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One of the best things that can happen to a person is finding the perfect person to spend life together. Love is a valuable thing when given by the right person. Most people would love to find their soul mates and spend the rest of their lives happily with them. However, some people, mostly the young, want to have a taste of erotic life. They want to have a different experience and take their sex life to another level.

Therefore they opt to go for hookup sites other than long-term dating sites. Thanks to advanced technology, you can nourish your social life at home, even during this pandemic. There are many hookup sites you can use to satisfy your fetish sex. However, it is advisable to do your research before choosing which website you would like to use. has been one of the great hookup sites for many years. Everything about the platform is outstanding. The good thing about Xpress is it uses GPS to find hookup partners near you.

1. Number of registered users5 million+
2. Free registrationYes
3. Price of premium plan registration$29.99/month
4. Years in existence12
5. Customer satisfaction rating92%
6. Mobile application availabilityYes
7. Gender ratio (male to female)55:45
8. Average daily active users300,000
9. Successful matches per month100,000
10. Average response time from customer support12 hours

You can be sure that on Xpress, your sex orientation will thrive without fear. It does not discriminate against anyone, hence accepts all kinds of sexual orientations. The following Xpress review will make you want to come back for more.

Pros Of Xpress.Com

  • It provides users with extensive searching and matching options. One of the things that make any site breathtaking is the ability to provide perfect matches to users. Xpress has done a fantastic job in ensuring you get a partner who meets all your requirements. It has provided users with a variety of searching options to ensure they get their perfect match.
  • The chances of getting a partner are very high. Without a doubt, once you join Xpress, be sure you will get someone to satisfy your kinky desires. The website has been providing excellent and transparent services to users for many years. It has made the website to be one of the most trusted hookup platforms you can find. Therefore, as a result, it has managed to have millions of users. It means there is no chance of missing someone for hookup sex due to the extensive user-base.
  • It is a straightforward hookup website to use. Xpress has invested everything in developing one of the great designs you can find. It has a beautiful interface full of nude sexy women to turn you on. Moreover, the interface is intuitive, making it simple to access anything on the platform. The design of Xpress has made those using the site to be comfortable hence remaining loyal to Xpress.
Xpress.Com main page

Xpress.Com At A Glance

  • Best for: it is best for those looking to have a new sexual adventure. It is for those who want to try new things in their sex lives and take it to another level. You can be sure that Xpress will satisfy all your wild sexual desires. It also offers all kinds of sex, be it swinger sex, BDSM, fetish sex, etc.
  • The number of users: Xpress it’s a big and well-known platform when it comes to hookup sites. Its superior services have made people from different parts of the world join the website for sexual pleasure. Therefore it is proud to have millions of users.
  • The recommended age: Xpress is a platform for hookup sex. Therefore, it consists mainly of nude photos of horny women and men. Therefore you should ensure you are above the recommended age, which is eighteen for you to use the site.
  • Favorite features: Xpress has thrived thanks to the many features it provides its users. It has a variety of features to ensure users have the best time on the platform. One of the features loved by many users is the contact features.

What is Xpress?

Express is a hookup site that focuses on helping those looking for hookup sex have the best sex experience ever. It allows all types of sexual orientation to join the website and have a one-night stand. You will find men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and even couples looking to get laid. The website has been helping horny people to find sexual satisfaction for more than five years now.

It has gained popularity thanks to its superb services. It boasts of having one of the great designs which are easily accessible and fun to navigate. It also has excellent communication tools to make your conversation as exciting as possible.

How Does Xpress Work?

Xpress i want

Most people love using due to its ease of navigating through it. It spent its resources on building an intuitive design to help users have an easy time. The main page of Xpress is in black-red-white style. You will see a section on sexual relations at the top of the page, including video sex cams, sex stories, etc. Before you sign up, the site provides users with terms and conditions to read and agree to them. After signing up and upgrading your membership, you would have access to all the site features. The website will help you to find your perfect matches and jump straight to talking to them.


You must ensure you register on before using it. The registration process will only take four to five minutes of your time. The first thing to do is to go to the starting page of On that page, you will see the registration form which you will have to fill. You will answer a few questions then submit your username and password. Once you finish signing up, Xpress will request you to verify your email then log in using your Xpress log-in credentials.

Search And Profile Quality

Xpress has worked to ensure it provides users with high-quality profiles. It ensures it blocks any inactive profile or a suspicious user. It also ensures it gets rid of all fake profiles on the site. It has made searching fast and straightforward by providing users with a variety of search options.


One thing you can be sure of is that is doing all it can to discourage fake profiles on the site. The website ensures it operates legally and even has a license for operation. It provides the user with maximum security by providing modern security measures.

Help And Support

Xpress loves to see its users being comfortable while using the site. It prevents users from having challenges by designing an intuitive design. In case any user faces any challenger, it provides reliable customer support to help them.

Cost/Prices And Plan

If you want to enjoy sexual content for free, join It allows a free member to enjoy some of the features on the website. However, if you want to have a breathtaking experience and enjoy all features, you should upgrade your membership. According to Xpress reviews, the prices the website offers are relatively low as compared to those of other platforms.



The best way to spend your free time at home and having sexual pleasure is by using the Xpress dating site. According to Xpress dating site reviews, the platform is a great place to turn your sexual fantasies into reality. You won’t regret using this breathtaking website.


Does Xpress Have A Mobile App?

In the world of online dating, there is a lot of healthy competition. Therefore a site should look for something to gain a competitive advantage over the others. One of the things has used to gain the upper hand is introducing an Xpress app. The website has developed an app that you can download on your iOs device and android device.

It is now possible to access the website directly without having to browse. The app came with a lot of benefits since users stopped incurring extra costs of browsing. You can now use the website at any time and any place on your mobile phone.

Is Xpress Safe?

Yes, it is. Xpress has done a great job in providing users with safety while using the site. It has managed to get rid of some fake profiles on the website. It has also put in place measures to curb cases of fraud. Above all, it ensures it respects the privacy of users hence keeping all confidential information private.

Is Xpress Legit?

The truth about Xpress is it is a legit website with licenses from trusted companies and runs its operations transparently. It has also done everything in its power to ensure there are no fake profiles. Therefore you can be sure that the website tries all it can to ensure you are talking to real people on the site.

Is Xpress Worth Trying?

Xpress dating is worth trying since it will provide you with breathtaking services you have ever had. Moreover, it gives these superb services at affordable prices. When you join Xpress, be sure to have the best sexual experience ever.

Is Xpress Good?

Yes, it is. Most Xpress reviews have praises of how great the website is. It provides users with many features to make their stay even more exciting. The good thing about Xpress is you get to enjoy these breathtaking services at a fair price.

Updated on Jul 2023

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