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An internet premium dating platform where single and not always people may find someone for intimate relationships. That is how the WellHello dating site is often described in different reviews. It has collected multiple users from various places in the world. Therefore, it may not be so complicated to find someone in your area. As you do not have to provide personal information, it is possible to remain anonymous without providing personal data. In case of any questions, you may easily receive assistance from customer support agents. It means that users of this online matching platform are satisfied with their online dating experience.

1. Number of registered usersOver 10 million
2. Free registration availabilityYes
3. Price of plan registration$29.99 per month (premium membership)
4. Site existence durationEstablished in 2010
5. Customer satisfaction87% of users are satisfied with the site’s quality
6. Mobile application availabilityYes
7. Average daily active users400,000
8. Male to female ratio3:2
9. Most active age group25-34 years old
10. Countries with the highest user participationUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany
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Pros & Cons

While learning the truth about WellHello, it is important to review this dating service from different sides. Therefore, by knowing its strong and weak sides, it is easier to make a decision whether to join it or not.


  • All members receive and review messages from everyone;
  • Purchase of a membership status upgrade is not required if you simply have joined service to review it;
  • As a way more intimate kind of communication you can use Live Cams feature;
  • Customer support department provides fast replies on tickets, which you send by filling in a request form;
  • You do not need to provide your personal name and information in your profile.


  • Sending messages is not available until you upgrade your membership;
  • It does not have the possibility to review profiles of other users anonymously;
  • The search tool does not allow to find single members in a specific city or location;
  • You may receive plenty of emails from unknown single users who are definitely faking;
  • It is complicated to get in touch with the customer support department, and you are required to use alternative options.

WellHello Review At A Glance:

  • Place to fastly develop casual and intimate relationships
  • Plenty of profiles with personal descriptions and photos
  • Full name is not required for registration
  • Possibility to search members in different cities and countries

What Is WellHello?

On the world wide web it is easy to find plenty of WellHello dating site reviews. In general, it is a place where single people or couples may find someone for intimacy according to personal preferences. Therefore, you may consider it a matching website too. Every user creates a personal profile and fills it with all the required information. The more detailed description you have, the higher chances to be spotted by someone. Additionally, you have a personal gallery, where you are able to upload photos. It is necessary to mention that photographs with kids or underage people are not allowed for posting.

How Does WellHello Work?

It does not matter if you are tech-savvy or a newbie when it comes to using internet technologies. Wellhello.com is a simple dating website, which is oriented to intimate relationships. Sign up is obligatory in order to start using it. After becoming a member of this matching platform, you may make a personal review of WellHello. If you have founds someone interesting, you have different ways to show your interest. It may be likes or messages. If you want to send messages, then you need to upgrade your member status.

Registration & WellHello Log In

Sometimes people are afraid of trying different internet matching platforms as registration procedures require a lot of time. This is what does not happen with WellHello.com. After a few minutes, you will become a new member of this service. It requires to indicate your email address, password, age, and zip code. As this matching platform seeks people within your area, by mentioning your postal code, you will have higher chances to encounter someone. It may be wise to indicate a larger city not far from you. As there are more citizens and you visit it, often you will have many more options to choose from.

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Search Possibilities & Profile Quality

One of the most important parts of internet dating platforms is the ability to encounter someone interesting. At WellHello.com, you can find plenty of users from different countries around the globe. The search tool is available for every user regardless of membership type. Therefore, you can review all registered members. Speaking about the quality of profiles, you will be pleasantly surprised by how well organized they are. Personal preferences and general data of personality can help to understand whether you are interested in a person or not. Moreover, most of them upload many profiles. Appearance plays a very important role while searching for someone just for intimacy.

Is WellHello Safe?

By reading many reviews, internet users try to figure out how safe WellHello is. In the very beginning, this matching platform for intimacy cares about privacy. You do not have to expose your identity if you do not want to. That is why, during the registration process, you do not need to provide first and last names. It is possible to remain anonymous until you are planning to meet someone in real life. WellHello cares about connecting you with real people. Therefore, you have high chances of finding and reviewing profiles of members who are real people and not fakes.

How To Receive Help & Support?

While trying to find someone online, it is valuable to be able to receive assistance when you require it the most. Thus, WellHello has created a wonderful team, which response within one day for all requests. Alternatively, you can review the FAQ section in order to find a solution among the most commons answers and instructions. In case you need to get in touch with the customer support representative directly, you should not hesitate to call by phone number.

How Much WellHello Costs?

On the internet, it is not so easy to find completely free online matching platforms. Moreover, it is not always safe when any person can review personal information on your profile. Therefore, at WellHello, users are divided into standard and premium members. Only with an upgraded membership, you can send messages. That is what prevents spammers from sending messages. Thus, you can find such subscription plan:

  • 1-Day trial $1
  • 1 Month $29.95
  • 1 Year $119.88


WellHello is a nice matching platform, which helps to find someone for intimate relationships. Due to the high chances of encountering someone real, you should consider using it and enjoy a wonderful sex experience.

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Is WellHello.com Legit Dating Site?

By checking the Terms & Conditions page, you can learn more about the legal side of WellHello.com. This is a legal online dating platform with a registered office in Cyprus. It provides services in communication between signed up internet users. What kind of relationships single people develop remains their responsibility, while they do not break the rules of the dating website. Underage persons are not allowed to use it.

How To Remove Profile From WellHello?

If you wish to remove your profile from WellHello.com, you need to follow a simple procedure. As there is no separate button to simply delete your account, you need to get in touch with a customer support department. You will find it by going to the “Contact” at the bottom of any page. There you should go to the tab “Form”. In the topic, you need to select Remove Account.

Is WellHello Good For Anonymous Reviewing Of Other Members?

At this premium online international dating platform, you do not need to provide personal information. It requires only a unique nickname and email for registration. Therefore, other members will not know your true identity. However, there is no separate feature to remain anonymous while reviewing profiles of other registered users. It means that they will receive notification of your actions.

Is It Possible To Review WellHello Dating Site Without Upgrading Membership?

Internet users cannot review the WellHello online dating site until they are registered. After accomplishing the sign-up process, they are free to check website features. You do not have to buy a subscription plan to upgrade your membership to review the personal profiles of other members. Only if you have the intention of communication, you will have to invest some money.

Can Everyone See All Photos In Gallery?

It depends on photos in your general and private galleries. While uploading photos to your profile, they may go to a general gallery, where every registered user of WellHello is able to review all your photos. Another option is to send them to a private gallery. In order to review them, you will need to provide access to every member who wants to see these photos individually.

How To Review Private Galleries Of Other Users?

If you wish to review private galleries at profiles of other members at the WellHello dating website, you need to accomplish one simple procedure. In the beginning. The member has to add you to the friend list. Then you should ask to receive access to review the private gallery. Only then will you be able to see photographs that are hidden from others.

Updated on Jul 2023

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