The 10 Best Anonymous Hookup Sites in 2024


Want to hook up? According to a survey, 66% of people are involved in one-night stands at least once in their life. Although hookup websites can be helpful, those who are married, engaged, or in committed relationships should avoid them. Most of them ask you to provide your personal data and photos to discover a match. Once you do that, it won’t take long for your partner to catch you. So, you’re probably wondering if any sites allow anonymous hookups. Well, if you know how, you can utilize most hookup websites and apps anonymously and enjoy a one night stand. And for that reason, we’re composing this evaluation.

The best anonymous hookup apps don’t require users to fill out lengthy bios or upload dozens of photos to their casual dating profiles. Some of them even don’t request real names.

You’re not alone if you choose to have discreet hookups. Without anyone knowing, millions of people explore love prospects online every day, especially late at night.

Because they provide anonymous matchmaking, incognito surfing, and other privacy-focused features, the top online sex services in the globe have thrived. In the following adult mainstream dating apps, anyone can wear a sexy identity and enjoy chatting with random people.

Anonymous Hookup Sites

What Does An Anonymous Hookup Website Or App Mean?

What truly springs to mind when you hear the word “anonymous”? Changing your name. Anonymous is simply that, after all! An anonymous dating app is an online tool for matching up users with similar interests. While dating apps have been in trend sometimes, they have also been used increasingly to catch cheating partners. Meaning the sites that were originally meant for easy hookups can be a trap as well. Solution? Go incognito! Soon after the problem was realized, several of the app developers introduced features to allow anonymous hookups. All you have to do is turn a certain feature on and then continue online dating for quick hookups discreetly without risking your relationships.

“Your partner isn’t stupid! You are stupid if you think they are! Instead of being overconfident, be smart and use the right features to save yourself from getting caught!” – Rebecca Honey

Ranking Process Of Anonymous Sex Sites

To create an anonymous hookup map, we have compiled a list of the best sex hookup sites and apps after considering the following.

  • Female to male ratio – Are there roughly equal numbers of men and women?
  • User base – More users equals more opportunities to hook up
  • Clarity – Are the website’s goals crystal clear? (Hang-ups, committed dates, etc.)
  • User Friendliness – Is the website simple to use and visually appealing?
  • Reputation – Is the website well-regarded for its capacity to please users?
  • Success rate – How many people are successful in finding what they seek?
  • Free version – Does the website offer free messaging?
  • User reviews – User testimonials – Are actual users happy with the app?

These considerations also ensure that they are not just big names but also give the best experiences.

The 10 Best Anonymous Hookup Sites Of 2022

  1. Tinder – Best For Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Singles
  2. Bumble – Safe Hookups For Ladies
  3. Inner Circle – Best For No Strings Attached Relationships
  4. Luxy – Best For Elite Hookup Partners
  5. The League – Best For Hookups With high-Profile People
  6. Match- For The Best Free Anonymous Sex!
  7. MillionaireMatch – Best For Hookups With Influential People
  8. OkCupid – Best For Options & Variety
  9. Seeking – Best Anonymous Hookups For Sugar Babies
  10. Zoosk – Best For Instant Hookups

1. Tinder- Best For Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Singles

Tinder main page

The traditional casual dating app that doesn’t overdo it is Tinder. With an estimated 66 million users, Tinder practically guarantees you’ll find a local match. Additionally, you can modify your settings for the distance restriction to specify how far you’re willing to search.

You may choose who can view your profile on Tinder, but there’s a catch. You’ll need to upgrade to Tinder Plus to use this feature. When you upgrade to premium status, you can hide your profile and only allow users to see it after they swipe right on yours. They won’t get a chance to swipe yours if you swipe left. Your Tinder photos will remain private until you swipe right to offer someone access.

Tinder Features

Your age and location are factors that the Tinder algorithm takes into consideration. Your mobile device’s GPS locates a person nearby and then connects you with that person. Additionally, it will function similarly if you are of a certain age and have established a bar for the kinds of ages you will be matching with. Additionally, Tinder enables you to see who is swiping right on you. Thanks to it, you may check who likes you and take back control of your profile. The premium function makes it possible to hide your age so that it is not displayed to others. It enables and disables your card whenever you want.


  • Accessibility on your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • It sets up quickly and easily.
  • Easy to use. Create a strong profile, swipe until a match appears, connect, and succeed.
  • Excellent if you want to date people younger than 35.
  • No message time restrictions.
  • You may use Tinder to filter folks based on shared interests.
  • Video chat capability.


  • Only approximately 25% of the audience were users over the age of 35.
  • Limited profile details are available.
  • Calls for the use of smartphones.

Tinder Membership

The membership pricing varies for people below and above 30 years. Also, there are three types of plans: Plus, Gold, and Platinum. Following are the membership starting plan pricing for users below 30 years. It only increases for people above that age.

