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In the year 2022, you will not surprise anyone with the fact that you find your love online. People start their relationships online and with this matter, they draw their attention to the special dating services. These hookup platforms provide you with tools that help you to find your couple. However, sometimes it may become challenging to find a good hookup platform. People may get lost among dozens and sometimes hundreds of different dating apps. You may ask, is there a famous, trusted, and at the same time reliable hookup dating platform? And we definitely can say yes to this question, since in the year 2014 have been founded Happn.com. There are many interesting facts about this hookup platform:

  • Founded in 2014, and for a short time company become popular around the world
  • A growing community of satisfied users
  • Ability to download the mobile app on both IOS and Android
  • The application has 50 million active users at the current moment

There are dozens of positive Happn.com reviews. However, let’s find out the truth about Happn dating app. If you’re ready, let’s start our journey together and find out what is Happn hookup dating platform.

Total registered users on the site10 million
Free registration availabilityYes
Price of premium plan registration$24.99/month
Years of existence6 years
Customer satisfaction rate90%
Availability of mobile applicationYes
Average daily active users500,000
Number of successful matches4.2 million
Average time spent on the site per session25 minutes
Top countries with the most registered usersFrance, United States, Brazil

About Happn

Paid or freeA limited free version on the website and the ability to buy a paid membership in the mobile version
Average sign-up timeWe hasten to assure you that Happn sign up will not take a lot of your time. You can go through a fast registration tutorial in just 5 minutes. After a fast quiz, you will be inside the application
Paid membership pricingThere are a lot of different plans in the Happn. You can choose the most convenient plan for you. The price depends on what period of time you are subscribing. Subscription for an annual plan for Happn users will cost $10 for a month. In case you want to try a program for one month it’ll cost you around $24
RatesFrom 20$ a month

How Does Happn Work?

The site’s principle is really simple. It’s based on your location since the program automatically looks for people who are around you. It will show you the profiles of women and men who will be around you. So you will be able to start chatting immediately. The only thing you need to do to get to the app is just go through a fast registration. After that the app will ask you to put your actual photo and share your location. Do not worry because your current location will always stay private. The app needs it only to find the best possible couples for you. As you may see everything is just that easy and clear. 

Happn main page

How to Sign-Up on Happn?

There are two ways you can go through a registration process on the site. Don’t worry, because the actions required will be similar. The only thing that will differ is whether you will start your registration through your PC or you will download the app directly to your mobile device. In any case, you’ll have to download it to your smartphone since the program was designed especially for smartphones. To sign-up for the hookup platfrom, you’ll have to choose your sex, type an email and come up with a password. And that’s it, after only 3 minutes of fast registration, you will be in your Happn account, impressive isn’t it?

What About Design and Usability?

Happn is a convenient and user-friendly hookup platform. Don’t worry, if you’re a new user. On this platform, everything is logical and intuitive. So even after 5 minutes of use, you will understand everything. However, let’s take a closer look at the site and mobile version. The Happn site will meet you with a nice and friendly interface, however, this version currently does not offer all features of the program. But do not worry, when you will open the app on your device, you will see its full potential and feel all possibilities of the platform.

How to Find Matches on Happn?

After you successfully Happn log in to your account on your mobile device, you can start searching for your love. The Happn app helps you to do this in the most convenient way. Once you get into the app and open the special section, you will see dozens of people on a special Happn map. You will see all people with whom you crossed your paths, or who are just near you. Of course, do not forget that you can adjust the search filters and make the search process even more convenient. Developers of the hookup platform also added the ability to change the age, country, and even the mainland where you can search for your love. 

Happn like and crush

Pros and Cons

Like any application, Happn has its advantages and disadvantages. However, that is the reason why we are making a review of Happn, so you will be able to find out the truth about it. This hookup platform has a lot of things that distinguish it from other similar programs. But there is also something that users would like to change according to other Happn reviews. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of the Happn dating site and find out whether is Happn good or not.


  • Convenient interface. You will not have to lose hours understanding the interface of the app. Everything is simple, so even the newcomers will understand everything from the first time.
  • Reliable company. Happn dating website is a reliable company with a huge experience and impeccable reputation. You can spend all day long searching for bad reviews, but all your attempts will be in vain. The reputation of this company is crystal clear;
  • Thorough verification. Every profile of a Happn member goes through a thorough verification process. Once you get into your profile you can rest assured that you will not chat with fakes, since they are removed from the application as fast as possible.
  • Special service. The hookup platform is not a usual hookup site. You will find hundreds of stories about successful relationships. So, be sure that every person you meet here, will be looking for serious relationships.


  • PC version. The first and the most significant drawback of the program is the absence of a PC version of this app. For a lot of users, it is a significant dealbreaker, because some users really used to have conversations on PC. Sure, you will be able to go through the Happn log-in process on your laptop or PC, but unfortunately, all other features will be unavailable to you. The PC version is provided to users only for signing up, reading the policies, and finding out what is Happn.com.
  • Happn subscription. Let’s be honest and say that a really small part of people loves to pay for services. That’s why a lot of users do not feel satisfied with the fact that they need to pay for using the application. However, it’s a double-edged sword since you pay for receiving the highest level of service.
Happn features

Features of Happn

The features are the most interesting part of any application. The same is the case with the Happn hookup dating platform. This application has dozens of useful functions that will make the life of any user much easier. The dating platform has features that are available in a free version of the app and of course some paid features. Don’t worry, because you can feel free to use the free features because developers do not force users to make paid purchases. However, the Happn review of the app will not be completed in case we do not mention both paid and free features.

Free Features on Happn

  • Matching; You will be able to look through the users’ profiles and send them your sympathies. The app does not limit users of the application in this way, so you can match with people as many times as you want.
  • Limited chatting. Unfortunately, the app does not allow you to chat with people who did not like you back. However, you can solve this by buying some paid features.

Paid Features on Happn 

  • FlashNotes. This feature is one of the most useful paid functions in the app. With the help of FlashNotes, you will be able to draw the attention of the people who you like. The main thing is that there will be no need for you to wait until your sympathy will be reciprocated. What is more important is that members who bought a subscription will receive 10 free FlashNotes every 12 hours.
  • Visible like history. The reason why this feature is so important is that you will be able to see all people who liked you, even if your sympathies did not match. For example, you missed the account of some beautiful girl. But with the help of this paid feature, you will be able to see her in case she likes you.

Safety and Security

Safety of the users is the number one priority for the dating app. The developers of the platform do everything to make sure that the data and profiles of their customers will be in safe hands. Once you register on the app, you can sleep peacefully because your data will never fall into the hands of fraudsters. The hookup platform uses all known and the most reliable means of protection. Also, do not forget that while registering you can use your Google account which has its own protection. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety and reliability of the Happn.

Happn love stories

Is Happn Expensive or Cheap?

Finally, we have gotten close to one of the most intriguing parts of our Happn.com review. For your convenience, we have collected the main existing subscription rates that will help you how much the Happn cost. However, do not rush to get upset, because the hookup platform offers its users affordable prices.

Type of membershipPrice for one monthTotal
Annually $10$119.99

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