All the Truth About Internet Chicks: A Detailed Review

Are there any platforms that offer leaks from OnlyFans (as we know, it may be pretty expensive in some cases)? The answer is positive! OnlyFans is a content-sharing and subscription-based app with 1.5 million content creators and 150 million users. The app’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, and thousands of new OnlyFans create accounts daily.


OnlyFans works according to a subscription-based principle, and its main goal is to connect fans with their favorite creators. After paying a monthly subscription fee for a particular creator, followers get access to certain content. In January 2017, OnlyFans attracted 100,000 users. In 2018, a total of millions of users subscribed to this platform. Today, 150 million people use this content-sharing website.

OnlyFans is currently the big Internet phenomenon. The nude image platform offers an exciting mix to gain maximum popularity: sex, money, and, above all, exclusivity. Understandably, the majority of the content you can find here is not free. Models set different prices. But is it worth paying too much if it is possible to watch the same high-quality content completely free of charge using one of the OnlyFans leak websites? In this article, we will tell you about Internet Chicks – a platform that offers exclusive OnlyFans leaks for free. Is Internet Chicks good? Is Internet Chicks legit? All the answers are here.

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About Internet Chicks Porn Platform

Internet Chicks reviews say it is a decent option to diversify one’s free time. Indeed, the name of this platform is self-explanatory: here, you will find plenty of sexy chicks showing beautiful bodies and doing incredible things. This free tube focuses on hot chicks showing off their bodies on social media and social porn sites.InternetChicks itself is a pretty young site, but reviews say it is worth your attention. 

  • Site name: Internet Chicks.
  • Paid or free: the platform is completely free.
  • Average sign-up time: sign-up is not needed.

Unique Internet Chicks facts and figures:

  • Contains millions of video leaks from OnlyFans and other platforms.
  • A great solution for those who don’t want to spend money on OnlyFans.
  • New videos are uploaded regularly.

How Does Internet Chicks Site Work?

As a rule, the majority of porn sites do not require registration. If so, it is about choosing a username/password and providing a valid email address. Your address or payment details will not be requested. But in the case of Internet Chicks, no registration is required. Internet Chicks sign up procedure, and Internet Chicks account creation are not needed. So, you become a non-registered Internet Chicks member simply by entering the site. Omitting lengthy Internet Chicks log in procedure ensures comfort.

Updates are carried out regularly here. Free porn has short, medium, and multi-minute lengths. Porn with nice sound is offered. Indeed, we must highlight in our review that it is a very good free porn site that stands out from some other free porn websites by offering HD quality and an impressive selection of videos from diverse platforms (not only OnlyFans can be found here). All functions and services of the porn site are available free of charge. So, you don’t have to worry about Internet Chicks cost. Internet Chicks subscription is also not offered.

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What Porn and Girls Can You Find on Internet Chicks?

The Categories page on the Internet Chicks dating site currently only lists a few subgenres, most of which are their content sources. features material from ManyVids, OnlyFans, Patreon, Snapchat, TikTok, and Webcam. Most of this material was shot on a webcam, so in case you were wondering, the Webcam section is just a handful of what looks like prerecorded cam shows. There are also categories for ASMR and Photos. 

InternetChicks doesn’t get the same nonstop uploads you’ll find on the anything-goes tubes like Pornhub, which is to be expected when they’re maintaining a strict focus on internet babes and leaks. That said, they’re adding a ton of content almost every day. Just based on the upload dates, it looks like they’re doing batch uploads. Most days, you’ll get a handful of new movies to crank off to, but they’ll miss a day from time to time. 

You can find lots of girls on Internet Chicks porn websites; the selection is pretty good here. There are many models, so you will definitely find your favorite one here. Porn is diverse as well.

Internet Chicks categories

How to Search for the Best Porn on Internet Chicks?

It is pretty easy to find erotic content that suits your needs and preferences on the site. First of all, there is a search field where you can type anything you are interested in and wait for the result. Also, directly on the start page (“Trending” category), many video previews are popular at the moment. If you are not satisfied with what is offered here, you can go to categories and select a suitable category to look for videos there. The following categories are present:

  1. ASMR.
  2. Femdom.
  3. Manyvids.
  4. OnlyFans.
  5. Patreon.
  6. Photos.
  7. Snapchat.
  8. TikTok.
  9. Webcam.

As you can see, the categories here are different from what we can usually find on porn sites. You can also go for live sex and live cams here. 

