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EasySex dating network presents itself as not a regular dating site. If you want serious relationships, the platform may not have the right person. Yet, if you need to relax from responsibilities and obligations, you may find EasySex quite useful. Read the review and find out what the site can offer.

What Is EasySex?

EasySex is a dating site for people who love sex. Having the same structure as an ordinary network for relationships, this platform allows you to find a perfect match that fits your sexual preferences. The website has its’ door open to anyone above 18 regardless of sexual orientation and place of origin. EasySex reviews show that the dating site supports any type of connection between people, so you may even try to find a full-time partner.

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First Impression About EasySex.com

The short EasySex review shows that a website is a great place for people who wants to get laid without wasting time on dating and long conversations. It has a simple and intuitive design, and photos of naughty girls as the best decoration. The website is focused on members from the US. Many women are very initiative on the site, and while browsing and doing a review, you won’t find many inactive profiles. All the daters chase the same purpose as you do, and all the sexy ladies from your region are good to go any time.

How Does EasySex Work?

Using the dating website has three steps:

  1. Free registration
  2. Providing information in your profile
  3. Browsing partners for sex
  4. Making a contact

Before you create an account, the EasySex dating site would like to review some information about you and what you are looking for. You’ll get 5 minutes to answer the questions about your preferences, provide an original username and email. No worries if you lack time! The system allows starting all over again after the page reload. When all the necessary information is provided, accept terms and conditions, and go forward with the sex hunt.

Right before you start to review hot ladies on EasySex, you’ll see the sales page where you can buy free membership. All the conditions and privileges are indicated right at the page. Newcomers can skip this step by clicking the website’s logo or homepage. The website is easy to review and navigate. On your home page, you’ll see the profiles of the women from the area you’ve indicated during the registration and other people below. Yet, if you want to review the ladies’ profiles and text them, consider ordering free membership.

How To Become A Member Of EasySex?

The registration on the site is intuitive and quick, so you won’t have to spend much time trying to figure out how it works. Let’s review it.

Once you open EasySex.com, the system automatically determines your location and shows how many members are found nearby. Don’t get too excited right away; that number includes both men and women! At least divide this figure by half to learn what is the real number of the girls. The system review will ask five questions about your sexual preferences. Then, you’ll have to create a user name and indicate your email. You should check your mailbox and follows the provided link to confirm the profile creation. Later, you’ll be able to EasySex log in with your email address and password.

The site has a user-friendly arrangement of the categories from the right side. They are the following:

  • Local Matches. This tab shows the women who are currently in your area;
  • Who’s on Cam. Using this section, you may have immediate online sex;
  • Members Video. Here you can review users’ adult videos;
  • Hottest Members. This category has subsections with the hottest men, women, couples, and gay members;
  • New Members. Fresh meat appears here;
  • My Friends. In this tab, you’ll have quick access to people you stay in touch with;
  • Hookup forum. This section allows the daters to discuss sexual topics.

Is EasySex good with such search options? Traditional dating sites have other categorizations, which help to review the matches with the same hobbies, education, etc. Such an approach doesn’t work on a hookup site because there’s no point in examining people’s individuality as long as they are good and available to get laid with. Besides, the website has an ordinary search bar. You can use it to find a particular user.

The Profiles Review

EasySex is a popular hookup website; thus, there are users from almost all the US corners. The negative thing is that the number of men is prevailing, which is rather a rule on adult dating sites. However, EasySex has balanced this disproportion by allowing women to use the network free of charge. Most of the girls look great. It may seem that attractive members are hidden only in the section “Hottest Members.” In fact, you’ll find absolutely astonishing girls who, for some reason, weren’t included in “the hottest” list. So, EasySex dating site reviews prove that profile quality deserves a high score.

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Is EasySex Safe?

Customers’ data protection is what EasySex can be proud of. The users need a reliable level of data security since none wants his or her private information to be disclosed. The website uses SSL-encryption and other tools of web protection; thus, the data leakage or interception has never happened to EasySex. Thus, you may create your profile without safety concerns.

Help And Support

EasySex helps users review and solve their issues by email. It’s convenient to send your question to the administration via the section “Customer Support,” which is in the panel from the right side. Yet, you can find out the truth about EasySex by reading other chapters in the Customer Support tab. There is written how data is protected, and the privacy policy of the dating site. Use FAQs on EasySex.com to avoid waiting for a response from admins. It contains information about the most widespread problems.

Subscription Plan

EasySex review has shown that there is a convenient subscription plan, which opens all the functions to the sex seekers. The users don’t have to figure out how to extend their membership, because the dating site redirects them to the payment form automatically. The price of the monthly subscription doesn’t exceed the cost of a dinner with a lady, which makes it one of the most affordable hookups dating sites.

Pros & Cons


There are many things about EasySex that every user can review and distinguish. First and most obvious, it is the right place to go for hookups. It’s easy and convenient to find sex options whatever your preferences are. The search options are easy to use, and they provide quite interesting daters grouping. Besides, it’s not like you can only hunt the potential partner; there are many other options to review on how to spend time on the dating site. Hot videos, webcam communications, tips, discussions will entertain you in between chats.


The biggest disadvantage of EasySex.com is that you have to be super cautious with it. Given the specific nature of the site, you may need to hide it from prying eyes. Keep in mind, right after you have answered the pre-registration questions, the site will redirect you to the purchase page. On the page, the saleswoman, a hot blond girl in bikini, tells you about the purchase terms right away. If the sound on your computer is not turned off, the surrounding people will hear that you review a hook-up website.

To Sum Up

EasySex is great for people who need easy sex with no responsibilities. It contains a lot of erotic content, webcam communication option, and members from almost any corner of the US. It’s easy to navigate the dating site and search for potential partners. The price of using dating services is quite affordable. Besides, EasySex offers free membership.

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What is EasySex?

EasySex is a tool that can help you find a partner for sex quickly and smoothly. In addition, it’s a good platform to have a nice time with other members, watch erotic videos, and learn something new about sex.

How Does EasySex Work?

EasySex is a social network, so you need to create a profile, check other users, and interact with them. Besides, EasySex.com has other features, like members’ videos, a blog, and a forum, where users can discuss sexual topics.

Is EasySex Legit?

EasySex is a legit dating site with a narrow focus. It provides services of introducing people to others within the USA and several other countries. However, since EasySex has adult content and promotes sexual interaction, people below 18 are forbidden to enter.

Are There Scams On EasySex?

EasySex.com does not oblige users to prove their identity. Thus, there may be some dishonest people registered on the site. Yet, you have all means to stay safe. Be rational, and do not send money to other members.

Is EasySex Free?

The website has a row of free services, which includes registration and browsing. The users are to subscribe to enable communication and viewing features. The ladies are allowed to text for free in order to avoid gender imbalance, which is common on dating sites with erotic focus.

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