Let’s Begin with Hinge Review

Hinge is a famous adult website that was designed to help people find local hookups. Hinge is a novel approach for local men and women to meet others in search of a long-term, happy relationship. According to dozens of Hinge reviews, this great network welcomes anybody searching for any type relationships. Hinge is one of the most popular online hookup sites in the world among sexaholics because it offers a wide range of dating services, the bulk of which are sex hookups and other oddities.

It’s also worth noting that this amazing adult hookup app can help you discover sex dates that work around your schedule. Hinge has a 12-year of successful experience in the online dating industry. With this popular adult app, you pick which dates you wish to meet, from casual encounters to stable relationships. You may select who you date, how you date, and what you want out of an online relationship. This fantastic adult hookup website also has a lot of significant features, which we will explore in this article review. You will also understand the facts and the truth about Hinge, such as its pricing policy, signup process, pros and cons, and other vital things.

About Hinge

  1. Site Name: Hinge;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: plans starting as low as around $7.50 per month;
  4. Unique Hinge Facts and Figures:
  • Founded in 2012 by Justin McLeod;
  • Over 5 million+messages sent per day;
  • Part of the Match Group;
  • A good mix of people seeking sex hookups and other kinks.
Hinge main page

How Does Hinge Work?

What is Hinge and how does it work? Creator and CEO Justin McLeod started Secret Agent Cupid in 2011 as an adult hookup service. The main idea behind this great adult hookup service was to find partners by Sosial Medias. This developed in 2012 into the mobile adult hookup app, which launched in February 2012. The program was designed to be more user-friendly and efficient than its competitors. Match Group, the world-famous leader in the adult dating business, made a large investment in the company in 2017.

This great adult site has received more mentions in The New York Times Weddings section than any other adult hookup app since then. Match Group bought a 51 percent stake in Hinge in June 2018, with an option to buy the remaining shares within a year, becoming a 100 percent owner of the company by the first quarter of 2018. In this review of Hinge, it is also worth noting that the next successful stage in the evolution of this premium adult hookup site happened in 2019 when US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claimed to have met his husband on this great adult site. The same year, the company established Hinge Labs to study successful matches and fine-tune the application’s compatibility algorithm and other features. The hinge was ranked one of the top apps in 2021 by CNET.

This adult hookup service has numerous strong features to make locating sex partners for local hookups even easier. Premium users can choose ad-free mode, see who’s online in real-time, filter by gender, use the app in incognito mode (without revealing their identity), and see who likes them, among other things, for $4.99 per month.

How to Sign-up on Hinge?

What is Hinge.co? High-quality user profiles set this platform apart from other dating applications. To Hinge log in, you must perform a few easy steps, such as:

  • To begin, consider Hinge. Sign up for the site by entering and verifying your mobile phone number or connecting your Facebook account; 
  • Sign up for the site by entering and verifying your mobile phone number or connecting your Facebook account; You may upload photographs from your phone or choose photos from Facebook or Instagram. 
  • This great adult hookup app will then request you to add some tips. Dozens Hinge.co reviews state that this one-of-a-kind platform offers hundreds of photo-matching suggestions, significantly enhancing your chances of finding local hookups and other kinks.

After Hinge sign up process, you’ll be able to start looking for local hookups with the sexiest girls on the internet.

Hinge success stories

What About Design and Usability?

The design and UX of the Hinge site are at the top level. The main mission of this great adult site is to become the first truly modern, intuitive, customizable, and useful adult hookup app. It allows users to create and customize their dating profile; browse through other users’ profiles and matches; and connect with the match(es) that they find most interesting. Another goal of this great adult hookup platform was to make it easy for the user to find matches that they find interesting. The hinge app looks and feels intuitive and simple. It has an interface that is minimalist and clean (since it doesn’t need to have many user controls). The aim is to have as few distracting visual elements on the page as possible so that the user is able to focus their attention on what matters most: the content and matches. When creating this design, developers followed a few principles that they wanted to take into account:

  • Every visual element should be clear and purposeful;
  • Focuses on simplicity;
  • Kept the number of pages as small as possible;
  • A minimal number of user controls so that the user can focus on the content.
  • The clean and minimal visual design. This reflects its main goal to give the user as few distractions as possible so that they can spend their time using the app to find interesting matches. 

The navigation bar provides an overview of all the pages of the app. The user can move between the main pages, the profile, search, matches, etc. Each page in the app has a distinct navigation bar with a different color. The navigation bar contains a useful button so that the user can easily return to the previous page.

How to Find Matches on Hinge?

Based on data from users’ site behaviors and survey replies, this adult hookup service generates authentic matches. Furthermore, the Hinge website calculates the match percentage using an algorithm. As a result, all attractive and sexy personalities are notified of genuine matches, and premium users receive a username along with the notification. When users upgrade their membership to Premium, which starts at $4.99, they may enjoy additional features such as more search filters, an ad-free experience, incognito mode, and more.

The percentage of match is established by the responses to the relevant questions, how important they were deemed by users, and the age, location, gender, orientation, and preferences provided. If a person answers numerous questions correctly and their preferences match, they both have a good chance of seeing a high proportion of account matching.

Pros and Cons


  • Stable bonuses from the administration;
  • Selected users;
  • Superb profile offer technology;
  • Built-in translator for chatting;
  • Simple navigation;
  • High-end services;
  • Protection against payment refunds is installed;
  • Cheap prices;
  • Wide customization of personal page design;


  • This adult site is available on iOS, and the Android version is under development.
Hinge features


Free Features in Hinge

The free features you will get on this adult hookup site are:

  • The navigation bar – It provides an overview of all the pages of the app. The user can move between the main pages: the profile, search, matches, etc.;
  • The profile card – The most detailed view of a user’s profile (including their favorite bands, movies, books, etc.) and their matches.;
  • The search panel – The main Hinge free feature where users can search for matches. The free search function allows users to input search criteria such as location, age range, gender, and personality.

Paid Features in Hinge

The premium features on this adult hookup app allow you to:

  • Incognito mode – no one can see you unless you like them first;
  • Additional search filters – find exactly who you’re looking for;
  • Online now – send a real-time hello to someone online;
  • Ad-free experience – we won’t interrupt your groove.

Safety and Security

When you use Hinge dating website, your profile will always be protected by a two-step verification process, and your personal information will be encrypted during transport. When your sign-in information is sent to Hinge, it is sent via a secure HTTPS connection. Each personal Hinge account is only accessible by its owner, and they can change all information from this great adult site at any time. 

This adult hookup app uses Honeypots is a very common method for detecting bot traffic. Honeypots are used to track and detect the bots. We use a honeypot in all of our nodes to identify and prevent botnet traffic. We create unique ids for each network to make our ids unique. This way, even if one node is infected with malware and others cannot identify the node, the platform’s unique ID will remain intact and the staff team will be able to terminate it.

It’s worth mentioning in this Hinge.co review that this great adult hookup site has updated its mobile apps to Version 5.0.3 for iOS and Android. For those of you who want to take a closer look at the process, there is a great opportunity to read the instructions for updating this great app. If you have any other questions about the update, please contact [email protected]. To continue to use safety the great mobile app and receive platform’s rewards points it’s recommended to update your app to the newest version. 

Hinge app

Is Hinge Expensive or Cheap?

Here are the main Hinge cost plans for premium services:

MembershipDurationPrice per MonthTotal
Preferred Member1 Month9.99 USD9.99 USD
Preferred Member3 Months6..99 USD20.97 USD
Preferred Member6 Months4.99 USD29.94 USD

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