How to Watch Porn Without Any Problems: Top Tips

Few people are willing to share the details of their online life with their relatives, let alone strangers. You probably have many details that you would rather keep to yourself: what medications you take, what gifts you buy for your family, what videos you saw before bedtime, leave alone your experience of using an Internet Chicks website or other platforms of this type.

Unfortunately, this information may be available to others regardless of your will. We explain to you who can see your online activities and how you can ensure that your secrets remain secret.

You probably share a Wi-Fi network and possibly even a computer with your family. This means that your partner, your children, or your parents, i.e., everyone with whom you share a home, can find traces of your online activities. This is how you could be exposed:

  • Browsing history. The browser remembers the websites you visit and suggests them the next time you want to visit one of them. This is generally useful but can lead to unpleasant moments, for instance, if your partner or child enters the letter P (for Pinterest) and receives a suggestion for P(Pornhub). So, always delete your history after using the Internet Chicks site.
  • Targeted advertising. When you open a website, the browser stores cookie files on your computer so that the website remembers things about you (e.g., B. your user name, the pages you display, the contents of your shopping cart). However, the cookies also give information about you to the advertising networks that do business with the website owner and other website owners so that they can suggest similar content. Of course, the web giants like Google do not show erotic banners. However, less conscientious advertising networks could surprise you unpleasantly.

It is best to switch to incognito mode before watching sex shows on Internet Chicks dating website to avoid embarrassing moments.

Internet Chicks actresses

Internet Giants

Cookies are one of many ways to reveal your interests. The incognito mode, therefore, does not hide any information about your hobbies from the big Internet companies. Google continues to remember what you were looking for and which websites you opened in Chrome. Facebook will still learn about the things you like when you visit websites that have integrated its analytics and advertising modules. You certainly don’t want to know how many of them there are.

Fortunately, not all companies want to collect all the data about you. For instance, Mozilla protects privacy. Firefox does not spy on you and also blocks the tracking tools of others. 

Your Internet Provider

Few will worry about an Internet provider (ISP). However, both ISPs and owners of free Wi-Fi networks can monitor your traffic. We recommend that you take some security measures that are far from as difficult as they sound unless you want your secret passions to become a source of entertainment for a mischievous ISP employee.

Use a secure connection to keep too curious glances away. This encrypts your traffic so much that the ISP only sees gibberish. 

Porn Fraudsters

Fraudsters who tell you by email that they infected your computer with malware and used the Webcam to film you in your impetuous desires actually have no idea whether you have watched porn or not. They simply send their threats by mass mail in the hope that someone will swallow the bait. So don’t get angry and don’t pay anyone anything. If you receive such an email, move it directly to the spam folder.

Security Measures

Although the creators of well-known porn sites protect their reputations carefully, your device can become infected when searching for adult content. It happens that cybercriminals hack networks that place ads on such websites. Criminals also make use of fake sites.

It is unlikely that the malware will hack you, but it may block your screen with an obscene image or show you adult advertising in your browser. So think about these security measures.

  • Browse websites you already know. Avoid opening questionable websites from search results that promise free premium content.
  • Download apps only from official sources.
  • Do not click on advertising links, even if you can hardly resist.
Internet Chicks users

Pros and Cons

Even if a sex platform looks perfect and safe, it may possess some hidden threats. So, let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Internet Chicks.


  • The layout is simple, minimalist, and clear.
  • Access to port materials from different platforms is completely free: you don’t have to pay anything!
  • The quality of the videos is excellent. 
  • There is no need to go through a long and boring registration process: you simply open the site and start enjoying it.
  • The diversity of models is impressive.


  • There may be viruses.


This platform is not too rich in functions available, but they are enough to find what you are looking for and enjoy an unforgettable time. Here are the main features:

  • The possibility to choose from trending videos. 
  • An impressive selection of actresses.
  • Nine categories are available. Categories include separate platforms (videos from OnlyFans, for instance).
  • Live sex and live cams are available.

