreliable platforms. So, we have decided to help you with it and provide some helpful recommendations on how to choose a dating site successfully. 

Before going through the registration procedure on a dating site, it is important to understand your goal. So, many people visit dating sites to do some of the following:

  • Find serious acquaintances.
  • Choose a partner for relationships without obligation.
  • Get acquainted for entertainment, friendship, or sex.

The portal where you start your search will also depend on the purpose of dating. The search will be more successful if you immediately know what you want.

MenChats video chat

If you know what you want to get from communicating with the opposite sex, it is important to choose the best site. To do this, we recommend doing the following:

  • Study reviews of dating sites and recommendations on third-party portals. Various forums, chats, and social networks will help you. On such sites, you can find out how good the choice of partners is, whether there are scammers, paid or free. It is impossible to cancel customer reviews, so remember to take a look at those when looking for a service membership. 
  • Evaluate your material capabilities correctly. The functionality of many dating portals is paid. To increase the popularity of your profile or bring yourself to the top, you will have to pay. Even though almost all sites have free registration and correspondence, sometimes you have to spend money (for example, giving virtual gifts). But if you find a completely free dating site (like MenChats), you are a lucky one!
  • Age of the site. You should register only on sites with “history.” This way, you can protect yourself from scammers.
  • Live audience (active users) on the site. The more people are registered on the portal, the more likely you are to find a like-minded person.
  • Availability of support service. It is mandatory! Customer support service is responsible for solving problems related to site operation. The administration of the virtual dating portal should come to the aid of its users.
  • Interface design and convenience. It should be convenient and easy for you to look for a soulmate.
  • Availability of a mobile application. Due to the fact that it is not always convenient to respond to requests through a computer, the smartphone is a great helper. Each trustworthy dating site must have a mobile phone application.

As a result, choosing a great site for a serious relationship is not an easy task. It is important to assess all the nuances so that the search leads to a really worthwhile result. Nobody can cancel customer reviews, so your first task is to take a look at those if you are interested in a service membership. If you have tried a service yourself, feel free to submit your review. 

Popularity and Reputation

The gay MenChats platform offers its users literally everything they can wish. MenChats mobile app is not available for now (every menchats review highlights it), but the website perfectly adapts to all screens. 

As we have mentioned, MenChats free website does not have paid services; that’s why it is insanely popular nowadays. 

The reputation of the platform is pretty good: the majority of user reviews are positive.

MenChats – Is It Worth It? Top Benefits + User Review

MenChats is a great site you must definitely try: every menchats review underlines it! Numerous advantages of MenChats com show it vividly:

  1. The platform is completely free.
  2. It is incredibly popular among gays and bisexuals.
  3. People of all races, genders and sexual preferences are respected here. 
  4. If you wish, you can register, but it is not an essential step. 
  5. Excellent quality of video dating.
  6. Every menchats review says is really user-friendly and easy to use. 
  7. Reviews underline that the interface is multilingual, which is really convenient.
  8. The chatting options on MenChats are great. 
MenChats chatting

Let’s now take a look at what users say.

“I’ve been looking for a gay chat site for a while. My ex-partner recommended me MenChats. Guys, I adore this particular service! It is so easy to use! And I’m glad to announce I managed to find a partner with the help of MenChats! Here, I experienced more real life schedules than other platforms can provide.”

William, 34


Understandably, we couldn’t but mention the cost in our MenChats.com review. As we have already mentioned, the MenChats platform is completely free! All the services this platform offers can be enjoyed by all users without having to spend a penny. But get ready to run into advertising often: it is the only way for the MenChats platform to earn money.

Free services offered on MenChats include (according to reviews):

  • Registering an account.
  • Joining the platform as a guest.
  • Exchanging messages via text chats or video chats.
  • Joining any chat rooms you like.
  • Sending private messages.
  • Sending “whispers.”
  • Adding all members yo your contact list.

There are no paid services on the platform.

User Interview

We interviewed a MenChats member to learn his opinion about the platform.

– Did you manage to find a virtual/real sex partner when using MenChats?

– I did! 

– Can you tell me more about it?

– I was rather skeptical when I started using the site: I had poor experience before. First, I found several partners for virtual sex. But several months later, I met Stephen. He understands all my needs, and I can proudly say we are a couple now.

– Thank you for sharing your story!

20 Best Gay Dating Apps (in 2022)


Online dating sites are numerous nowadays; that’s the truth. If you are looking for reliable online dating services, you must try MenChats internet dating. It is a perfect choice for gays and bisexual men: there are private chats and video chat rooms, so this dating platform will help you find a life partner (or even business partners) among numerous site users easily. This incredible website has a helpful support team that makes internet dating painless. It is a great chance to diversify your sex life. 

To gain access to this chat platform (in particular, to online and available dialogues), you don’t even have to go through the registration process. Indeed, many online dating services do not offer such an option, but on this incredible website, the signup process is not required. You can have an extremely fun time by using this great site for finding sexual connections in real life as a guest. It will definitely diversify your sex life.

As you already know, this good dating site is made for people of non-traditional sexual orientation, but different menchats members (with different orientations) can be found with the help of a chat window. Finding quality matches on menchats website may be a little bit more difficult compared to other online dating sites, but numerous reviews still show that dating online is possible with this particular web site. 

This web site contributed to the improved sex life of many people. Your sexual orientation is not something to be sorry or ashamed of, and site users will understand and accept you. Another nice feature of this great site is that one can use private chats with video or text (before meeting in real life for real sexual connections) or go for a text chat. If a man is looking for a sugar daddy, it is also a great option. It is one of the best web sites for gays interested in Internet dating. 

Site active audience is impressive as well, which makes Internet dating even easier. In case of any difficulties, you can easily contact a support team always available on a web page. It is possible to submit your review or solve any problems via e mail. No matter where you reside, be it Westlake village California 91361, 338 Westlake village California, 4607 Lakeview canyon rd, you can start dating online easily using this particular service. If you want to proceed to offline dating, remember about your mental and physical health and always use protection!

Updated on Aug 2023

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