Hippie Dating Sites As The Best Way To Find A Soulmate


Finding your soulmate is difficult for every person on the planet, and even more difficult for a person who is somehow different from the rest. People create hippie dating sites to make it easier for you to find your love without going outside. Here you will find people with the same outlook, desires, and goals as yours. Building strong relationships on the Internet is easier than ever.

Why Can’t Many Hippies Find Their Love?

Hippies are people with a unique worldview. They differ from ordinary people not only in their outlook on life but also outwardly. They cannot put up with all the violence that reigns in the world and preach peace and love.

Not everyone likes such a worldview, so making new acquaintances can be quite difficult. That is why most hippies prefer to live in communities or have a very narrow circle of acquaintances. This allows them to feel as comfortable as possible and distance themselves from all the negativity that reigns in the world.

At the end of the twentieth century this subculture was incredibly widespread and popular. Today it becomes much more difficult to meet true hippies.

Free hippie dating websites are places where single representatives of this subculture gather to build relationships and create families. This is a great tool that helps not only to cope with loneliness but also to find a person with whom they can live the rest of their life and not change beliefs.

Best Hippie Dating Websites Review

Hippie dating services are very popular all over the world today. With their help, people hope to find love, build strong and reliable relationships. The hippie dating website was created specifically for representatives of this subculture, so it will not be difficult for a person with the same beliefs to enter here.

Each of the hippie dating services below has its own advantages and disadvantages, features that set it apart from the rest. When choosing, you must rely on personal preferences and real reviews on the Internet. Whichever choice you make, all hippie dating sites deserve your attention.

Experienced hippie dating service users suggest paying attention to these points:

  • How long has it existed?
  • How many women and men are registered here (sometimes there are many times more men than women)?
  • Are there any real stories about couples who found each other here?
  • How well the filter works?
  • What are the additional services?

Such data will help to make sure that this is a real hippie dating website that really helps to find love and not scammers.

Hippie dating girl

Dating For Hippies

Dating for Hippies is one of the most popular sites for meetings. Its peculiarity lies in the fact people here are looking not only for love but also friendship, living together. Registration on the hippie dating site takes only a couple of minutes. At this stage, you can fill in a small filter that will help you find the most suitable person. You can specify:

  • Your gender;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Weight and height;
  • Hobbies and many other characteristics.

This hippie dating site really helps you find your soulmate. Hundreds of happy couples can be found. At the moment, this service has an excellent reputation and only continues to grow and improve.

Hippies Date

Hippies Date main page

The free hippie dating site was founded in 2008 and during its existence has managed to prove that it can really help you find your soulmate. Millions of people around the world register here every day. When registering, in addition to the usual filters, you must indicate your hobbies – camping, fishing, life in the countryside, horses, and more.

The advantage of this hippie dating site is that it verifies its users well, so there are no chatbots and scammers here. If you notice any violations, you can contact the support service, they will verify the data and block the attacker.

Hippie Now

Hippie Now main page

Hippie Now is a site owned by Online Connections, so people from different dating sites will see your profile. This allows you to get to know an interesting person much faster with whom you can develop a strong relationship. Many users also note the incredibly beautiful design.

The number of hippies here is really impressive. If on other sites you can find representatives of other subcultures, then this one is designed specifically for hippies.


PlanetEarthSingles main page

Hippie singles can easily find their love on PlanetEarthSingles. This dating site positions itself as a place where conscious people gather who want to change the world for the better.

Users include not only hippies but also vegans, organic farmers, human rights activists, green business leaders, wildlife enthusiasts. Here you can easily find someone who will share your values.

The peculiarity of this hippie dating site is that here you can also find a partner for the implementation of an upcoming project to improve the environment, hold a rally in support of activists, and much more. People with a clear life position are registered here.


Match.com main page

Top hippie dating sites cannot be imagined without Match. Although this site was not designed specifically for the subculture, there are more registered hippies here than on many other sites. This is because it is a really big dating agency that operates all over the world.

The most comfortable conditions for cooperation have been created here; it will not be difficult to find a really suitable person.

Overall, the site leaves only a positive impression thanks to its well-thought-out design, navigation, and filter. Its creators have tried to do everything possible to make your pastime here as comfortable and useful as possible for every user.

Hippie Dating Site Cost

In terms of cost, hippie dating sites are not much different from ordinary ones. Most platforms offer free registration and search, but you can write to the person only for a certain fee. The cost of services depends solely on the service you have chosen. There is a tendency that the cost of such services does not exceed 50 USD. If you want to save money, it is better to pay several months in advance, this will significantly reduce the cost of a monthly subscription.

Free Dating Sites

In addition, there are free hippie dating sites. Most of the services are completely free, you only need to pay if you are interested in certain services, such as gifts or translation. If you find a person from your region, then there is no need to use them.

All of the above dating sites provide their services for free, so right after registration, you can use almost all of the options.

Are Hippie Dating Sites Legal?

Hippie websites are completely legal. They provide exclusively informational services, helping two lonely hearts get to know each other. They don’t break the law. There is no human trafficking or even brides by subscription.

There are only real feelings and real hippie here, without chatbots, girls who want to make money, and erotica. Modern dating sites monitor their reputation, so they do everything possible so that users can really find their soulmate, and not just waste money.

To prevent the corruption of minors, only a person over 18 years old can register on the site.

How Realistic Is It To Find Love On Dating Sites?

Today there are a huge number of hippie couples who have met on a dating site and have been living together for several years. They admit that finding love with the help of such services is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but it is easier than in real life.

Among the advantages of such an acquaintance:

  • A huge number of women and men, there are representatives of the LGBT community;
  • There is a good filter that shows profiles that match your requirements;
  • All users are tested, so it is quite difficult to find a chatbot here;
  • People register with the intention of forming relationships, not just friendships.

Due to the fact that all hippie date users want the same thing – to build a relationship or search for free love, you can easily meet an interesting person who has similar views, just like you.

To get to know the person better, you can use hippie chat. Most sites have a mobile application, so you can correspond at any time convenient for you. You can send a gift to please. The chats have a fairly simple interface, there are not many additional functions. If your partner agrees, you can make a video call or even meet in real life. This will help to get to know each other better, to establish stronger relationships, which may develop into a family in the future.

The number of guys and girls hippies on dating sites is about the same – 49% to 51%. This gives a really big chance to find love. In addition, good conditions are created here for representatives of the LGBT community. Often gay hippie cannot find their love in real life for a long time, as they do not want to advertise their preferences. On the Internet, they can feel maximum freedom and open up to the world. Regardless of what sexual preferences you have, you can easily find a reliable partner.

People of all ages are registered on dating sites today. An old hippie woman can easily find a worthy man who will share her views and appreciate her. There are also many young guys and girls who cannot find love among their entourage.

Regardless of what goals you pursue, how old you are, what financial condition you have, hippie dates will help you find your love faster.


The hippie date platform is a great solution for those who cannot find their soulmate in real life. Here you will find a huge number of free men and women who share our outlook on life and want to start a strong family.

The cost of the services provided here is quite low, so everyone can use them. You can enter the system at any time convenient for you. There are no restrictions or prohibitions here.

If you are tired of experiencing loneliness and want to find someone who will share your worldview, a dating site is a perfect solution.

Updated on Jul 2023

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