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This review has shown that this site is not for everyone. If you are flirtatious, seeking to have fun, and not looking forward to starting serious relationships, a Flirt dating site is definitely for you. It is a fun website where you can flirt with everyone who you like, meet compatible individuals, and seek partners for hookups. The reviews of this site are mostly positive, so learn more about Flirt to find out about available options.


Online Women at Flirt

Number of registered users on the siteOver 5 million
Free registrationYes
Price of plan registration$24.99/month
Years of existenceSince 2009
Customer satisfaction rating87%
Mobile application availabilityYes
Average age of registered users30-45 years
Gender ratio of registered users (Male:Female)3:2
Success rate in finding dates68%
Number of daily active users200,000+

Pros and Cons


  • A pretty big database.
  • Interesting features are helping to quickly find a match.
  • Even gender distribution.
  • Premium features to ensure a positive experience of all users.
  • Free three-day trial.
  • Partial compensation if you prove that you didn’t get good quality services.
  • Free features available.
  • 9.5


  • Flirt pays less attention to details. at a Glance

  • Best for: singles looking forward to having fun, for hookups, and flirting online.
  • The number of members: millions, most users live in the US.
  • Recommended age: 18-50.
  • Favorite features: shows if the user is online, several free options before the premium upgrade, anti-scam verification, sending flirts to everyone online and near, etc.
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What Is

Flirt dating website is one of the most fun and enjoyable dating platforms for singles (or not so single) who are looking forward to having fun. No strings attached – this might be the motto of the website. Flirt has positive reviews of users who were seeking fun near them. It allows you to meet users quickly without the hustle and bustle. Flirt has a ton of fun features that help you to improve your flirting – that might be the reason why the website is called “Flirt”. It is an app where you might meet extremely flirtatious people and see them outside of the virtual world. So try it out!

How Does Flirt Work?

Your profile won’t be seen until you fill it completely. Even though Flirt does not pay attention to details as it is claimed in people’s reviews, it offers a quick search option. It doesn’t mean that you use a simple search. No, Flirt allows you to use a flirtcast that will be sent to all members who are online. So you choose a flirtatious message (you can’t write the words on your own, only choose from the available text), and it will be sent to all people online and near you.

It’s an effective technique, and Flirt dating site reviews written by real people reveal that you gain immediate responses. So if you have an hour or two, you can simply choose a message, and it will be sent out to all users who are currently seeking a date. It’s extremely easy and enjoyable.

  • 9.5


The signing up process will take about 3 minutes, including filling in the details of your profile and uploading the avatar picture. You have to open the Flirt log in page, then fill in all the gaps. The only thing you should bear in mind is that your profile, or more precisely, your photo, must be approved by the administration.

This process is a part of the verification and anti-scam system which is trying to secure other users. That way, the owners of the site are trying to ensure that there are fewer fake accounts on Reviews of the website claim that it won’t take too long for the photo to be approved by the administrator.

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Search & Profile Quality

The search is pretty accurate, although people claim in their reviews that they don’t need the search much. You can simply use the flirtcast option, and you will attract the attention of all compatible partners near you and who are online at the moment.

As for the profile quality, they are not as detailed as people would prefer. You can read reviews claiming there is only basic info about each person. On the other hand, other reviews affirm it’s a hookup website where you don’t need info about someone’s educational background, financial status, and preferred hobbies.


The question “is Flirt safe?” is important. Flirt site has different protection levels, and people in reviews mention that it works. There are fewer fake accounts, and all suspicious accounts have to pass the verification process. But like any other dating site, Flirt might have some dangers, so don’t ever share private info.

Help & Support

The support is standard; if it’s a simple question, you will gain an automatic response. If it’s an issue, you have to wait a bit longer.

Prices & Plans

Flirt could be used for free in the past, but people in reviews that it was more dangerous. Now you pay for the services, but you gain good protection from scammers.

  • 9.5

Final Verdict

This review of Flirt has revealed that it is only for people who are seeking to have fun. If you are into serious relationships, you have to find something else. But people who want to have fun are satisfied with the work of the website, and the reviews are positive.

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Is Flirt Good Or Not?

Yes, it seems that Flirt is a good website for users seeking to have fun. The reviews are good, the site is used easily, and it is efficient - there is everything a user needs.

Is Legit Or Not Legal?

Yes, the website is completely legal, and it operates in various countries. You won’t have to worry about safety on the website since Flirt offers a good protection system, and the reviews are positive.

What Does Flirt Offer?

It offers a platform where you can flirt online, meet people, find partners for casual dating, etc. It is a fun site where you could meet like-minded individuals not yet ready to settle down and create a family.

How To Use It?

You need an account. Create one, add more details about you, or the profile won’t be seen by other members. Some features you can use for free, but if you want to utilize it to the fullest, you need a premium account. Then just use the search or flirtcast, and you will find people near you to date.

Do You Need An Account To See Profiles?

Yes, when you create an account, you can view the profiles for free. You won’t even have to activate the trial period or upgrade the account; you can do it off charge.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The truth about Flirt is that it offers good quality services, and people mention this in their reviews. Most users are satisfied with what Flirt offers.

Updated on Aug 2023

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