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Sugar dates are more than just dating for sex. It is about mutual understanding, respect, and emotional connection and assistance, both material and moral. Men can benefit from sugar dates just as much as women can. Sugar daddies and sugar babies have similar needs. Men can benefit from real relationships that they can enjoy and call their own. Women will benefit from finding a man who will take care of them and show them what a luxurious life is. The main question for those who want to find such a relationship is what kind of adult hookup site can give them what they need. 

Luckily we know the answer, and this adult hookup site is Rich Meet Beautiful. In this review, you will learn all the important information about this adult hookup network, namely, how to correctly find matches, how much a premium subscription costs, what unique features are, etc. We will also tell you the truth about Rich Meet Beautiful, so if you want to use this adult hookup site to the fullest, then this article will be useful for you.

1. Total number of registered users1,200,000
2. Free registration available?Yes
3. Price of premium plan registration$49.99 per month
4. Site existenceFounded in 2015
5. Customer satisfaction rating3.8 out of 5
6. Mobile application available?Yes
7. Male-to-female user ratio45% male, 55% female
8. Average age of users28 years
9. Number of successful matches100,000+
10. Average time spent on the site per user3 hours per day
11. Largest user base locationEurope
12. Number of active chat rooms300+
13. User engagement rate70% of registered users are active monthly
14. Average response time of customer supportLess than 48 hours
15. Number of verified profiles65% of profiles are verified

About Rich Meet Beautiful 

What is RichMeetBeautiful.com? This is the #1 adult dating site that matches hot singles with beautiful singles who want to have a relationship or have sexy dates. Want to find attractive singles, beautiful sugar mommas, or successful daddies? You are at the right place. RichMeetBeautiful.com is just a sexy date, sex hookup, or marriage-minded adults-only dating site. Richmeetbeautiful.com is the best single adults dating site to meet beautiful singles for no-strings-attached dating and relationships in over 45 countries.

As many Rich Meet Beautiful reviews note, this great adult hookup site was able to show that, based on their initial appearance, females who have been rated as physically attractive in photographs by other members are more likely to receive a rating from a new member in the same domain that is more favorable. The results of this adult hookup site demonstrate that a favorable rating by a member of the same sex can potentially act as a surrogate for attractiveness. Additionally, this effect is stronger for females than for males.

RichMeetBeautiful main page

For a male member, a more favorable rating from a female member of the same sex indicates a more significant potential for success in attracting a female. Moreover, this effect appears to be driven by the most physically attractive members in the domain, and it is increase when the attractiveness levels of other members are taken into account. There is still a clear and large effect even after accounting for the most physically attractive members in the domain.

For females, the effect of favorable ratings by males is driven by the most physically attractive members of the domain, and it is stronger when they are physically less attractive. These results indicate that females are not generally aware of the benefits of receiving favorable ratings from members who do not have the same sex.

The results for both sexes demonstrate a strong correlation between a member of the same sex and a favorable rating by another member of the same sex. The extent to which good ratings by members of the same sex can predict favorable ratings from members of the opposite sex also appears to be mediated by physical attractiveness.

Additionally, these results do not indicate that a member who receives favorable ratings from a member of the opposite sex is perceived to be less attractive by that member. On the contrary, the fact that members of the opposite sex are more likely to receive a favorable rating from other members indicates that favorable ratings by members of the same sex are generally perceived to be an indicator of higher desirability by members of the opposite sex.

How Does Rich Meet Beautiful Work?

What is Rich Meet Beautiful? On a basic level, this adult hookup site is a network for people who are seeking companionship. It focuses on users who are looking to meet others in specific locations, and it does so in a fun and friendly way. In order to register with the site, you need to supply a name, an e-mail address, your interests, and your location. You can also customize your profile as you wish, and you’re encouraged to make it as colorful as possible.

After you’ve created your profile, RichMeetBeautiful has two options for users who want to meet other people. The first option is to search within the site for like-minded users. It is also worth noting in this review of Rich Meet Beautiful that this adult hookup site has updated its search technology so that you no longer have to enter additional information for your searches.

You can find users within RichMeeting based on the location of their profiles and on the users’ connections. It’s a simple and effective way to find connections, but there are also plenty of other ways to meet people with similar backgrounds on RichMeetBeautiful. The next option is for you to invite members of the site to join your network. When you invite people, you can tell them what kind of connections you are looking for and where they can be found.

RichMeetBeautiful sugar daddy

Your profile will also be searchable by any members of the network, so it’s easy for people to find you. The site is a safe and secure service that uses anti-spamming technology to prevent people from using false accounts, so you won’t have to worry about fake accounts that could negatively affect your reputation.

