iHookup Review In A Nutshell

A convenient place where you may do not worry about your identity being reviled. This is how it is possible to describe iHookup in a few words. On the iHookup dating website, you can find a great variety of possibilities to encounter someone. Some features require upgrading your membership status as it also improves your safety.

1. Number of registered usersOver 5 million
2. Free registration availabilityYes
3. Price of plan registration$19.99 per month (premium membership)
4. Site existence durationEstablished in 2013
5. Customer satisfaction82% of users are satisfied with the site’s quality
6. Mobile application availabilityNo
7. Average daily active users250,000
8. Male to female ratio4:1
9. Most active age group18-24 years old
10. Countries with the highest user participationUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil

While waiting for responses from other users, live cams deliver wonderful shows. Alternatively, you can browse and review profiles of other members, to check personality descriptions and beautiful photos. This online matching hookup platform has plenty of members across the world. Therefore, it is not very complicated to meet a great person in your area or in a larger city not far from you.

Pros and Cons

While encountering a new online service, it is important to figure out whether it is good for you or not. Learning the truth about iHookup may be much simpler with reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the iHookup website. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points.


  • Profile pages have plenty of different fields to fill in, which makes it easier to find a more suitable match;
  • The design of the international matching platform is very simple, due to what all features and possibilities are easy to reach;
  • Browsing and reviewing profiles together with website features do not require upgrading your membership status with a subscription plan;
  • Cam Shows have a great number of different categories to satisfy your tastes according to the mood;
  • This dating website does not require your first and last names during the registration procedure, which keeps your identity hidden.


  • New members are restricted to send messages to other users until they upgrade membership status with any subscription plan;
  • Some portion of profiles does not have a personality description, and you review only physical appearance parameters with photos;
  • It is complicated to change your location after indicating the initial one during the registration process;
  • You may receive annoying advertisements and pop-ups, which you cannot be disabled even with an upgraded membership.

iHookup.com Review At A Glance

  • Simple & convenient user interface
  • Plenty of profiles with personal descriptions and photos
  • Only nickname is needed for registration
  • Possibility to search members within your area
main page Ihookup.Com

What Is iHookup?

If you are tired of spending nights alone or you want to have an affair, this matching platform will be able to help you. In many iHookup dating site reviews, you may find information that this place is just for intimacy. However, it is not exactly like that. iHookup provides possibilities to search for people in your area and interact with them. You can be simple friends who flirt with each other online or meet at some place to spend a night together.

With vast popularity, iHooup has gathered internet users from different countries. It means you have more chances to find someone not far from your location. Whether you will continue to communicate online or in real life, depends on your relationships.

How Does iHookup.com Work?

You will not find much new information in iHookup.com reviews on how it works, as it like an average matching website, which you have used to use. In the beginning, you join the website as a new member. Then, you are free to choose what to do. You can do a personal review of iHookup to learn more about its features.

Alternatively, it is recommended to fill in all the fields of your profile with information and upload several photos. With a proper profile page, other members will definitely review your page and even write to you. That is why it is better to keep accounts in proper shape as it increases chances to be spotted in the searches of other users.

After finding a member of iHookup you like, you should not hesitate and start a conversation. With proper communication, it is simpler to win a person and have a wonderful night together.

create account Ihookup.Com

Registration And iHookup Log In

It often happens, when internet users start to review a specific dating website, they lose determination when it comes to the registration process. That is what does not happen with iHookup, and there are plenty of users from around the globe. To join the iHookup platform, it requires to spend only a few minutes. Then, you will receive almost full access to all its features. This website saves your nickname and password, which grants a quick iHookup log in.

As iHookup cares about your safety, it is better to accomplish email verification. It secures yours and other members’ online experience in searches of someone for intimacy.

Search Tool & Quality Of Profiles

The quality of dating and matching platforms greatly depends on users and search possibilities of the website. At iHookup, you are able to use plenty of different filters. They allow you to search for a person by:

  • Ethnicity;
  • Preferences in interactions;
  • Relationship current status;
  • Body Preferences;
  • Distance between you;
  • Location;
  • Age range.

Speaking about the quality of profiles, you may notice that most users care about making personal pages look attractive. Therefore, you will be positively surprised to review profiles and how easy to find a user who matches your preferences.

Is iHookup Safe?

Safety, while searching a person for some intimate relationships, is something that you cannot pass by. At the iHookup matching platform, you can be sure that your confidential information is secured. Your safety is the main priority as it influences your satisfaction and positive review. Therefore, you will not find plenty of empty profiles, which are fakes.

Among other methods, email verification and subscription plans. The first one reduces the decrease bots, which could randomly join the service. The second one aims to reduce the number of scammers. As they do not like to spend money on buying a subscription plan, these people are less excited about such a matching platform. Moreover, while buying a subscription plan, it proves your true identity, which will not be reviled to anyone.

What Should You Know About iHookup Help & Support?

Not every dating website is so supportive as iHookup. It offers you to reach out to them by phone, live chat, or write an email. If you cannot find a solution to your issue in a FAQ section, you should not hesitate to reach them out. Live chat with phone number options may not be available all the time, but all members can send email requests at any time.

live chat Ihookup.Com

Costs & Subscription Plans

In order to become a user with an upgraded membership, it requires to get one of these subscription plans.

  • 1 month $29.99;
  • 3 months $59.97;
  • 12 months $107.88

The more expensive plan you choose, the higher discount you receive. If you are not sure, a 1-day trial option is available only for $2

To Sum Up

In the internet space, iHookup is a wonderful dating platform with plenty of members. A great variety of filters helps to find the right person, and in general, this matching service is very easy to use.


Is iHookup legit Matching For Sex Dating Website?

A website for matching iHookup is a legal platform, which is oriented to providing assistance to people who want to spend a night with an exciting partner.

How to Delete Profile From iHookup.com?

If you wish to delete your profile from iHookup, then you should go to the “My Settings” page. Then, on the left side of the page, you should navigate to the “Delete Your Profile” option. The next step is to press the button “Permanently Delete My Profile”, on a new page. By pressing it and confirming your decision, your profile will be removed from iHookup.

Is iHookup Good For Staying Anonymous While Reviewing Other Members?

Remaining incognito is very important, especially when you are trying to hook up someone at a dating and matching website. At iHookup, you do not have to provide personal information during the registration process. While trying to find someone, nobody can get to know your real name until you provide it.

Is It Obligatory to Spend Money Just TO Review the iHookup Dating Site?

As iHookup is partially free, you may simply join this matching platform without spending money. You may review all the features, and everyone tries to find some you may like. Then, it is up to you whether to invest money or not.

What Do You Need To Accomplish In Order to Use Hookups Feature?

On an international dating website, you may find plenty of different features; however, not all of them are available right away. Hookups feature allows you to like dislike or simply ignore profiles of members in your area. In order to start using it, you do not need to upgrade member status. Just by uploading a profile photo, you receive access to it.

How To Turn Off/ON All The Notifications?

If you wish to turn off/on all notifications from the iHookup dating website, you should go to “My Settings”. The very first page that opens is what you need. It is possible to set how frequently you receive notifications or completely disable them.

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