  • Free version- available
  • Platinum- $39.99/month
  • Gold- $29.99/month
  • Plus- $9.99/month

“Everyone is on Tinder, including your girl or boy’s friends! While you can’t ignore the speed at which you get a hookup, you can definitely spend a few bucks and go anonymous!” – Jacob Bright

2. Bumble- Safe Hookups For Ladies

Bumble main page

Bumble is an online dating app that uses the swipe method and strives to empower women. Similar to Tinder, Bumble offers an Incognito mode that you can use to make your profile invisible. It’s not free, though. Additionally, the Settings panel allows for the on and off switch for Incognito Mode. Further, a “Snooze Mode” will only let your current contacts see your profile. You cannot swipe or match when your profile is hidden while using Snooze Mode, which is free. You’ll need to get Bumble Premium and go anonymous if your objective is to match individuals in “stealth mode” and have complete control over who sees your profile and when.

Bumble Features

Instead of only looking for dates, Bumble also lets you search for friends and professional contacts. Both heterosexual and non-hetero relationships are Bumble’s areas of expertise. You can select your gender — man, woman, non-binary, or hundreds of additional self-identifications — as well as the gender you’re looking for when starting a relationship. Additionally, Bumble offers a variety of modes, including dating, BFF (for making platonic friends), and Bizz (for career networking). In addition to utilizing the smartphone app, you may also access Bumble online if you’d like.


  • Prevents ladies from receiving too many unwanted and unwelcome communications.
  • The fact that profiles are brief and to the point makes signing up simple.
  • Consists of entertaining alternative apps like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.


  • After 24 hours of no communication, matches are lost.
  • Sadly, there isn’t a wide selection of gender identities available upon registration.
  • The price for the paid versions is greater than other similar apps.

Bumble Membership

  • Free version: Yes
  • One week of Boost: $9.99
  • One month of Boost: $17.99
  • Three months of Boost: $34.99 ($11.66 per month)
  • Six months of Boost: $59.99 ($10 per month)

3. Inner Circle- Best For No Strings Attached Relationships

Inner Circle main page

A well-known online dating site, The Inner Circle, connects educated and prosperous people. These individuals may have a variety of motives, ranging from friendship to casual hookups to love partnerships. Since not everyone is eligible to join the Inner Circle club, the platform refers to its offerings as “selective dating.”

Your profile will remain hidden until you swipe right on someone in Inner Circle. But to utilize it, you must have a Full Membership; it is not a free feature.

Inner Circle Features

Unique features on the Inner Circle website allow visitors to socialize in a planned way. The website can be browsed anonymously, thanks to the Ghost feature. Members can organize and participate in events in a variety of nearby locations. Also, users may find out where their matches are now with Trips. Members can use the Spots feature to add a location, such as a hotel or a club, where they frequently hang out. People can purchase tickets through the tickets function to events and meetups.


  • The singles are of excellent quality.
  • You don’t need to be concerned about con artists or catfish.
  • For people that pay, there are several fascinating features.


  • The approval procedure for accounts takes a long time.
  • There are no excuses for not using social media.
  • Without paying for an account, there isn’t much you can do.
  • The elite can only join up for Luxy, an exclusive app that bills itself as the “#1 millionaire’s matchmaking and dating club.”

Inner Circle Membership

  • Premium- 1 month- $39.99
  • Premium- 3 months- $79.99
  • Premium- 6 months- $119.99

4. Luxy- Best For Elite Hookup Partners

Luxy main page

It claims to be a virtual adult dating haven for the wealthy and attractive—and just the wealthy and attractive. Therefore, Luxy might be worth a try if your scene is more Grey Goose in VIP than Jägerbombs in the dive bar. You must pay for a Luxy subscription if you only want the singles you’ve “liked” to be able to view your profile.

The good news is that you can skip the vouching process.

One of the Luxy BLACK perks is immediate acceptance. You’ll also be able to reveal your profile selectively.

Luxy Features

Luxy is a website exclusively for rich singles worldwide. However, it also has other unique features. Face Me allows members to exchange their phone numbers and Instagram accounts. However, you have to verify your annual income before accessing this feature. Anonymity will enable you to go incognito while profile browsing. Also, there is Luxy Journal which gives you a lot of tips on anonymous hookups.


  • You don’t need to provide any private information to register a new account;
  • Free members can access a lot of features;
  • This website is reachable from everywhere;
  • The registration process’s verification step;
  • A mobile version is offered.


  • It is only open to wealthy people, so there are a restricted number of members; entry takes the entire day.

