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Each of us wants to have a person nearby who will share your hobbies and outlook on life and will love with all heart. Finding a soul mate for people with non-standard views is often very difficult, so many people turn to nudist dating websites for help. These are unique platforms designed specifically to allow people to feel as comfortable as possible and not be shy about their looks.


Best Nudist Dating Sites In 2022

More and more people are becoming nudists. This is a unique philosophy that helps to quickly feel the unity with nature and to feel as free as possible, to accept yourself. Quite often, adherents of such views can meet with condemnation from society, so developers create separate types of nudist dating sites for them.

Today there are a lot of them on the web, so we offer a list of the best nudist websites this year.

Nudist Friends

NudistFriends main page


  • A huge number of subscribers;
  • Has been working for over 12 years;
  • Ideal for meeting like-minded people;
  • Suitable for building real relationships.


  • Provides services not free of charge;
  • Not suitable for casual one-night meetings;
  • No mobile app.

Nudist Friends is one of the most successful nudist dating websites. Over the years, it was able to develop the most comfortable conditions for cooperation, create a huge client base and prove that it is real to meet your love on a dating site.

The monthly subscription is 15.99 USD. If you want, you can take advantage of the free trial period to make sure that the site suits you. In the future, you can subscribe for 3 or 6 months, which will help you save a lot.

True Nudists

True Nudists main page


  • Has a huge number of users;
  • Safe;
  • The search is free;
  • Works practically all over the world.


  • Lots of chatbots.

Among all nude dating websites, True Nudists is one of the most requested and popular. This is because people from all over the world gather here (most of the subscribers are from the USA, Australia, and Canada). The platform has been operating since 2007, continues to develop and grow.

The site has the most simple interface, so you can enjoy spending time here and looking for your love.

Naked Dating Site

Naked Dating Site main page


  • There are no inactive profiles;
  • All profile information is securely protected;
  • Suitable for creating serious relationships and just meeting for one night.
  • No spam.


  • The number of subscribers is less than on other nudist dating sites.

The naked dating site is one of the top 5 platforms for this unusual kind of dating. Unlike other services, it has a rather restrained and beautiful design. In addition, moderators work well on the nudist date website, delete inactive profiles, and make sure that there are no chatbots or scammers. This site cares about its reputation, therefore it offers the best conditions for cooperation.

There are many examples that confirm that it will not be difficult to find your soul mate here.

Nudist Dating

Nudist Dating main page


  • Suitable not only for nudists but also for swingers;
  • Good reliability and security of personal data;
  • Lifetime membership.


  • bad customer support service;
  • The number of users is not large.

Among all naturist dating sites, it is worth highlighting the one presented above as it is also suitable for swingers. If you are a nudist who has already found your soul mate but wants to diversify your sex life, then Nudist dating will be a great solution for you.

The site has a fairly simple and intuitive interface, you can easily find a pair from your region.

Gay Nudist Dating


  • Nude dating site for gays;
  • There is a photo of the nudist show;
  • A huge number of visits per day.


  • Suitable for gay only.

In principle, it can be difficult for gays to find a mate, but if they adhere to the philosophy of nudism, then it becomes almost impossible. To help them find their love, the developers have created a unique naturist dating website. A unique atmosphere has been created here, which allows you to find your soulmate much faster.

The advantage of such a site is that only people who have the same views and sexual orientation are registered here. Everything here is as honest and open as possible.

What Is the Working Principle of a Dating Site for Nudists?

Best nudist dating sites work in much the same way as regular dating agencies. A large number of people come here with a request to find love. To get started, the user must go through a simple registration:

  • Indicate their name (not necessarily real);
  • Email;
  • To upload a photo;
  • Age;
  • If desired, height and weight, hobbies and interests.

Also, at the registration stage, users can indicate their preferences about which partner they are looking for. Most nudist dating sites have a good filter that allows you to find the person who will best suit your requirements.

Free nudist dating site functionality is not much different from the paid ones. Some popular services offer a monthly subscription and instead provide unique services (for example, a translator).

If you liked some profile on the nudist dating website, you can send the person a small gift, message, or just praise photos. As a rule, before meeting in real life, you need to talk a little, get to know each other better, and understand how comfortable you are. This will allow for stronger relationships in the future.

Nudist Dating Sites: Pros and Cons of Such Platforms

Nudist dating websites have several advantages and disadvantages. This is because developers want to make their sites unique and attractive to the user, but it is impossible to do without errors due to some reason.

Most nudist dating websites have the following benefits:

  • Designed specifically for people who like nudism, but other users can register here;
  • Every day a large number of users from all over the planet are registered here;
  • Have a user-friendly interface.

As for the disadvantage, each site has its own. Free nudist dating platforms cannot afford to improve filters and search engines, so they often give out profiles that do not meet your requirements. In addition, there are often problems with the confidentiality of personal data.

As for paid platforms, many nudist singles note that the quality of service here does not always meet the price that the service is asking for. As a result, you pay for those services that you can get for free on another site.

Most sites are linked to the region, therefore, if your country is not in the list of the site, then registration and communication will not be so comfortable, most likely, there will not be many users from your country.

Some Tips On How To Find Love On The Nudist Dating Site

In general, dating a nudist is not much different from meeting other people. Be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to find true love in the first week after registration. However, there are some tips on how to get to know each other on a dating site and build a strong relationship:

  • Answer all questions in the questionnaire – the more a person knows about you, the easier it will be to earn trust, and the faster a conversation will start;
  • Don’t forget to post a photo (it doesn’t matter naked or not);
  • Show initiative if you liked the profile – write messages, send gifts;
  • Try to get to know the person better before meeting in real life;
  • Try to choose people who are close to you;
  • Be honest.

Many users on nude dating sites provide false information to seem better than they are. In the future, the truth, in any case, will be revealed, which can negatively affect the relationship.

If you find someone from another country or region, then there is a possibility that you will not be able to meet in real life, some of you will not want to radically change your life. Quite often, on dating sites, people meet and start a relationship at a distance, they can last for years and rarely end in a wedding.

How To Choose The Right Nudist Dating Site?

Today there are a lot of nudist hook up sites on the network, so it can be quite difficult to choose. Better to start with free platforms that have been around for years. The more a site exists, the more likely it is that it is not a scam.

In addition, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • How many subscribers are on the site now (often, there are many inactive accounts on nudist dating sites, which makes the search more difficult)?
  • How much does a monthly subscription cost?
  • More men or women on the site (ideally, when there are approximately equal numbers of them)?
  • Is there a mobile application?

Most users prefer to visit nudist dating websites from a mobile device, so it is better to give preference to platforms with a dedicated application. This will allow you to correspond at any time and place convenient for you.

Most people are not afraid to pay for dating sites, the question is how much the price matches the quality of the services provided.

Who Can Join Nudist Dating Sites?

Nudist online platforms are available to every Internet user over the age of 18. So, everyone can find a site, forgive the simple registration procedure and use its services.

There are practically no restrictions here. However, it should be borne in mind that some nudist dating sites work only in a certain territory (often the USA, Canada, and Australia), so if you live in a different region, you may have certain problems.


The nudist dating site is a great solution for those who cannot find like-minded people in real life and are tired of being alone. This is the place where adherents of the philosophy of nudism gather to build strong relationships for a long period.

Modern dating sites are very popular, so the number of users here is huge. This allows you to find a soul mate that lives a few steps away from you much faster.

Regardless of which platform you choose, you get the opportunity to meet people who will understand and accept you as you are.

Updated on Jul 2023

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