It is also possible to search for something specific in a corresponding field.

Safety and Security

Is Internet Chicks safe? It is, but it is still worth being careful when using it. For most users of porn sites, it is desirable to surf undetected and safely. With these tricks, you increase your safety:

  • With the help of tracking functions, the browser can track your activities, such as downloads, search terms, or websites visited. In addition, homepages and keywords already accessed in search engines can be collected as suggestions on your computer in the future. Therefore, use incognito mode. In incognito mode, you can remain anonymous on porn sites during your session; collected data will not be stored on your computer or laptop.
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-N for incognito mode in the Chrome browser, and select the abbreviations Ctrl-Shift-P for an InPrivate window in Microsoft Edge or Ctrl-Shift-P for private mode in Firefox.
  • However, you cannot completely blur your traces in incognito mode because data from your web activities are still collected, for instance, from websites visited or your Internet provider. Nevertheless, you can use a VPN to provide more cybersecurity when surfing.
  • You can also expand your anonymity by concealing your IP address. This is possible via the so-called Virtual Private Network. In addition, you can fall back on different VPN providers.

Some Internet Chicks users say there are viruses on Internet Chicks. We can say for sure that the founders of Internet Chicks free platform do everything they can to eliminate any probability of running into viruses.

Internet Chicks support

Tips on Safety

In order to protect yourself from viruses and hacker attacks while watching porn on the Internet, you should pay attention to some safety tips for your own surfing behavior.

  1. Let’s start with registration on a porn portal (you don’t need it with Internet Chicks, but you may need it in other cases). Here you should use secure and long passwords with special characters. In addition, the name of the email address used to register should not allow obvious conclusions to be drawn about personal information. For instance, an address consisting of first name, last name, and year of birth would be unsuitable. These two indications are likely to be banal – but they are taken lightly by many Internet users. Hackers benefit from this.
  2. Another tip concerns social media users: you should never be logged in to the same browser on a social network and, at the same time, on a porn site.
  3. When it comes to data protection, Facebook and Co. are known to be frequently criticized. So if you want your visit to porn sites to remain secret and not be associated with your social media account in any way, you should unsubscribe from the network in advance.
  4. Owners of PCs and mobile devices should install anti-virus software on their devices. They help to be protected against viruses and identify dangerous websites. For payment transactions on porn sites, the software also offers additional security.
  5. Anyone who uses public Internet access, e.g., at university or in a Mcdonalds’ branch, runs the risk of data leakage, such as passwords and bank data being spied on by third parties. So if you visit porn sites via publicly accessible networks, you should limit yourself to watching the clips and not log in to the portal. 
  6. Many Internet browsers prefer an incognito mode. It can usually be easily activated via a special button. If you visit a porn site in incognito mode, this visit is not stored in the browsing history of the pages accessed.

This is useful if the wife or girlfriend goes online later via the same computer. The disadvantage of incognito mode is that it must be activated separately with each browser opening – so it can happen that you forget to activate it before enjoying a porn site.

In addition, this private mode does not prevent providers from understanding that a user has visited their site.


Is Internet Chicks Premium Worth It?

When using porn sites, some users look for premium membership, as it opens access to much more videos or extra functions. With Internet Chicks, you don't have such a chance. There is no premium mode, but, in fact, it is not needed here – everything is available, understandable, and nice-looking. There is nothing to be improved.

Is It a Real Dating Site For All Relationships?

What is Internet Chicks? It is not a traditional dating site where you can meet soulmates. Internet Chicks is a porn site that you can use to jerk off and have fun. So, it's not the best place to look for a wife.

Does It Have Fake Profiles?

Fake profiles are a common problem on many dating platforms. Speaking about Internet Chicks, there are no fakes, as there are no user profiles. Tons of videos and poor pleasure: that's what you will find there.

Is It Safe?

Numerous reviews say this platform is completely safe. Nevertheless, you should always be careful to be on the safe side.

Is It Legit?

Our review of Internet Chicks clearly shows it is a legit platform. You can utilize it without being afraid of anything. Have fun!

Updated on Jul 2023

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