Luxy Membership

  • Luxy Black- 1 month- $99.99
  • Luxy Black- 6 months- $349.99
  • Luxy Black- 6 months- $449.99

5. The League- Best For Hookups With High-Profile People

The League main page

The League is an app that understands that affluent singles struggle to find compatibility with most traditional applications. The League also permits you to “like” a match before making your profile public and allowing for selective visibility. That benefit is not, however, open to all League members. You must invest at the “Investor” level, which is expensive.

The League Features

The League website’s high-quality graphics and lovely fonts immediately catch your eye and entice you to stay browsing since they are simple to understand and easy to use. The website’s top-right menu bar lists services such as the App Store, Membership, Video Date, League Love, Blog, and League community.

These functions are simple to understand and enhance your enjoyment of the website. Before you can access any League function or meet prospects, you must download the app, though.


  • Devoted to young professionals who wish to have a conversation over coffee rather than an affair
  • Smooth design and enjoyable interface
  • Security checks in multiple stages to thwart con artists and anyone acting suspiciously
  • only-available offline events
  • Several subscription options are available, and long-term advance payments are discounted
  • modern, user-friendly smartphone application


  • A protracted approval queue
  • Costly membership
  • Only 60 cities worldwide are available for free guests, who only get 5 matches daily.

The League Membership

  • Guest- Free (Waitlist)
  • Member- $299.99/month
  • Owner- $399.99/month
  • Investor- $999.99/month

6. Match- For The Best Free Anonymous Sex! app

Who needs an introduction to Match? But what’s unknown to many people about this extremely popular dating site is that it can be used anonymously. Match’s paid feature, Private Mode, lets you manage who can view your profile. It won’t affect ongoing messaging conversations but will make your profile invisible to others. However, they can see your profile if you start corresponding with someone you like. Contrarily, you must utilize the “Undercover” feature if you want no evidence that you ever went there, even when Private Mode is off. You can’t just turn being undercover on and off. You instead pay for individual sessions. You can view “favorite” profiles without alerting the person during each 24-hour session.

Match Features

Some people struggle to come up with interesting conversational subjects. Thanks to the Real Talk function, a tonne of suggested conversation starters and icebreakers are available. A list of people you are incompatible with is called “Reverse Matches.” The “Likes” tab lists every Match member you like and those who want you—identifying likes. It costs money to view who likes you. A premium “MatchPhone” allows you to make phone calls to other members. To make phone calls secretly, gives you a personalized number.


  • Several options and filters
  • Customized match suggestions
  • Complete profiles
  • A lot of pictures
  • Meetings one-on-one with dating professionals


  • It is pricey if you want to use the best software features, like reading receipts.
  • Fewer active users than with some other dating apps.
  • Taking a long time to set up

Match Membership

  • Free version- Yes
  • Standard- 1 month- $47.24
  • Standard- 3 months- $103.35
  • Premium- 3 months- $121.23
  • Premium- 6 months- $159.06

“Match is, by far, my most favorite anonymous hookup app! Because of its popularity, I use it while traveling with my wife, office colleagues, friends, and family! And thanks to the Undercover feature, I have never faced embarrassment!” – Chris Martin

7. MillionaireMatch- Best For Hookups With Influential People

Millionairematch main page

The only clients MillionaireMatch serves are wealthy individuals and attractive singles. Premium members on MillionaireMatch have access to a tool that allows them to choose and restrict who can view their profile. Free of charge, you can make your profile invisible to all users, but if you want to use the site, you will face limitations with a free account. Whenever you wish to modify your privacy settings, simply tick or uncheck the boxes.

Hover your cursor over the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, then choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu to manage who can read your profile. Remember that your privacy settings will return to the default state if you let your Premium subscription lapse (i.e., unhidden). The sole exception is that you can make your profile invisible to all users for free.

MillionaireMatch Features

For both its free and paying customers, MillionaireMatch offers several benefits. The website’s Blog feature allows users to post blog entries. The most current blog posts, their authors, and the number of views are all displayed under the Blog tab. On the Forum tab, users can look for solutions. All members would be able to see any questions or conversation starters, and anyone may contribute. Members who use the “Members Luxuries” function can share pictures of their opulent possessions. Through the video feature “Moment,” you can highlight a brand-new fascinating pastime and showcase your personality. Videos can be live or pre-recorded on MillionaireMatch if they are no longer than 30 seconds.


  • Users can respond to messages for free.
  • 24/7 customer service is offered.
  • The interface is regularly updated and upgraded.
  • Fast pace of message response.
  • There is a MillionaireMatch app.
  • No pop-up ads
  • To eliminate bogus profiles, every profile is validated.


  • Several gold-diggers
  • The platform does not support videos.