The basic Rich Meet Beautiful free services are available for all users, but you’ll be asked to upgrade to a paid membership if you want to receive premium features. While you don’t have to pay for a premium membership, you can get additional benefits if you do pay to become a Rich Meet Beautiful member.

For example, you can pay for additional friends to be added to your network. You can also choose the number of days for which you will receive notifications about any new connections. Premium members can also opt to have one-on-one conversations with members within their network, and they can have these conversations in a private e-mail rather than on the site itself.

Premium membership also gives you the option to have access to other social networks, like Facebook. Premium rich men can share photos and messages with beautiful sugar babes, they can receive notifications about events they may have been invited to, and can read messages and posts written by other members.

Rich Meet Beautiful dating website is part of the company behind EliteMeetsBeauty Ltd, so any features available through the site are in addition to the features available on other networking sites of this reliable company. The ability to search for and connect with other people on the site is a unique offering, however. There are plenty of other sites that enable users to do this, so the service has developed an edge in the space by enabling people to do this through a single service. Another useful feature on the site is the ability to chat with other users in real-time. Although there are many sites that allow you to do this, Rich Meet Beautiful’s chat functionality is easy to use, and it’s not overly cluttered.

How to Sign-up on Rich Meet Beautiful?

Rich Meet Beautiful sign up takes only a few minutes, and you’ll be browsing through profiles of eligible, affluent men or attractive, sexy females who want to date you and fulfill all of your desires and wildest fantasies. These adult hookup sites give the golden connection for the Rich and Beautiful to meet and discover the benefits they may provide for each other. To create your Rich Meet Beautiful account, simply fill out the following needed fields:

  • I am (a man/woman)
  • Interested in(men/women/both);
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Birthday

Next, click the “Continue” button. By continuing, you are confirming that you’ve read and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy policy, and Cookie Policy.

RichMeetBeautiful create account

What About Design and Usability?

Immediately after the first Rich Meet Beautiful log in, it becomes clear that the designers and programmers of the site understood how to make its design and usability even more effective. The first thing we see is black text on white and gold backgrounds and it’s worth noting that it looks damn cool. Second, there are several sections on the page. One for content and one for action. It’s worth pointing out in this RichMeetBeautiful.com review that this design idea seems to be quite effective. Thanks to this, the content is easy to understand and attracts readers. In addition, calls to action are immediately visible. All sections are quite large, but in moderation, so no time is wasted because users intuitively and quickly find the desired section.

Is Rich Meet Beautiful good? There is a lot of useful text on each page. As a result, those Rich Meet Beautiful users who want to take a break from searching for matches on this adult hookup site can read blogs, real user reviews, and tons of other information, which is what this adult hookup site has it all so that they want to use again and again.

How to Find Matches on Rich Meet Beautiful?

Rich Meet Beautiful dating site is one of the best out there for making real matches. As its name implies, it’s an exclusive social site for people in search of a millionaire or billionaire mates. These men and women on the site are successful in business or finance, law, medicine, and more. On the website, you can find a millionaire or a billionaire’s dream girl or boy — and perhaps something more.

When seeking a match on the Rich Meet Beautiful site, you’ll find lots of useful tools. You can browse profiles of men and women from within the site. You can browse profiles on your desktop, your phone, or your tablet. You can also make matches that way. You can also use other features to get to know a potential mate better before you meet. There are online chats, text messages, etc. If you’re ready to try the Rich Meet Beautiful app, you’ll want to check out the sign-up process. You’ll find it simple to register and take the first step toward finding a mate. After you’ve registered, you’ll find a rich and beautiful dating site that you can use to find a match.

RichMeetBeautiful sugar mama

Pros and Cons


  • Free sign-up;
  • SSL security;
  • Excellent reputation;
  • Easy-to-use.


  • Expensive.


Free Features in Rich Meet Beautiful 

  • 5 messages per day;
  • Photo rating;
  • Reading blogs;
  • See who is watching me.

Paid Features in Rich Meet Beautiful

  • Unlimited messaging;
  • VIP support;
  • Raising the profile to the top. 

Safety and Security

This is the most crucial element that makes the software so secure to use. The app is really safe and secure. All of the information you enter on your profile will be carefully safeguarded utilizing cutting-edge technology.

RichMeetBeautiful testimonials

Is Rich Meet Beautiful Expensive or Cheap?

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Basic1 Month$69.99 $69.99 
Premium Bronze3 Months$59.99 $179.97 
Premium Gold6 Months$49.99 $299.94 
Premium Platinum12 Months$39.99 $479.88 
Updated on Aug 2023

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