MillionaireMatch Membership

  • Gold Membership- 1 Month- 70.00 USD
  • Gold Membership- 3 Months- 170.00 USD
  • Gold Membership- 6 Months- 270.00 USD

8. OkCupid- Best For Options & Variety

OkCupid main page

Only those who “like” or message you will be able to see your profile when using OkCupid’s Incognito Mode. Nobody will know that you were browsing carelessly. The Match Search, and DoubleTake sections of anyone you haven’t liked or messaged won’t also display your private profile. A message claiming that your profile doesn’t exist will be displayed to anyone who tries to access your profile page but hasn’t shown any interest in you. Incognito Mode has a different price depending on how much access you buy all at once. For a month, it costs $9.99 to begin.

OkCupid Features

OkCupid provides several unique features to provide users with a comprehensive dating experience and help them meet someone who shares their values, interests, and hobbies. The OkCupid blog offers advice on how to make the most of the dating site and app. They also feature articles with dating advice and tips to make the most of your search on OkCupid for a lifelong companion. Along with English, French, Turkish, and German, OkCupid is now accessible in Argentinian Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Swedish, and Indonesian.


  • Without a subscription, members can send and receive text messages.
  • The ability to find matches is open to everyone
  • A variety of gender identities and sexual orientations are available on OkCupid.


  • People must pay a premium membership fee to access all features.
  • Ineffective in small towns or cities

OkCupid Membership

  • Free version = Yes
  • 1 month OkCupid Basic = $14.99
  • 1 month OkCupid Premium = $24.99

9. Seeking- Best Anonymous Hookups For Sugar Babies

SeekingArrangement main page

This transactional hookup is a foundation of seeking, with sugar daddies and mommas looking for sugar babies and vice versa. The settings tab allows men who purchase an enhanced membership to manage the visibility of their profiles. Choose Hidden from the “Search & Dashboard” & “Your Activity” options under the Settings menu. Now neither search results nor other members’ dashboards will show your profile. People can read your profile if you message them or “like” them, though.

Seeking Features

Seeking offers an extensive global consumer base, a clear and user-friendly layout, and generally affordable costs. Additional handy features include VIP rooms, verified profiles, and powerful filtering and searching options.


  • Quickly register
  • You can view all of the members’ images during the free trial.
  • Many matches to choose from


  • More costly than competing websites
  • After the free trial has ended, most functions are only accessible to premium subscribers.

Seeking Membership

For the average person, the current premium membership packages are undoubtedly expensive. However, this isn’t your typical dating site:

  • 1 month premium = $90/month
  • 3 months premium = $80/month
  • 6 months premium = $70/month

As you can see, paying for more months upfront will result in a lower monthly charge, which is typical for dating websites (and many subscriptions in general).

10. Zoosk- Best For Instant Hookups

Zoosk main page

Zoosk has 40 million users from 80 different countries. These are pretty enticing stats if you’re not seeking to see the same 10 profiles within a 20-mile radius. The “Hide & Seek” function is a paid add-on that allows you to restrict the visibility of your profile. If you are not a Premium member, your only option is to “Go Invisible.” Zoosk allows you to browse anonymously for 30 minutes at a period, so no one will know you looked at their profile. This function is no longer available after upgrading. However, you won’t need it because you may use the Hide & Seek modes instead.

Zoosk Features

Zoosk’s prominent matchmaking feature is the carousel. It shows members through a roulette wheel, who you can flirt with or bypass if you’re not interested. Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking system learns more about your preferences when you send a message, accept a connection, or exhibit interest in someone. The site then uses this information to introduce you to other individuals it believes you will be interested in. Using the Super Send option, you can send a flirty message to multiple individuals at once.


  • Zoosk has almost 35 million registered users.
  • Every day, nearly 3 million messages are sent (on average)
  • Swipe-like feature for meeting local singles
  • Options for very low-cost membership plans
  • Available in over 80 countries and 25 languages.


  • There is no need to provide detailed personal data.

Zoosk Membership

  • Free version: Yes
  • 1 month Premium = $29.95
  • 3 months Premium = $59.95
  • 6 months Premium = $74.95
  • 12 months Premium = $99.99

How To Use An Anonymous Hookup Site?

Anonymous dating sites are popular with features that allow you to go incognito or date discreetly. Otherwise, there is not much difference. So, if you want to try anonymous hookup sites, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Research and select a site.
  2. Register and create a profile.
  3. Find the relevant feature that lets you become anonymous and switch it ON.
  4. If needed, upgrade your account to get access to the feature.
  5. Start browsing and connect with the ones you like.
  6. Set a date and hook up without getting disturbed by random people or discovered by friends or neighbors!

Men On Tinder Hookups

Conclusion: The Best Anonymous Hookup Sites

Are you looking for some action tonight? If yes, these sites welcome to the world of casual sex.

These names rank on top for a reason—everyone there is eager to find sex and casual flings just like you! Beyond mainstream dating apps that cater to many things, such as long-term dating, friendships, and so on, hookup apps cater only to sex and NSA fun!

Updated on Jul 2023

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